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By Attorney George Warshaw This Thanksgiving I submit for your consideration my 2012 awards for “Turkey of the Year.” Turkey of the Year. The United States Senate and Congress, with honors, for showing fearless stupidity in the face of common sense and for putting themselves and their party above...
By Attorney George Warshaw Thank goodness. No more ads by candidates ripping each other to shreds. But now, what’s ahead for the real estate economy? Predictions that real estate will lead us back in the recovery quickly turned to gloom a day after the election. “The recession is upon us again! T...
By Attorney George Warshaw No president or politician has effectively used the internet and digital media better than Mr. Obama. Now the White House has taken it a step further to help you save taxes. It created a very simple and beautifully conceived website that will help determine if you are e...
This post, my first anywhere, isn't about real estate. There's enough time for that later. As a brand new member submitting my first post (here or anywhere), I thought I would write about something a little different that might make you feel good and give you a little encouragement as well. Bruis...

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