mindset: I love Real Estate - 06/16/09 07:39 AM
I love Real Estate.  I love my business.
I love it because I can help people.
I love helping people see that they can have a house that they love. 
I love helping people establish roots for their family.
I love knowing that I am helping better their future and changing their family tree. 
I love to see the smiles on children’s faces when they run through the house and pick out their rooms. 
I love driving a family to the nearest schools to show them where their children will attend. 
I love to see the smile … (0 comments)

mindset: Mammoth Hunting - 01/02/09 08:09 AM
Killing a mammoth ensures that you have enough food for the family and that the kids will grow up strong. The problem with mammoth hunting is that you can not do it on your own. If we are going to kill a mammoth we must have help. It is important to make sure that we make friends with others that also like the taste of grilled mammoth. It probably would not do to hunt mammoth with friends that like sauteed rat or boiled greens. If we are going to risk our lives hunting food then we may as well hunt the … (0 comments)

mindset: Soldiers know that war makes Generals. - 11/12/08 03:50 AM
When I was in the army, so so so long ago.  I remember reading about the experiences of Viet Nam veterans and WWII veterans.  I was always impressed with the stories of soldiers that would take up the mantle of leadership when their leaders were disabled or killed.  Then, during a calm in the action or upon returning to their base of operations these impromptu leaders were given battlefield commissions.  A commission for those of you that don't understand is different than a non-commissioned officer (private, corporal or sergeant).  A commissioned officer goes through more leadership training and schooling(lieutenant, captain, major … (6 comments)


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