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It's really quite sad, and unfortunately, it happens all too often.  Here in Maine, the winters can get extremely cold and harsh.  As the price of oil increases, Mainahs are grasping for any solution to the yearly problem: What am I going to do to heat my home?  For many locals, wood is the answe...
Ok, so I've had a few people ask me about some of the sights that I've seen over the years.  They generally ask about the worst this or the scariest that, and I'm happy to share.  I'd like everyone to know that the names have been changed to protect the 'not-so' innocent.  As an appraiser, I am c...
Ok, we've all seen the photos.  People unfortunately can't make their payments, one missed payment leads to another, and the next step is foreclosure.  It's not always the worst that can happen, but it does shake the foundation of a family. The foreclosure itself is not the worst situation.  Some...
Though I'm located in rural Maine, a place where conservation is a hot topic, our market has NOT slowed to the point of this.  The many cycles of the market can have positive and negative impacts in all aspects and sectors.  Since Maine is a conservation-rich area, with its vast mountains, coasta...


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