motivation: Sales Motivation - Vince Lombardi and The Second Effort - 11/16/09 09:07 AM
A Brief Profile of Vince Lombardi
ESPN named Vince Lombardi "Coach of the Century."  In 1959, Vince Lombardi took over as head coach of the hapless Green Bay Packers with a record of 1-10-1.  Starting from day one, he transformed the Green Bay Packers from perennial losers to champions.  In doing so, he was a great motivator and instilled in his players a sense of commitment and mental toughness.  Over 9 seasons, he amassed 89 wins culminating in six divisional championships, five NFL championships and two Superbowl victories. 
His Business Philosophy - The Second Effort
Vince Lombardi developed players who were committed to the "second … (11 comments)

motivation: Baby Blues - The Myth of Sales Training - The Agent Has to Want to Learn and Some Real Estate Agents Simply Aren't Trainable - 07/14/09 10:45 PM

Baby Blues - Are New Real Estate Agents Really Trainable?
For a real estate professional, professional development is a lifelong commitment to a search for knowledge, the assimilation of new information and skills, and the incorporation of the new knowledge and information into one's business plan.  Professional development comes from a series of sources.  It starts with training and then gradually shifts from academic coursework to real life experience.  The process of learning subtly shifts from an academic approach to a more scientific approach that includes self-examination and assessment, experimentation with new technology, new techniques, etc., and evolution by adapting … (41 comments)

motivation: Sales Training - The Austin Powers Story - Don't Let the Fat Bastxxx Steal Your Sales Mojo - 05/09/09 12:25 PM

In the Austin Powers' movie "The Spy Who Shagged Me", the character Fat Bastxxx steals Austin Powers mojo in 1969 leaving him impotent.  The rest of this farcical movie centers on Austin Powers' attempts to regain his mojo.
In real estate sales, it is essential to stay positive, motivated and focused on selling.  However, staying motivated can be difficult in the best of times.  In a slow market, it can be even harder because motivation isn't just internal.  It can be influenced or impacted by others.  Often, there will be someone … (12 comments)

motivation: The Positive Approach to Life - 9 Tips from Man's Best Friends - 03/01/09 05:07 AM

Today, I would like to introduce you to my oldest  associates - Winston (14 years old) and Miles (7 years).  These Schnauzers have worked their way through the company and have had a number of roles:
Greeter (ie. mad race to door) Security Guard (ie. barking at the door) Trash Removal Specialist (ie. running through office with my recently bound listing proposal) Grief Counselor (ie. dogs on hug patrol) Spirit Coordinator (ie. always there for a pet on the head) Tracking Specialist (ie. never more than a few feet away) Personal Trainer (ie. I need a walk now) Babysitter … (13 comments)

motivation: Motivation - Ancient Wisdom - 02/05/09 07:45 AM

Often, the pearls of wisdom offered by ancient philosophers still hold up today.  Here are a few rambling quotations to consider regarding sales and sales management:
Confucious - A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
Socrates - Let him who would move the work, first move himself.
Sophocles - What you cannot enforce, do not command.
Horace - Once a word has been allowed to escape, it cannot be recalled.
Copernicus - To know that we know what we know, and to know that we do not know what we do not know, that is true … (5 comments)

motivation: Motivational Post - The Other Mr. Coffee - The Story of Howard Schultz - 02/05/09 06:32 AM
Does the name Howard Schultz ring a bell?  It didn't for me and I bet it didn't for you either - unless you are a coffee officiando, a resident of Seattle or a shareholder in Starbucks.  Yes, when you pay $4.75 for that venti latte with chocolate, soy milk and whip cream, you can thank Mr. Schultz for it.  Here is his story:
The Early Days...
Howard Schultz was a 27 year old salesman with Hammarplast, a Swedish plastics company.  After looking at sales reports, he discovered that a small Seattle roasting company called Starbucks Coffee, Tea and Spice sold more plastic … (0 comments)

motivation: New Construction Sales Training - Staying Motivated and Achieving Outrageous Success in 2009 - 01/17/09 02:32 PM
When you start a new job or take a new position, you often start with a great explosion of positive energy.  However, when the activities performed at the outset don't generate immediate results, it is hard to stay focused, to keep on point, and to remain motivated.  Here are some tips shared by my business partner, Michelle Silies, with our sales staff:
Develop a Vision and a Plan:
•  Ask yourself the basic question - Does your vision and actions determine your success?  Or, do you let circumstances dictate your success?  Once you accept personal responsibility for your success or failure, … (2 comments)

motivation: Favorite Movie Quotations Applicable to Sales - 11/10/08 04:25 AM

Every once in a awhile, I have to rally the troops so I pull out a movie clip to emphasize a point at a sales meeting.  Most of the clips are not directly related to sales - but can be applied to sales.  I apologize for any improper language in the post - but I listed the quotes as they were uttered.
What are your favorite movie quotations from this list?  If I have missed an inspirational movie quote, please post it in the comments.


motivation: Stay Motivated - Real Estate Sales Is Like a Roller Coaster - 11/09/08 07:24 AM
New home sales can be like a roller coaster - sudden drops, unanticipated turns, slow climbs to the top, and breakneck speed.  At all times, you must stay prepared and sustain your motivation and drive.  Whether you are a new salesperson or an experienced salesperson, you will experiences slumps or down periods.  When you are in a down period, there is a risk that you will allow negative thoughts to creep in and will lose your motivation.  When you lose your motivation and drive, you become less efficient and less effective, ultimately resulting in missed opportunities, lost sales, and a … (4 comments)

motivation: Stop Making Excuses - Start Marketing Yourself Today - 10/31/08 05:40 PM
 Now, as some of you may know, I often will use a private conversation with my current and former colleagues - both inside and outside my brokerage - as a source of inspiration for my blog posts.  I use a variety of devices to protect the innocent such as waiting several weeks or even months before commenting on a particular discussion or series of discussions. 
So I was engaged in a discussion regarding the reasons "why" we procrastinate and avoid doing personal marketing, networking, prospecting and business development activities.  Here are the top excuses … (60 comments)

motivation: Are You a Hunter? Or Are You a Farmer? - 10/10/08 05:40 PM
At a recent luncheon, we had a lengthy discussion regarding the real estate market.  An experienced agent asked "Where have all the purchasers gone?"  It was followed by a series of comments starting with "Remember when... "  There was a longing for the days when the phone rang off the hook and we couldn't keep up with showings, writing contracts, and closings.  Admittedly, those times were, indeed, good.  There was unprecedented growth and sales came easy.  No sooner did you put a sign in the yard and you had three offers.  Even the average sales associate looked like a superstar.
The … (3 comments)

motivation: Motivation - The Extra Effort Matters - 10/01/08 02:03 AM
The Extra Effort
 Top performers in new home sales have various personal styles, training and experience.  However, one of the characteristics displayed by all top performers is a strong work ethic.  
A short movie, 212 Movie, shows how extra effort makes the difference.  The movie is premised on a simple fact of science.  At 211 degrees, water is pretty hot.  At 212 degrees, water boils and makes steam.  The point is that one degree can make the difference.  The movie then goes on to show the difference be success and failure can be a relatively small difference.  As Vince Lombardi once said "Football is a game … (2 comments)


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