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  For investors looking to maximize their return on investment, here’s all you need to know: building an income suite is by far the most profitable homeowner reno. How do I increase the value of my property? That’s the question on every homeowners mind. There are two key survival strategies. The ...
Going green! Tips for homeowners to make their home more eco-friendly.   Interest in the environment and green building has moved beyond installing energy efficient appliances and swapping out incandescent light bulbs for compact fluorescents. With luxury condos touting eco-friendly features lik...
Here are some tips to help you with your spring cleaning.   1. Open the windows and turn on some music. Studies show listening to an upbeat tune while working can actually increase productivity and lower your stress levels. 2. Gather up the clutter and move it to an appropriate location. Everythi...
Proper maintenance protects the value of your home, keeps it in great condition and means less work and fewer costly repairs in the long term. -       On the pre-possession inspection tour, the builder will explain how to operate and maintain heating, cooling and electrical water systems. You wi...
The Canadian Renovator’s Council of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association offers a number of golden rules to help renovating homeowners achieve their goals. - Know what you want. Take the time you need to explore the possibilities for your home and develop a firm plan. Begins with the fundamen...
You’re about to invest in your most valuable asset. Below are our top 8 recommendations to make you more confident as you start your home buying journey. 1.    Your Credit Rating Getting your finances in order is probably the most important step you should take. You must know exactly what your c...
Spring can’t come soon enough for a gardener. After months of deprivation, it’s finally time to get back out there. Your garden has gone through a tough few months; this is your chance to help its transition out of dormancy go as smoothly as possible. Get your garden growing again with these han...
On May 3 Canada’s dollar rose versus the greenback as U.S. stocks climbed, crude oil reached $87 a barrel and gold touched the highest level since December. The currency has been the second-best performer this year among the U.S. dollar’s 16 most-traded counterparts, trailing Mexico’s peso, on s...
It seems like yesterday when the Canadian Dollar was at par with the US Dollar. It took less than 2 years for the exchange rate to equalize again. But what does this mean for the Canadian economy? Generally, the lower the value of the Canadian dollar, the more Canada was trading. When the dollar ...
In response to the recent Financial Post article (link below), do you feel like the tighter mortgage rules will show a great deal more cheating? I'm torn because I know that a 20% downpayment from an investor is difficult, though not "impossible" as this article states, to find for some investors...

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