in the life of a realtor: Religion and Real Estate...Why God Made a Realtor - 01/30/14 08:36 PM
Religion and Real Estate...Why God Made a Realtor
I chose not to engage in conversations regarding religion or politics and only once did I write about Religion, Real Estate and Prayer.  However when I watched this video yesterday through a link on Realtor Magazine's Facebook page,  it all made sense why God Made a Realtor.   If you haven't seen it, check it out below. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and I'm confident you can all relate to the parody and understand why God Made a Realtor.


in the life of a realtor: is a scam! - 01/16/13 10:29 AM
After receiving an email today for the New Jersey Association of REALTORS® about a false website,, not only misusing the REALTOR® trademark but attempting to scam real estate agents by paying money to remove negative ratings and consumer complaints, I turn on my computer tonight and read Brenda Mullen's post below about the email scam she received.  Read the full article Don't Let Your Reputation-or Your Wallet-Fall Prey to Scam Complaint Site. 
Don't be scammed by these type of websites and make sure you check your online reputation and identity by using Google Alerts or simply by googling your own name, … (2 comments)

in the life of a realtor: Ouch! I thought shingles belong on a roof!! - 01/13/13 09:34 AM
Ouch! I thought shingles belong on a roof!! 
I was just starting to feel better from the pneumonia that beat me up and left me in bed from Christmas Eve through New Year's.  Then, the tingling, stinging, razor burn discomfort began under my left arm.  Thinking the pneumonia settled somewhere, once again I head to the doctor's office and nearly dropped my jaw as he said "you have shingles".  SHINGLES???? SHINGLES???? I thought shingles belong on a roof!  I'm too young for shingles!  I'm only 41 35!!! 
Leaving there with antivirals and steroids in hand I began my battle with … (2 comments)

in the life of a realtor: OPEN LETTER TO: Spur of the Moment "We will call on our way" Clients... - 07/12/11 03:36 PM

When you choose me to represent you in what's probably the biggest purchase of your life, buying a home, I do not ask you to sign on the dotted line tying you to me forever.  Maybe you won't like me or I won't like you...hey, it happens but once we choose to work together, all is ask is for your understanding, compassion, respect and loyalty. 
Mutual respect is something I value in a relationship. I will respect you, your time, your schedule, your realistic housing needs and all I request in return is that you respect mine too. 
Dear Clients,Please let me qualify … (4 comments)

in the life of a realtor: 30 under 30 and Facing 40 in the Fall! - 05/28/11 05:16 AM
I love 30 Under 30 articles whether it be the 30 Under 30 Real Estate Agents I just read about in June's edition of Realtor Magazine or with my legal secretary background, I enjoy reading about the 30 Under 30 Lawyers.  I think its great to feature these younger agents and/or lawyers who are about 10 years or so younger than me.   Facing 40 in the fall, I'm intrigued with reading success stories from a younger generation and look forward to learning from them.  I've met some older agents who stick their nose up to the younger generation.  I've even had some … (22 comments)

in the life of a realtor: Top Five Myths Busted About Using Gina Chirico As Your Real Estate Agent! - 05/26/11 02:47 PM
Top Five Myths About Busted Using Me Gina Chirico As Your Real Estate Agent
Myth #1: You don't want me to know your credit score.  BUSTED!  Your credit score is between you and your lender and/or loan officer. I have no idea what your credit score is and quite frankly, I don't even care. There's no need for me to know your credit score.
Myth #2: You don't want me to know how much earn. BUSTED!  It's none of my business what you earn.  Just like I'm not about to show you Sal or my W-2s or paychecks, there's no reason why I should know of or … (3 comments)

in the life of a realtor: Dear Buyer: I'm sorry this isn't working out for us ~ You're Fired Letter! - 02/21/11 03:22 PM
Inspired by the I'm sorry this is not working out for us email I received last week, this is my rant letter to ALL buyers who lack respect for US, OUR expertise and OUR time!

Dear Buyer:
            I am thrilled that you have chosen me to represent you in what is most likely the biggest purchase you will ever make.   I promise to listen to your needs very carefully and try my hardest to find you the perfect house that suits your needs.  If your needs are unrealistic because of style, location or affordability, I will be honest and upfront with … (9 comments)

in the life of a realtor: The Next Chapter of their Life....Will you be a part of it? - 01/29/11 03:48 AM
The word "Chapter" is defined as "A distinct period or sequence of events, as in history or a person's life". There are so many chapters in one's life.  From taking your first step to sealing your first kiss, from getting married to having your first baby -- these are all examples of new chapters in life.  This post however is about one particular Chapter..... The Next Chapter of their Life....Buying their first home....will you be part of it?
Last night I met with first-time home buyers for a consult.  I pride myself in working with first-time home buyers.  First-time home buyers are starting a new chapter … (4 comments)

in the life of a realtor: Do you do showings on the weekends? - 01/26/11 03:37 PM
That's the question of the day that was emailed to me:  Do you do showings on the weekends?
I know some agents who would reply:  WHAT?? OF COURSE I DO!  I work 24/7, 365 days a year, I worked through Christmas dinner, missed all my son's football games and I even missed my daughter's wedding because I was working.  WHEN? WHAT TIME?  SURE, I'll be there! (Emphasis added)

The weekends are very much a part of real estate and if you are not willing to work weekends, you shouldn't be in the real estate business.  I know there's several opinions and many posts on … (6 comments)

in the life of a realtor: As Agents, You Have TWO Choices and What You NEED Does NOT Matter! - 11/06/10 04:55 PM
Yesterday I wrote a post You Have TWO Choices and What You NEED Does NOT Matter!  Not to repeat the post but it was about sellers having two choices:
Price it right NOW and SELL for market value; or Price it high and sell for UNDER market value LATER. I ended the post addressing real estate agents too.  Mainly pointing out that now you, the agent have two choices to make as well.  You can either be an agent who will take the overpriced listingand never sell it or perhaps eventually sell it for UNDERmarket value later or you can be the agent who looks … (3 comments)

in the life of a realtor: October holds three days of milestones celebrated with family - 10/24/10 03:27 PM
October holds three days of wonderful milestones celebrated with family......
It started out on October 23, 1971.........39 years ago when my mother gave birth to a baby girl.......Gina Carola; Twelve years ago on Saturday, October 24, 1998 I married my friend, the one I laugh with, live for dream with and love at St. Lucy's Church in Newark, New Jersey; and  Eleven years ago on Monday October 25, 1999....I became a mother giving birth to our first child. Having three milestones in three days year after year can be hectic but it's also nice!  Obviously getting married the day after my birthday … (2 comments)

in the life of a realtor: On October 29th I will not only get paid but Pay it Forward to my buyer.... - 10/21/10 04:57 AM
Attending real estate closings here in New Jersey is customary.  Typically the buyer(s), the seller(s), agents for buyer(s) and seller(s) and their attorneys meet at the buyer's lawyer's office for the closing.  I have personally attended all my closings except for 3 which were paper closings and not even my seller or buyer attended.
I'm not going to lie, one of the reasons I love what I do is because of the flexibility I have with regard to my scheduling and so far I've been pretty good with not having to miss any important functions for my children.  There are … (2 comments)

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