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You’re thinking about buying Denver Real Estate and you’re ready to hire a broker to represent you.  What you need to know is that we have very specific rules here in Colorado about disclosing and explaining the rules of Agency to our clients and customers. There are 3 very important reasons to ...
I was interviewed a few days ago by Lane Lyon of Channel 7NEWS. Below is an excerpt of the report that aired as the lead story. Denver Real Estate trends are reported here every month and the March analysis was just posted last week. Channel 7 - Real estate agents aren’t shy about discussing a r...
Forbes Magazine mentions Denver in this week’s article about the most stable cities in the U.S. Search for Denver Real Estate and use the cool mapping tool to locate exactly where you want to be. We’ve been busy with open houses, buyer inquiries from the internet, and people generally excited abo...
We’re in a recession. The worst since the 1930’s. Have you heard that yet?  So have I, but guess what - we’re still selling homes in Denver! I’ve said it before, Denver is weathering the storm better than many other areas.  It’s not only me and other exuberant Realtors pushing an agenda - read it...
You may be interested in making an offer on a property that is listed in the MLS as a “short sale”.  My highly educated, former physician father recently asked me exactly what that term meant and how it differs from a “foreclosure.”  His question offered me a glimpse that our Realtor-lingo isn’t...
I’ve been reading the news about home builders throughout the U.S. cutting back, downsizing or going out of business altogether. Here in Denver, Colorado we’ve lost Village Homes, John Laing, and more. McStain is hanging on by a thread.  The downturn in real estate is taking its toll.  I hate to ...
It’s that time again!  Time to review the performance of Denver’s real estate market in February. Stocks are plunging, national employment numbers are falling and yet our real estate market seems to be weathering the storm.  We may be on shaky ground, and we are still seeing some prices falling,...
In today’s real estate market, there is a very compelling argument that it’s a good time to buy a move up property. You say, “I can’t sell now, I’ve lost money on my house.”  Assuming you’re not upside down and owe more than the house is worth, you may not be losing as much as you think. Say you’...
You know that this would be a great time to get into investing.  You know that mortgage rates are down.  You know that the millions of people losing their homes to foreclosure can’t stay on their mother-in-law’s couch much longer. And you know that sellers are bargaining when a buyer finally does...
Denver real estate sales seemed to take a hiatus in January. While January is typically a slow month for closings, this was softer than usual.  Buyers and Sellers were truly jarred by the economic cliff we fell off.  As the plummet felt faster and faster in November and December, people hunkered...

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