phoenix az real estate: Putting More Equity in Your Pocket - 05/21/19 03:40 PM
The numbers are out, and the Phoenix Metro real estate market is going strong!  Sales are up 13.8% over last month and are 5.6% higher than last year’s sales.  Housing inventory numbers for new and total inventory were up, but inventory remains low with only a 2.43 month supply of homes. Home prices have also increased in the past year, with the average sales price up 5.6% and the median sales price up 6.3%. Days on market have continued to be consistent for the last quarter and is currently at 69 days on market.
For the first time in 2019, we saw … (2 comments)

phoenix az real estate: Phoenix Area new-home sales down double digits from 2013 - 08/20/14 09:24 AM

The new home market is mirroring the resale market this year with housing permits down 15.6 percent in the Phoenix metro area compared with a year ago, according to new data from RL Brown Housing Reports.  Permits to home builders were down 14 percent from June to July, and new-home sales for the year to date were off 10.5 percent.
The reasons being used for the slow housing market limited population and job growth, combined with tighter mortgage lending and lingering poor consumer credit, all conspire against home sales in the Valley.  The two biggest mortgage factors affecting … (1 comments)

phoenix az real estate: Phoenix Area Market Update - 06/26/14 06:22 AM
Nationally homes prices appreciated 13 percent while in Phoenix, Arizona they were up, but at a considerably lower rate of 6 percent. That compares to 28 percent last May.  
RealtyTrac Vice President Daren Blomquist says while it may not sound like it, that’s actually good news for most Phoenix residents, because the higher rate is not sustainable.  The lower appreciation rate will mean the certain Sellers will have to wait longer to regain equity in their homes.  However, an alternative to selling your home would be to rent it out so that you can move on if you lifestyle or family … (0 comments)

phoenix az real estate: 16045 S. 13th Place, Phoenix - Just Listed! - 05/06/14 05:40 AM
Incredible home will take your breath away! Amazing sun dappled foyer has cathedral ceilings & beautiful tile work! Formal dining room overlooks lush yard has wainscoting for an elegant touch. Gorgeous completely remodeled eat-in kitchen has high end cabinets, under cabinet lighting, stainless appliances, beautiful granite counters & travertine backsplash with medallion detailing, dual ovens, bay window and lots of storage! Master retreat is the ultimate place to relax with vaulted ceilings, vast walk-in closet, large shower, slate tile flooring, & private den! Spacious bedrooms and loft are the perfect place to entertain. Beautifully landscaped yard includes sparkling beach entry pool … (0 comments)

phoenix az real estate: Selling Your Phoenix Home? What Does it Smell Like? - 10/29/10 05:53 AM
If you are selling your Phoenix home you may want to think about what it smells like.  We are all graced with the same five senses and smell can be an important one.  The smell of a home can be warm and inviting or assaulting, which reaction are you trying to achieve? 
First off if your Phoenix AZ home smells like cigarette smoke you are at a huge disadvantage these days.  Until the smell can be professionally removed it would be hard to consider having it available for showings.  If cigarette smoke is not an issue, consider what your home does smell like. 

phoenix az real estate: Super Low Mortgage Rates, Time to Refinance? - 10/19/10 10:04 AM
The current super low mortgage rates have many people wondering whether or not now is the time to refinance. For 23 weeks rates have been under 5%, last week headlines touted that the average rate for a 30 year fixed rate mortgage was 4.19%, the lowest recorded since mortgage rates began being recorded. With such history how could now not be the time to refinance? Oddly enough, now might not be the right time for you.
Here are some things to keep in mind to determine whether refinancing is right for you:
Do you have equity in your Phoenix AZ home? … (0 comments)

phoenix az real estate: Phoenix Home Ownership Requires Basic Maintenance - 09/27/10 09:41 AM
Phoenix home ownership requires basic home maintenance. Buying Arizona real estate is one of the biggest investments that most people make over a lifetime, taking care of it once you buy it is merely taking care of your investment. No homeowner likes to be caught off guard by bursting pipes, failing heating systems or a hole in the roof. While not all catastrophes can be avoided, most can be averted by routine maintenance.
A checklist of exterior home items:
Roof Check for missing roof tiles, holes, or any leaks and make necessary repairs to avoid total replacement. Siding Check for cracks, chipping paint, … (0 comments)

phoenix az real estate: Great Time to Buy Luxury Phoenix Real Estate - 06/28/10 06:57 AM
It is a great time to buy luxury Phoenix real estate.  Not only are mortgage rates once again at historic lows, but Phoenix AZ real estate values are low and inventory is high.  It is a buyer's market, which means it is an exceptionally great time to invest in a larger, nicer home, a better time in fact than has been seen in years.  A recent article in the Wall Street Journal mentions that a larger home gives more bang for the buck, and these days that is exactly what people are looking for.
It has taken a bit longer for sellers … (0 comments)

phoenix az real estate: Successful Phoenix AZ Short Sale Basics - 06/18/10 08:50 AM
The recession has had a few benefits for those looking for the next best deal, one of which is the short sale. Short sales are when home owners owe more than their homes are worth and sell them for less than is owed. For the seller a short sale is a way to avoid foreclosure. For a buyer a short sale can be a great investment opportunity. The downside of a short sale is that the procedure can be lengthy and frustrating at times. A short sale is dependent on the lender's approval and the lender's involvement typically slows the entire … (0 comments)

phoenix az real estate: Is Now the Right Time to Upgrade a Phoenix AZ Home? - 06/13/10 07:31 AM
Headlines touted the infamous line once again Friday that mortgage rates are at historic lows, inciting the burning question, "Is now the right time to upgrade my Phoenix AZ home to a bigger, better one?" Affordability is at an all-time high at many places throughout the country and if one has the ability to acquire and secure a mortgage, the cost of buying a home is better than it has been in years. That being said, wanting to move up and being able to move up are two different things, and it is a great time to take a hard, honest look … (0 comments)

phoenix az real estate: When It’s Right to Buy a Bigger, Better Phoenix AZ Home - 04/28/10 03:30 PM

It is not uncommon for homeowners to outgrow a home, but knowing when it makes sense to trade up to a bigger Phoenix AZ home is important when making such a move.  Of course the biggest questions involve finances.
Does your current home have enough equity built up in it to make sense?  If you can sell your current home for a nice profit and have extra money to put down on your new home it will make your entire transition and easier one.
Can you afford the mortgage on your new home? If you can take the equity from … (0 comments)

phoenix az real estate: Buying Phoenix AZ Real Estate? Location, Location, Location - 04/23/10 08:58 AM
If you are thinking about buying Phoenix AZ real estate there are three things to remember, location, location, and location. Location is a key factor in the value of your new home and how easy it will be to sell when the time comes to do so. Whether you are in a city, suburb, or country area, location really does matter. Every area has its desirable locations within it, and a more desirable location will always sell more quickly than a less desirable one.
Want to know what to look for? The most desirable neighborhoods have good schools, an attractive appearance, … (0 comments)

phoenix az real estate: Buying an Affordable Phoenix Home VS. Saving For Dream Home - 03/22/10 10:09 AM
Questions arise when people are considering leaping into Phoenix AZ real estate, and the one which arises most often is buying an affordable home better than saving up for a dream home.  It can be a daunting process when shopping for your first Phoenix home, especially when you realize what you can afford, as opposed to what you would like to afford.  The questions ultimately arises - is it a smart move to buy a Phoenix home that you don’t want to live in forever?

Home ownership offers some benefits that are not available with renting.  Two main benefits … (0 comments)

phoenix az real estate: Foreclosure Figures Show Improvement Nationwide & in Phoenix Area - 02/21/10 07:56 AM
The feeling is that foreclosures are subsiding in the Phoenix Area.  The incredible increase in foreclosure activity that hit the United States hard over the past couple of years was a huge catalyst for falling home prices, as well as a staggering hit to the national real estate market as a whole.  The decrease in foreclosures for the end of 2009 that has been reported is good news for all.  As foreclosures start to disappear Phoenix AZ real estate values will be less affected.
The Mortgage Bankers Association reported on Friday that there was a decrease in foreclosure applications for the last … (0 comments)

phoenix az real estate: Inexpensive Ways to Improve the Look of Your Phoenix Home - 01/24/10 09:38 AM
There are a million ways to improve the look of your Phoenix home, some are more expensive than others.  If you are thinking of selling your home or already have your Phoenix AZ home on the market here are some tried and true, inexpensive ways to improve your home and make it more appealing to a potential buyer.
Paint.  Painting a home is something that anyone can do themselves, or hire a painter to do.  Fresh paint on the interior and exterior of a home makes it instantly appear clean and fresh. Clean & De-clutter.  Remove clutter, family photos and other personal … (0 comments)

phoenix az real estate: Buyer's Market Now in Phoenix AZ Real Estate - 12/23/09 10:17 AM
When it comes to Phoenix AZ real estate the general sentiment appears to be that of putting 2009 in the past and looking forward to a brighter 2010.  Looking at where we are and where we are headed as far as Phoenix real estate goes will take us from the present into the future. 
Currently Phoenix AZ home values are affordable, because prices are low and interest rates are low.  Both of these low levels add up to the fact that it is a great time to be a buyer when it comes to Phoenix AZ property.
Interest rates … (0 comments)

phoenix az real estate: Overall Housing Market Slowly Improving in Phoenix Arizona - 11/27/09 07:47 AM
Real Estate data indicates that the overall housing market is slowly improving in Phoenix Arizona and nationwide since price declines are getting smaller and sales volume is getting larger. 
October sales were up for  pre-existing home sales by 23.5% compared with the same month last year.  Homes sales for October nationwide were predicted to be 5.70 million, but the sales volume turned out to be 6.1 million.
Encouraging words are being spoken about real estate by NAR's chief economist who stated that, "Existing home sales have already bottomed. Home prices are almost there. We are seeing less of a decline in … (0 comments)

phoenix az real estate: Phoenix AZ Real Estate Buyer's Market - 10/29/09 10:28 AM
The biggest question hovering around these days is, have we hit bottom?  Whether this question be a general question regarding the recession or the real estate market, we have to ask - does it matter?  Whether we hit bottom a couple of months ago or are going to hit it a couple of months from now, we can all agree that we have had better times, and better times are in our future.  Whether we have hit bottom or not, there is no mistake that it is still one of the most excellent buyer's market of Phoenix AZ real estate.
That … (0 comments)

phoenix az real estate: New Short Sale Could Help Lower Foreclosure Rate - 10/25/09 09:01 AM
New incentives are in the works nationwide for promoting short sales in order to avoid more foreclosures than necessary.  The plan is meant to prod lenders into allowing more short sales. 
Currently short sales are frequently avoided by lenders because offers are seen as too far below the last appraised value of the property, even though the foreclosed upon sales price in the end may be even lower. The incentives that are being mulled over are expected to pass soon. 
The plan is to give the lender $1,000 for allowing a short sale to occur and the buyer a $1,500 credit at … (0 comments)

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