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    SEO... I found ActiveRain via Google .. OVER two years ago .. now, I visit daily .. 5 minutes per day reading AR Blogs has exceptional value for me!  I highly recommend AR to anyone who has ANYTNING to do with Real Estate... Sales, Marketing, or related Services.  Any Realtor® who does not re...
Please let me know if you would like to attend a Webinar on CoreFact Real Estate Marketing Systems, Real Estate Marketing and SEO.  Here are a few good ideas, springboard for discussion: I’m sure by now you have all heard of Google rankings. We are all striving to climb that ladder up to the top ...
  How is your lead-conversion doing?  What are your Follow-Up processes? You have several paths to follow, depending on the type of lead... Are your respondents automatically becoming recipients of your followup email campaigns?  Are you growing your Sphere-of-Influence? You may only have ONE SHO...
I'm beginning to compile a list of the top 100 Real Estate offices in the U. S. — any suggestions?  I'd like to cover the top 25 or more metro areas.  How would you approach this research project?  Please comment if you have any recommendations, either on offices, or on methods of finding and ran...
Get your keywords before they are gone...  here is a great SEO tip.  See also Facebook-Myspace-Linkedin-Twitter   It won’t be anything like the land rush of the first Facebook URL frenzy but starting Sunday Night June 28th at 9:00 PM the gates are open for all. Facebook was pretty smart in the wa...
For listings, curb appeal of the past nowbecomes web-appeal, and for agents, your reputation is reinforced (or weakened) by your web-presence. www.MyDotCom.INFO Ever wonder how prospects pick their agents?  According to a study at from Baylor University's Hankamer School of Business "word-of-mout...
    TourFactory?  CraigsList?  Zillow?  Trulia?  CoreFact?  There are so many ways to syndicate and improve the web appeal of your listings...  but, your MLS is a common database, for all.     FACT:Nearly 90% + of buyers begin their search on the internet.  That's a pretty large majority! Yet, mo...
  Marketing ROI is where it's at.  To decide what to do, you must measure it.  If you measure it, it will improve.  Can you track your leads to their source?   Noticed how the local newspaper looks a little thinner lately? It is especially obvious to me in Sunday Real Estate supplement. It's not ...
A very provocative subject.  Will Real Estate Services become a commodity?  OR, will there always be a need for personalized, professional service? Saturday morning, my daughter and I went up to our local coffee hangout...placed our order....and sat at one of the tables outside in anticipation of...
Here's a good checklist that I want to save and share... We are half way through 2008 and soon we'll be concentrating on next year’s plan. Perhaps this is a good time for a memory jog! Statistics show only 3% of us operate with a written business plan. If you are part of that elite group, you are...

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