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When a home buyer pays their realtor directly, as an agreed upon suite of services are completed, they have eliminated all the risk in real estate. The buyers agent is guaranteed an income regardless of the outcome. The buyers agent is paid "Outside of closing". It's the classic risk/reward busin...
During the last holiday season, many individuals expressed concern about the seating arrangements in the synagogue. In order for us to place you in a seat which will best suit you, we ask you to complete the following questionnaire and return it to the synagogue office as soon as possible. 1. I w...
It's Time to Update Your Marketing Curriculum Today I want to draw a line in the sand—I want one side of the line to be Old School Real Estate Marketing and the other side to be New School Real Estate Marketing. Many Realtors are struggling to keep up with the rapid changes that are happening in ...
We need you!  Nucazza is completly free for consumers and Realtors. Your comments are appreciated. We have buyers that are going through our seminars and webinars and learning about Alternative Compensation Models.  The only real estate business model that guarantees payment for work done by real...
Tammy,  as always, thanks for another great post!  The video that is provided with the blog post is an awesome summation of the way we feel about Nucazza. I will be buying the book on Monday. This will get your creative juices flowing..... and if not, maybe you're not striving to be DIFFERENT eno...
Horsham, PA (PRWEB) September 16, 2011   Home Buying Evolution, a company that works as an intermediary to match in-market home buyers with licensed Realtors, has announced its introductory phase for creating a database of area Realtors® interested in taking part in a new referral program. Home B...
 DEMOCRATIC You have two cows. Your neighbor has none. You feel guilty for being successful. Barbara Streisand sings for you. REPUBLICAN You have two cows. Your neighbor has none. So? SOCIALIST You have two cows. The government takes one and gives it to your neighbor. You form a cooperative to te...
HE WROTE: I believe that RE compensation needs to be, and eventually will be, paid by the person receiving service. Seller pays listing agent and buyer pays selling agent. Mortgage lenders will allow financing of brokerage fee as they now allow financing of some other costs. Think about the fees ...
The folks who are  getting the free stuff, don't like the folks who are paying for the free stuff, because the folks who are paying for the free stuff can no longer afford to pay for both the free stuff and their own stuff. The folks who are paying for the free stuff want the free stuff to stop, ...

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