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Fun and Easy Glass Transformation Project Do you have glass accessories in your staging inventory that you would like to easily transform into something new?  Here's a project that takes very little time and is SO-easy.  The results will give you a sea-glass look for very little cost. This photo ...
"I just never saw all of those issues"  This is what a local RE agent said to me after we visited a 5000+ square foot listing which she knew had issues but she didn't see them as a buyer would see them. Initially this agent gasped at my consultation fee but she decided to go ahead because she kne...
Although I am rarely active on Active Rain anymore it's power is amazing.  I never would have guessed, when I first starting lurking then blogging on AR back in 2007, that I would become acquainted with so many wonderful people and here I am with one of them at Bass Lake, California.  Recently, ...
Would you be excited to be offered this home to stage?  Excited would not be how I would describe my feelings when I did the consult here.  However, considering that staging has been close to DEAD in my area for almost three years, I decided that another challenge was perhaps what I needed.  It'...
Put me in, Coach. Now that the Christmas holiday season is over, I know that for many people the focus turns to football.  The Super Bowl is quickly approaching and I just heard my husband say that every team is playing today, New Years Day.  Realtors and Real Estate Agents, are you the "everyth...
When sellers contact our Fresno area home staging company for a home staging consultation, we tell them that they need to:  MAKE YOUR HOUSE A SHINING STAR   Our staging consultations honestly and gently let sellers know that a house FOR SALE should NOT include any of the following: Family Photos:...
75%- 90% of buyers cannot visualize what a house could be.  Do you believe that? I'm sure that you've heard it said and seen it written over and over again and I bet that you question those statistics.  Questioning statistics is good, so I thought that I'd share what I have learning about learnin...
Janice makes some great points in this blog post about the difficulty that sellers have leaving their homes and what to do to overcome the issues.  If you would like to comment, please do that on her original post.  We all have an emotional attachment to our homes. We have our memories and hopes ...
Selling a House with Children...a staged house.  As professional stagers we frequently have sellers tell us that their family cannot live in a staged home.  Part of the reason that they object is that they cannot imagine convincing their children that "staging" their bedroom is a good idea or tha...
Realtors, inspiration and rescue found here.  On one of my recent blogs I had a Realtor comment "I really think a lot of agents just don't know the value of staging because they've never really seen the end result", and it inspired this post.  If that's true, or even if it's not, we stagers would...

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