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I have always thought about getting renewal hours online for the convenience. Our local Association offers classes for free throughout the year in the classroom. But the idea of taking time off during the middle of the day when you could be making money keeps me from going.Or is it the ft that I ...
Here is wishing all of you in AR Land a Happy Valentines Day!  Here in Gilbert, Arizona it is raining again. But don't let a lil' rain get you down!!!  I am looking forward to hearing who had the most creative Valentines Day!! I was headed to the Mts. but it looks as though I night not be able to...
Here in the beautiful Valley of the Sun we are moving out of town! We are getting out of Dodge!I am sure you all get those attractive e-mails from the new home builders that offer 10% co-broke on all remaining spec. homes, etc.Do we tend to "steer" (bad...very bad) someone to an area to make an e...
 You Can Always Beat Him "Til He Loves Ya!!!Guys, you better do the right thing and not forget Valentine's Day!Does it mean you have to spend $1,000.00 because every kiss begins with Kay?  No, sure doesn't. Sometimes you have to look a lil' deeper. Unless of course he or she is materialistic........
Since I wanted to go above and beyond, I took it upon myself to eat out every night this past week to try out some restaurants.  Some I have tried before, and some new.  Let me start out by saying that if you are looking for italian food, lok no further!  Salerno's- 3921 E. Guadalupe Rd. 480-892-...
I have received many negative e-mails from my website that I should explain myself here on Active Rain as well.  "IF I DO NOT MAKE ONE PENNY BY HELPING SOMEONE GET OUT OF FORECLOSURE AND SAVE THEIR HOME, I AM PERFECTLY FINE WITH THAT...IN FACT, I PREFER IT. I KNOW THAT IF I CAN ASSIST SOMEONE IN ...
I just had an incident where the buyer's agent had a mortgage company complete a loan application for the buyer. The application was totally fabricated. Luckily, the buyer had contacted my seller directly and ask him what he should do. My seller gave him the name to his mortgage broker that wa sh...
The following family events are being held at the Maricopa County Library located at 775 N. Greenfield Rd. at the southeast corner of Greenfield and Guadalupe roads. Tuesday Feb. 13th  -  Puppet Show: Legend of the Banana Kid    7 p.m.     Puppet show about a mysterious cowboy in a remote Western...
A net based Real Estate Company....  Does anyone know much about this company. Any information e-mailed to me would be greatly appreciated and be confidential.  I haven't heard much about them other than they allow non brokers to operate a net branch office and allow other Realtors to be part of ...
They could have at least wet the sponge!!!I feel that I have done my job well. During a listing and purchase recently I worked my butt off only to have someone else drop the ball and make me look bad. Not closing on time due to other persons lender, not having proper docs. from mortgage broker......

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