flat fee mls miami: Flat Fee MLS video's about listing by ower MLS with ADDvantage® - 11/22/09 01:20 AM
Flat Fee MLS video's about listing by ower MLS with ADDvantage®
Learn more about why listing in the MLS by-owner with ADDvantage® is growing in popularity with Floridians by the day. Between the buyers market, short sales and REO/ bank owed properties, home owners are trapped and need every possible break in fees to be competitive when selling.
Listing flat fee in the MLS with ADDvantage® saves at least 50% in commissions. This market is price driven. ADDvantage® is the top choice in Florida to list flat fee in the MLS because we offer the best service (8:00am-8:00pm 7 days … (0 comments)

flat fee mls miami: Why the reputation of the Flat Fee MLS Florida Broker is key to your success? - 06/10/09 02:35 AM
Flat fee MLS can be good and bad for the by owners. It depends on a few variables that are mostly controlled by the flat fee MLS Florida broker.
The most important factor which determines how effective ones flat rate MLS listing will be is the reputation of the flat fee listing broker has with the Florida Realtors®.
The reason reputation plays such a critical roll when listing flat fee MLS is because Realtors® don't love us. Most view the industry as circumventing their 6% listing business. While very few Realtors® out right shun flat fee listings, there is plenty that … (0 comments)

flat fee mls miami: Florida by owners are embracing the high level of service and varied flat fee MLS listing services offered by ADDvantage® of Florida. - 06/04/09 04:30 AM
Florida by owners are embracing the high level of service and varied flat fee MLS listing services offered by ADDvantage® of Florida.
For 25 years I have offered Floridians better ways to sell real estate and save money. I offer a higher level of service, better Internet marketing and the same MLS exposure as a full-service Realtor® but, I charge a low flat fee.
My company ADDvantage® is recognized throughout Florida as the best run flat fee MLS real estate firm for many reasons. Our guarantee to our flat fee MLS Florida clients is unparalleled in real estate industry. We are … (0 comments)

flat fee mls miami: Spring time is the best time to sell homes in Florida -Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville and Miami - 02/12/09 04:19 AM
Real Estate is selling well in Florida but it's the $150,000 and less homes that taking the lions share of sales. In particular, bank owned and short sales.
Florida home sellers are not competing with these properties as Realtors® control 86% of buyers and they are not chasing short sales.
ADDvantage® is selling 26% of its flat fee MLS listings in 117 days the past 6 months.
If you plan on listing your home in the MLS this spring, consider ADDvantage® when it is time to sell. We offer a "true" and "straight-forward" flat fee MLS listing service based in Tampa … (0 comments)

flat fee mls miami: Is an ADDvantage flat fee MLS Listing in Tampa, Orlando and other Florida Cities Really Worth $349? - 11/04/08 03:15 AM
Florida by owners list on the MLS using the flat fee MLS services of ADDvantage 2 to 1 over our closest competitor offering a similar service. While ADDvantage is the most reliable flat fee MLS listing service in Florida, not all people selling FSBO with MLS will spend the extra $100 to $150 to list through ADDvantage. They simply do not see the value while others do.
The typical client of ADDvantage can be described as an articulate home-seller. We list homes in the MLS for sellers that have property in very exclusive areas of Miami, Palm Harbor, South Beach, Tampa, … (0 comments)

flat fee mls miami: How Miami Flat Fee MLS Service ADDvantage Booked 2,789 Realtor Showings - 08/17/08 09:51 AM

The most popular question asked by all Miami flat fee MLS sellers is "will my phone number be in the MLS and Realtor.com?"
The simple answer is yes to the MLS and no to Realtor.com (no seller information is allowed by rules of Realtor.com). But, the reason why this question is asked more than any other is because flat fee MLS sellers want to make sure they get all the calls.
Then how did ADDvantage take 2789 calls over the past 12 months from Buyers and Realtors? The answer is Realtors do not read the "Realtor Remarks" section of the … (0 comments)

flat fee mls miami: 3 Winning Reasons to List Flat Fee MLS Miami at ADDvantage - 07/31/08 01:04 AM
More Buyers, Realtor Showings and Peace of Mind when listing Flat Fee MLS Miami with ADDvantage, a Florida Flat Rate MLS Listing Service
1) Miami Flat Fee MLS with ADDvantage is 100% reliable when it comes to answering the phone, getting more buyer leads and Realtor showings. No other flat fee MLS service in Miami does it better than ADDvantage. 
ADDvantage holds the record for most showing of any flat fee MLS listed property in Miami with 131 showings over a period of 4 ½ months. ADDvantage has the best phone ethic of any flat fee MLS Florida service with our 8:00-8:00 … (0 comments)

flat fee mls miami: Flat Fee MLS Florida Gains in Popularity as Florida's Market Improves - 07/28/08 02:30 AM
Flat Fee MLS in Florida has grown even more popular this year because pricing has become one the most important factors for getting sold. The 3% savings that flat fee MLS affords sellers allows for more aggressive pricing.
The Real Estate Market in Florida in July has been strong. The average call volume at ADDvantage is 50-60 calls a day from buyers and Realtors seeking showing instructions, making offers and asking questions.
Before you list flat fee in Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando or other Florida cities, realize that flat fee MLS is not a part time job. It is a labor … (0 comments)

flat fee mls miami: Miami Flat Fee MLS Sellers Benefit from ADDvantage's 8:00am-8:00pm Service - 07/21/08 05:23 AM
ADDvantage is Miami's only real estate company that cares enough about selling your South Florida property that we answer our phones 12 hours a day 7 days a week. 
During the past 12 months, ADDvantage has fielded 965 calls from Florida Realtors and buyers before 9:00am, after 5:00pm and on Saturday and Sunday. We do this because it takes just one call from one buyer to get one sale. 
ADDvantage offers Miami Flat Fee MLS sellers more service to help sell their property with less stress and more success. 
Our 8:00am-8:00pm live phone support (12 hours a day), even Saturday and Sunday, creates … (0 comments)

flat fee mls miami: Miami Flat Fee MLS reach 17,000 Realtors with your commission offer - 06/17/08 07:24 AM
Reach Miami, Florida Realtors with your high buyer's agent commission offer using our Street Smart ADDvantage Realtor email blast flat fee MLS marketing system.
The eblast reaches Miami-Dade Realtors within 35-45 miles of your property twice a month. For example, Street Smart ADDvantage delivers 28,567 emails to Realtors within the 33134 zip code.  Street Smart ADDvantage eblaster will automatically send emails about your high buyer's agent commission to Realtors.
Street Smart ADDvantage is the most respected Realtor to Realtor email in the real estate industry because it is about making more money. The concept of Street Smart ADDvantage is to offer … (0 comments)

flat fee mls miami: Florida Flat Fee MLS listings even the playing filed with Realtors® - 05/30/08 06:50 AM
Florida is home to over 150,000 Realtors® and when they negotiate offers with unrepresented flat fee MLS sellers, the experience of those agents may put sellers at a significant disadvantage.
You can even the playing field by matching my negotiating skills against the skills of any Florida Realtor. My 25 years as a Florida real estate broker with extensive construction background will keep you well informed and prevent any costly mistakes. Not fully understanding real estate contracts and terms such as "repair limits, escrow and inspection reports" can give the buyer's agent an advantage.  
Choose a flat fee listing in … (0 comments)

flat fee mls miami: Miami, Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville flat fee MLS sellers...why a $169 flat fee MLS listing is not worth it - 03/26/08 11:41 AM
I have a lot to say about $169 flat fee MLS offers to list your home. When you read my take on current conditions in the MLS world, you'll see why we truly believe in our slogan "Real Estate by Your Rules."
Carefully read the flat fee "listing agreement" before locking your Florida home into a flat rate MLS trap.
My opinion on this subject is firm and comes from many years of listing flat fee in the MLS throughout Florida. My knowledge of flat fee MLS and the realm of discount real estate brokering goes back to 2000 when I owned one of Miami's … (0 comments)

flat fee mls miami: How to get more Realtor showings using flat fee MLS in Miami and Orlando - 03/17/08 09:39 AM
How to get more Realtor showings when flat fee MLS listed in Florida
There are a few "natural" drawbacks to being flat fee listedin Orlando and Miami that can reduce a seller's visibility to Realtors®. There are certain steps a flat fee MLS seller can take that will increase the odds of selling. In essence, more "showings" could equal more potential for offers and ultimately a faster sale.
The most effective flat fee MLS listing would be one that blends in with all other full-service MLS listings so Realtors® can't tell that you are listed for a flat rate. While MLS listing services don't tell … (0 comments)

flat fee mls miami: Miami flat fee MLS just got a big promotion - 03/15/08 08:16 AM
Over the years, my Miami, Florida sellers have asked how they can get a flat fee MLS listing that will rival the "full service" listings placed through The Realtor Association of Greater Miami and the Beaches MLS. The feedback I've received from my sellers all over Florida would suggest that they are concerned that certain Realtors have actually "shunned" their flat fee listing.  Though the Department of Justice considers this type of discrimination illegal, many of my clients attest that Realtors have admitted to the practice.  When we've asked our fellow agents off the record, they have justified the discrimination with these … (0 comments)

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