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      Looking for a way to put your marketing plan on a solid footing? How does your 2012 Real Estate Marketing Plan and your marketing budget stack up with other agents? Here are survey results of nearly 2,000 real estate agents;  "What is the most effective real estate marketing or advertising ...
Update! Testing 123 {20120212abc123test} Test. Test. Test. Testing 123. Test. Test. Test. 1 2 3 4 5 Testing. 20120212abc123test. Test. ... an exercise to see how long it takes Google to update the web page cache. Any guesses? Hours? Days? Weeks? Months? Check back for updates in the comments... G...
ALL hard drives will eventually fail.  Do you have a data backup strategy?   Don't put all your eggs in one basket!  Like baskets of eggs, the data on your hard drives is fragile...   I recently had an internal hard drive failure, and did not lose any of my data, but it reminded me how important ...
What is Let's have a look at — It's a new networking tool and a referral magnet for local service professionals and small business owners.  Service professionals such as contractors, interior designers, hair stylists, DJs, caterers, business consultants, insurance agents, real ...
Sphere-of-Influence, or Circle-of-Influence, is yours 3D or 2D?  :-}   Do you have any system, methodology, or tools that you find effective for sync and management of your contacts, as a professional real estate agent?  Maintaining a strong Circle-of-Influence is a powerful marketing engine for...
    Is Your Email Address Portable & Professional? As a Real Estate Professional, your email address should be a key part of your personal branding, your professional image, and your marketing strategy. Many agents change their brokerage once or twice during their career, some more than twice. An...
How to use 2011 baseball schedules for personalized real estate marketing? Hit a Homerun with Baseball Schedule Postcards!  If you don't see your favorite team, please call. Want to stay in front of your prospects for the entire baseball season?  Baseball schedules are great farming cards to mark...
Want to see statistics about your website that Google collects and uses? Do you have Google Analytics installed on your website?  If so, now you can easily add Google Webmaster Tools.  It will show you things like: how often Google crawls your website,  if there are any errors detected by Google...
Can you get leads via Craigslist?         Maximize exposure for your listings, get buyer leads, get seller leads; using Craigslist .. the results:   After doing many measurements in the SF Bay Area, observe that a "good" Craigslist ad may attract about 100+ visitors to your ad in the first day an...
    This is some of the most important Web-SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for any Realtor® or Real Estate Professional (Local-Small-Businesses, too!) to know about...   and, there's even more here:   www.MyDotCom.INFOReal Estate SEO hints & tips, free!   Your Internet Reputation LIVES in Google...

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