lifestyle: Move To The Mountains - Think Outside Of The Box To A Ready Business - 10/25/14 11:38 PM
Think outside of the box
With the over 25K of visitors our business gets in Blue Ridge, Georgia, I encounter thousands of guests visiting from Florida. It is not unusual to hear the following phrase: "Oh, we want to move here so much, but we'll have to wait until the kids are out of school, and we are retired". 
One thing I have learned in my almost 60 years of living is that a lot of people wish, make plans but will not do anything about those plans until it is too late. My wife and I were in the same boat. Having … (0 comments)

lifestyle: Mountain living that pays for itself - 10/12/14 10:50 PM
We quit the rat race eight years ago, and moved to the North Georgia Mountains.
This was a life changing decision, and as it turns out, a great decision. Both my wife and I quit good jobs, left successful businesses behind to find ourselves a more tranquil, less stressful lives. Was not all that easy initially, but through the years our entrepreneurial spirit overcame all obstacles, and we created a very successful, yet almost stress free and definitely FUN business. Now we live on the property we purchased in 2007 that not only offers a lifestyle we searched for but also pays our bills … (5 comments)

lifestyle: The importance to diversify - 01/22/11 02:47 AM
I always believed in "gut feelings", and although slightly too late - four years ago - I listened to my inner voice saying: "... need to diversify - the market cannot sustain itself ..." and decided to move away from Florida and pick a less stressful lifestyle in the mountains in GA. We had an excellent business (did architectural design and had a contractor's license) in Naples - work (and income) was abundant. We took a leap of faith and I knew we had to diversify!
We had to diversify!
We had to re-think our entire life-style as well as … (7 comments)

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