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Wow - it's been a good long time since I've been on ActiveRain.  Having spent the better part of 2008-2009 investigating all sorts of social and new media, training real estate agents for my company (locally), and continuing to ramp up my real estate biz (sales and BPO's), it's been kinda crazy! ...
Sometimes, real estate agents do more than simply real estate sales. Sometimes, some real estate agents go to classes for continuing education (outside of the required CE). Or, the agent may present key facts about market conditions to a group of interested local businesses or residents or onlin...
Here' a question - and I will have an answer later in the post - who is buying homes by using social/new media? Is it truly Gen Y or Gen X? Is it only tech-savvy people or, as some say, people buying into the now-mainstream Social Media environ (Social Media now mainstream per Forrester: http://b...
Are you too busy to sell real estate? Is all your time spent on manufacturing post cards, sticking stamps on them, writing letters and monthly newsletters, then getting them printed to mail? Or are you too busy figuring out which ads to buy, calling the local home book rep and local newspaper? Or...
Ok so things are down. Way down. And by "things" I mean the stock market, 401k, you name it. Even gas prices are down! So is business - for some... Yes, the credit crisis has struck. Yes, home sales and values have slipped. Know what, though? People still need to move - every month, someone has t...
Ok. So I've been making many phone calls lately. Lots of them are to agents. For various reasons. It's not from my usual phone number, either. I am somewhat alarmed that most agents let the call go to voice mail. Very few answer. The ones that do often don't seem like they are engaged with answer...
Bank Owned Homes.Foreclosures. Corporate owned. Buyers often believe bank-owned homes should come at a hefty discount from current market prices - and often, they do. Distressed homes without any sort of new paint or carpet or repairs are sold at minimum pricing, usually to investors but occasion...
Yanno, you can live on a laptop. Or at least near a laptop. A little tiny palm tree, drink with umbrella, bowl of snacks and a dinghy nearby while your toes rub the warm sand, and it could be daaaays before you lift your head from the heady environs of Twitter, email, blogging and podcasting. So....
07/01/2008 - I went expecting a lot and came away with more than expected. Registered early so as to get a Tshirt, I put a badge on my web site (see sidebar), stuck a sticker on my car window (I felt soooo 60's!!).  Hungry for more information on Social and New Media, I wished for 2 day...
I get all the time "I'm happy where I am, I love my company" with people's brokerages when I talk to folks with whom I co-op. And they don't go any further. I don't often ask for lots of details, figuring if they reeeeally want me to know, they'll tell me. Often though, it stops there. Now, I kno...

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