rebates: Cash-strapped agents turn to escrow for advances A little-known service helps pays the bills between long closings - 11/10/11 01:51 AM
Some real estate agents who are waiting longer to close home deals are using a little-known service to get cash on the fly and keep their businesses running.
The service, … (18 comments)

rebates: Have You Tried PR Web, Now You Can For Free! - 11/09/11 04:48 AM
I have been using PR Web to do daily press releases regarding Family Abstract, Nucazza and The Home Buying Evolution.  I am inviting All Realtors that use the consulting or advocacy model, especially on the buyers side of the transaction as well as all ACRES to write a press release regarding anything that shows consulting is working, gaining traction, having successes, etc.  These should be 450 words, minimum.  I will place them on the PR WEB machine so we can all get some benefits. In the past the releases have been picked up by 60-100 media outlets and average 25,000 views. 

rebates: The Nine Things That Will Disappear in Our Lifetime - 11/07/11 04:20 AM
Whether these changes are good or bad depends in part on how we adapt to them. But, ready or not, here they come.....
1. The Post Office Get ready to imagine a world without the post office. They are so deeply in financial trouble that there is probably no way to sustain it long term. Email, Fed Ex, and UPS have just about wiped out the minimum revenue needed to keep the post office alive. Most of your mail every day is junk mail and bills.
2. The Check
Most banks are already laying the groundwork to do away with check … (11 comments)

rebates: Do it yourself Real Estate Comes to Canada, is America Next? - 11/03/11 03:40 AM
This is from CBC News.  I found it to be interesting, what do you think?
A real estate company in HRM is offering homeowners a variety of services to sell their homes, based on a trend of do-it-yourself.
Stages Real Estate allows homeowners choose the services they want on the sale of a home, rather than take a straight commission.
Realtor Anthony MacNeil offers clients at least five ways to try and sell their homes.
The services range from a sign, to phone or email support from a realtor, to full service which includes a flat rate complete with TV ads, … (2 comments)

rebates: Moving on After the Divorce of Commission: Real Estate Agents and Home Buyers Bounce Back from Break Up - 11/01/11 09:24 AM
The traditional home buying model, much like a marriage, has changed drastically in the past two decades.  The relationship between Real Estate Agents and Home Buyers previously held together with the result of a hefty commission at closing has since morphed into a do-it-yourself approach to business; costing tremendous loss in finances and negotiation power.  Nucazza introduces a new fusion of modern techniques to produce traditional outcomes, making the divorce of commission far less of a heartbreak than anticipated. The launch of Nucazza model of home buying is impressing clients nationally.It is widely accepted that the buy and sell real estate … (0 comments)

rebates: Recovering From A Bad Inspection Report - 08/01/11 04:58 AM
 Recovering From A Bad Inspection Report
by Glenn Freezman
I received a note from a friend of mine recently regarding a home that he has been trying to sell in New Hampshire. Recently, he had a very serious offer on the table and was actively doing what he could to bring it to a happy conclusion. Here's a note I received:
“Hey Glenn, I wanted to catch you up to date with the latest segment of what has become more of a drama than a real estate deal. As I mentioned to you last time we spoke it appeared that after … (2 comments)

rebates: The Discount Airline Ticket, Im Just Sayin - 07/28/11 06:03 AM
The Discount Airline Ticket, Im Just Sayin
Your ticket price is $129.00, one way, if you want to fly back it’s another $249.00.  Your seat assigned is in the middle seat between 2 others, if you want a seat by the window, an additional $30.00, the aisle, $15.00.  If you want to be in the front of the plane not including first class, that’s an additional $40.00. Why would anyone pay extra for the possibility that they will die, even a split second before the guy in row 45 that’s flying without the additional cost, if the plane goes down nose … (2 comments)

rebates: Why The Hell Are You Still Working For Just Commission? - 07/27/11 04:34 AM
Why The Hell Are You Still Working For Just Commission?
by Glenn Freezman
Dean M. started his career in real estate about eight years ago after the tech bubble burst and he found himself sitting at home without a lot of prospects facing him. While the overall economy was in a slump, the real estate market was still going strong and looked like a good place for Dean to get back on his feet.
Since then Dean has built up his practice, honed his skills and made a fair living working as a buyer’s and seller’s agent. Currently he has five … (0 comments)

rebates: Black and White and Dead All Over - 07/26/11 04:15 AM
Black and White and Dead all over
by Glenn Freezman
It occurred to me the other day that I haven't purchased a newspaper in a long time. This isn't because I'm down on journalism, hate to read, or don't find the news worthwhile (although there are times...) but more because of the antiquated model of news gathering and presentation that today's newspapers represent.
Most days, even from my smart phone, I can get news as it happens. Not only can I stay very up to date on breaking news, but also filter my new streams so that I can tap into … (9 comments)

rebates: Pretty simple math: No Home-buyer=No money to pay the agent - 07/25/11 04:03 AM
Follow the Money
by Glenn Freezman
As a champion for home-buyers and alternative compensation agreements, I'm often challenged by Realtors and homebuyers alike regarding who ends up paying what at a typical real estate closing. The most common belief is that homebuyers don't pay the commission costs that go to the sellers and buyers agent - because that money ends up coming out of the seller’s pocket.
While I won't argue that that's what the mechanics of the deal look like, I will point out that every single cent involved in the transaction came out of the home buyer’s pocket first. … (0 comments)

rebates: Alternative Compensation Models: Quick Math - 07/19/11 09:49 AM
Alternative Compensation Models: Quick Math
by Glenn Freezman
A large part of what I think about every day is how our industry can create new models that are fair to both home buyers and the agents who serve them. For me, alternative compensation models are creating a doorway that allow agents to do a better and more fair job of representing their home buying clients while still getting paid in a manner that is respectful of their professional status and the hard work that they do.
Alternative compensation models are basically real estate agreements that allow money to be shifted in … (3 comments)

rebates: Realtor Commission Adjusted "Market Value" - 07/11/11 06:13 AM
Is fair market value fair market value, regardless of who is listing the house? 
Should a home buyer that is looking at a FSBO discount the amount of the offer by the average commission that is added to all other homes for sale that are not FIZZZZBO’S?
Should a buyer ask for a discount on fair market value if the seller isn't using a Realtor? Commissions are built into the listing price or selling price negotiated by a Realtor, which inflates market values. But, the FSBO seller can't be expected to adjust pricing based on this model, can he? … (13 comments)

rebates: How To Position Yourself As A Real Estate Consultant - 06/21/11 03:33 AM
How To Position Yourself As A Real Estate Consultant
by Glenn Freezman
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you can’t help but notice that there are a lot of new real estate tricks that are being employed to grab the attention of today’s home buyers. We’re seeing a lot of discounting, rebates, prepackaged agreements, etc.  all being used by Realtors and brokerages hoping to stand out from the crowd.
I’m a huge fan of innovation and even huger fan of being able to offer home buyers new types of incentives and agreements that work to meet their needs as well … (4 comments)

rebates: Realtors: How You Can Create New Revenue Streams - 06/20/11 07:29 AM
By Glenn Freezman
If you were to talk to a financial adviser, one of the foundational tenets that they would share with you when discussing your investments is the need to diversify your portfolio. Simply put, don't put all your eggs in one basket.  And yet, most people who earn a living rely on a single source of income for their livelihood.
Like with investing, the primary challenge of having a single stream of income is that if there is a market shift or you run into simple old-fashioned bad luck, then it's game over. But for people who have figured … (0 comments)

rebates: What Are You Doing To Give Home Buyers A Choice? - 06/20/11 01:35 AM
What Are You Doing To Give Home Buyers A Choice?
By Glenn Freezman
“Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.” – Henry Ford
Can you imagine walking into a restaurant that only has a single dish on the menu? How about a car dealership that only offers a single make and model of car?
The idea seems nonsensical because we understand as consumers that we have unique needs that can’t be addressed by a ‘one size fits all’ solution. This isn’t to say that there won’t be people who … (2 comments)

rebates: It's a DOGS Life - 06/17/11 09:09 AM
Dog philosophy:              The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue.     --Anonymous      Don't accept your dog's admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful.    -Ann Landers      If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.    -Will Rogers
 There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.    -Ben Williams
 A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.         … (9 comments)

rebates: How to Start a Movement in 3 Minutes - 06/17/11 06:57 AM
There is a great 3 minute video by Derek Sivers that clearly outlines how to start a movement in under 3 minutes.  See Video here.  When we started Nucazza, we certainly felt like the "Lone Nut", however we are lucky enough to be on a hill, so we could witness as more and more nuts came rolling down to join.
Yes a leader needs guts, yet his whole point is that the first followers also need massive cojones and are undervalue'd in today's society.  I can truly relate to both the nut and the nut that's first to follow. It feels … (4 comments)

rebates: Home Buyers... Y2K...What were YOU Thinking? - 06/15/11 05:46 AM
Home Buyers... Y2K...What were YOU Thinking?
By Glenn Freezman
I was reading a blog that vividly described the distress caused by residential mortgage foreclosures. The reader could readily envision foreclosures frustrating plans, shattering dreams, creating tensions in homeowners and threatening relationships with those the homeowners love.
The column attributed the tragic developments to lender greed and government ignorance. The defaulting lenders appeared to be passive victims of others' vices and the system's failure to protect them.
In an alarming number of instances, uninformed home buyers succumbed to predatory lenders and outright fraud. In most instances, though, the home buyers simply overreached; … (6 comments)

rebates: Make Your Own Real Estate Luck - 06/15/11 04:07 AM
Make Your Own Real Estate Luck
By Glenn Freezman
As anybody who has every planted and raised a garden can tell you, getting from a freshly tilled plot of land to a bountiful harvest is no easy task. Apart from the ongoing need for a kind balance of rainfall, sunlight and other cooperation from Mother Nature, gardening also requires a certain level of diligence to make sure that weeds, insects and other forces working against a successful harvest are kept at bay. The bottom line is that if left to its own, any garden can become an overgrown weed patch before … (4 comments)

rebates: The Case of the Pushy Realtor - 06/14/11 04:00 AM
The Case of the Pushy Realtor
By Glenn Freezman
I had a chance to catch up with an old friend of mine earlier this week and he shared with me a story of the challenges that he and his wife are having finding a new house. It’s probably worth mentioning that he has been trying to sell his current home for over 5 years and was almost genuinely shocked when an offer was made on the property a few weeks ago.
So now he and his wife are on the prowl looking for a new home and he reports that he’s … (4 comments)

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Nucazza, aligns itself with banks and credit unions all over the country to bring the message of choice and transparency to the banks customers. Through Webinars, co-branding and a message of positive choice we can identify home buyers on behalf of the lending institution and give them all the tools to make an informed decision as to how they wish to buy a home and how they wish to pay for the services provided. Nucazza, LLP will pass all interested home buyers to our database of participating Realtors. We are a free service to the home buyers as well as all ACRE graduates. We are an ACRE industry partner in the education, effectuation and Rabble Rousing of the Alternatives to Commission. While in my 25th year as a multi-state title insurance agent I am fulfilling a promise I made to myself just 3 days into my new career. "This industry is broken, I need to part of the change" Over my tenure, the companies I have been involved with, Family Abstract, Inc. et al has been involved in over 100,000 real estate transactions. The number one question that continually rose was regarding the commissions being paid to the Realtors(r) at closing. The buyers insisted it was their money that paid for the commissions since it was added to the sales price, the sellers believed it was their money because it was paid as part of the sales price and the "Gentlemen of Real Estate that began it all were smart enough to put it in the Agreement of Sale to protect their own ASSets. Question 1A was, what does 6% commission have anything to do with the value my agent brought me? How does one equate to the other? Why am I handing money to everyone? :( Nucazza, LLP was created as a way of giving back for an incredibly rich life that I have gotten to enjoy thanks to the real estate industry. I see great changes coming in real estate all to the benefit of our children and our grandchildren. Both as buyers and sellers as well as for those that become a new "Evolutionary" Realtor all will enjoy the richness of life that will be associated with this profession.  My job is Chief Evangelist, You don't know me... But you will



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