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Selling a House with Children...a staged house.  As professional stagers we frequently have sellers tell us that their family cannot live in a staged home.  Part of the reason that they object is that they cannot imagine convincing their children that "staging" their bedroom is a good idea or tha...
Realtors, inspiration and rescue found here.  On one of my recent blogs I had a Realtor comment "I really think a lot of agents just don't know the value of staging because they've never really seen the end result", and it inspired this post.  If that's true, or even if it's not, we stagers would...
I've never had a listing that needed staging...really??? Time and time again I read stagers blogs where Realtor and agents comment that they have never used a professional stager because their listings have never needed staging.  I am not surprised because I've heard local agents say pretty much...
Linda's blog is here to help realtor and sellers understand the goals of professional staging.  We, professional stagers are here to help sell houses, not just collect a paycheck.  I am going to turn off commenting here...please leave your comment on Linda's original post. (Sorry that I didn't do...
A List that Might Help Sell that House.  This blog post was inspired by Kathy Streib's recent featured post on post-it notes and from my personal experiences with selling many homes and as a professional home stager in Oakhurst, California.  Recently, I did a blog post on the use of seasonal phot...
Facebook Business you do this?         When I am reading a post on Facebook from a business page, I am frequently frustrated.  The fact that the post shows up in my news feeds means that I have "liked" that business  and that's often because I know the person behind the business.  Howev...
The Seasons are Changing.  Giving Home Sellers the Advantage in Oakhurst California and Everywhere USA.  Many locations in California do not experience seasonal changes.  However, in Oakhurst California mountain communities that is not the case.  We have seasons and many buyers want to experience...
When experts in the real estate field offer advice, do you listen?  I have been a follower of Barbara Corcoran for years and I always listen to what she's saying.   Giving the first impression an actual dollar value could help you convince your sellers about the importance of that first impressio...

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