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For years, real estate agents have considered branding to be a “waste of time” because the ROI wasn’t there. Instead, agents chose to focus on direct marketing and outreach-based programs. In 2019, however, study after study has shown that buyers and sellers are “googling” their real estate agent...
Technology is shaping all industries and the real estate industry is no different. The real estate industry has become far different than in the past due to technological changes in society. There are very few best kept secrets with the different home selling and buying aggregators. The attribute...
Acquiring a new home is definitely worth celebrating. Now, if you want an elegant get together with your closest friends and relatives, why not throw a tea party? If you’re unsure where to start, check out our ultimate guide to throwing a tea party at your new home. Tea Parties at a Glance A tea ...
Owning a home can be an unparalleled feeling for any person. It can make you feel one hundred percent proud. It can give you a sense of responsibility that is welcome. Remember, however, that home ownership isn't just about excitement and relaxation. It's also about taking amazing care of your pr...
When you get the perfect real estate to begin building your home, you may be wondering what the next step is. After acquiring some land to build on, you need to begin the design process. You need plans drawn up so you can begin the process of adding everything that you want to your dream home. It...
The term ‘franchising’ defines several business dealings – licensing, agency, and distributor arrangements. Characteristically, a ‘franchise’ is somebody else’s recognized business model tailored for you to take upon yourself. The motives for moving into the franchise way are: somebody else has a...
Did you fall in love with a classic or Victorian home at first sight? You probably walked through it for the first time and immediately started envisioning what your life would be like in this beautiful home. However, you probably didn’t envision all the work this beautiful home may need. Your dr...
The real estate industry is very competitive due to the financial rewards being so high. There are going to be challenges when you run any company as business requires quite a commitment with no guarantee a company will be successful. The best thing management of a real estate company can do is t...
It is no secret that Texas has recently become one of the fastest-growing states in America — in 2018 alone, Texas added 379,128 residents. This may be down from the 400,000 who came the year before, it still put Texas above California in terms of population growth (it also surpassed the Golden S...
The process of selling a property has a lot of variables associated with it as well as important documents to have signed. Failing to have a certain document signed can lead to a deal being voided or delaying a closing leading to a buyer pulling out. Organization is paramount as even those with t...

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