ginger: How's YOUR Memory? - 11/07/13 11:21 AM

  Memory Face Test
This test will determine if you're getting enough sleep or if your mind has really lost it! The test consists of three parts:
You'll be shown 12 photos in the first part,
You'll be shown another 12 photos in the second part,
 You'll be shown 48 photos in the third part and asked if you saw them in the first part, the second part - or never saw them at all.
When you have finished the third part, your results will be given to you.
Click here <> to begin.
Sometimes I can't remember faces...or names either
Have fun,

ginger: 2013 is Better than I thought it would be.. - 10/15/13 07:50 AM
This year has been a lot better than I have anticipated. 
I have worked harder and smarter than I ever have.   I think we have to keep on learning in order NOT to be left behind.  I think that education sets the agents that are in this business for the long haul...apart from those that do this as a hobby.
Is it going to be a good year for us in 2014?
Seems like I have been working harder than ever trying to maintain a level of business that allows me to succeed and grow my business in 2013.   I find … (2 comments)

ginger: Great Day in Southport - 09/25/13 11:58 AM
Great Day in Southport~My Town. Re-blogged by 0 agents
   It is another great day in Southport NC...
WE are on the Beaver Dam Creek that goes into the IntraCoastal Waterway that goes into the Cape Fear River that goes into the Atlantic Ocean.  The way "the crow flies", we are 2 miles from the Ocean.
Talk about a great place to live...this is IT!
In the afternoon, we go and sit on the dock and catch up with the events of the day and watch the sun set, and the ibis and herons go home to roost.
"Nothing could … (2 comments)

ginger: My old Profile - 08/23/13 12:36 PM

 About me:

Excellent Review
~J Kennedy~
We think Ginger is a great Agent and person foremost. She's intelligent and understanding of our needs/concerns. She keeps us abreast of progresses as well as delays. We trust her knowledge and ability to meet any challenge. She has always been a dear friend. She has become our dependable real estate Agent and we refer all our friends to her because we are certain that she is capable of creating solutions for them as well!
~J & N James~
Ginger was a great help with the closing and all other aspects of the selling process.
~B Tillman~

ginger: New-Old Blueberry Concoction~2013 - 08/11/13 08:17 AM
Last night, My hubby and I decided that we needed to clean out the freezer in order to put more Blueberries in from this bountiful Blueberry season of 2013.    Finding that we still had not used about 2 gallons of our blueberries from past years, I decided that we must can them in order to not just throw them away. 
That is exactly what we did.  I put the Blueberries in two large stainless steel pots and added Sugar...and the squeeze of a lemon and a bit of butter, and let them cook for hours..
Then we processed these berries in small jars for future use.

ginger: BPO's are getting scarce - 06/07/13 09:34 AM
BPO's have been a source of income for a lot of us agents over the past 6 or 7 years.  It was a way to supplement our income in a lagging economy.  Now I am finding that there are less and less REO's and BPO's being offered in my area.  I am not sure as to why this is happening.  The BPO's that are being offered are at such a price that it is just not worth it if you have to pay an assistant and take into consideration the price of Gas.
Do you have any suggestions?  We … (3 comments)

ginger: Rescue at Sea While on TransAtlantic Cruise - 05/18/13 12:49 PM
I have missed you my ActiveRainer Friends.
WE finally took that much needed down town and traveled by ship, The Nieuw Amsterdam~Holland America, to Portugal and Spain.  We were gone from April the 30th until May 17th.
It was a wonderful trip and we were able to rescue two, French Sailors that were adrift in a 32 ft. Sailboat in the middle of the Atlantic. 
Hard to believe that they lost their rudder and were just drifting about in the ocean for four days.  Since we were the closest point to them, we were
chose to rescue them.  It was … (5 comments)

ginger: Pulling Duty Time - 04/22/13 11:56 AM
Duty time is an opportunity to make a new connection.  The phone is ringing off the hook right now.  Does this mean that our market is stabilizing or coming back...
Well, I find myself having Duty time today.  (A better way to say Opportunity Time).  Actually I have been enjoying it.  It is the first exposure that your company makes when some one calls on the phone or walks through the door. We need to ponder that a minute.  What you say or do...the minute someone walks in or calls in is the first impression that those folks have of your company.
We need to … (6 comments)

ginger: Thank God It is Friday - 04/19/13 11:40 AM
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                        Today was a most unusual day.  I have been working on getting an oceanfront house under contract for the past few days..
The agent sent the Offer over and I have submitted it to my sellers.   It is a very good offer and I think that it may work. There is so much activity going on right now and it is just a matter of getting on the ride and holding on for dear life.  
Guess what...I just got the call from the sellers and they are going to accept it.  Yea...!!!
I will … (2 comments)

ginger: Hummingbirds Slow to Show - 04/12/13 04:51 AM
This spring has been a very slow season for our hummingbirds.  Usually we have them buzzing all around our back deck area. 
Is anyone else having the same problem with their hummingbirds? 
WE are using the same sugar mixture that we have used for years so I do not know what the problem is.
If you have any hints or ideas, please let me know.
Ginger  of Beaver Dam Creek.

ginger: Marissa At Bat - 04/08/13 09:56 AM
Today was Marissa's very First BallGame. 
She is just four years old and wanted to play ball like her big brother, Joshua.  You can see the concentration on the faces of these little ones.  It was so funny when they would hit the ball and then go and sit down.  We were all  yelling "run to first base".  Guess what they do not understand the concept of First Base. was a great time to be had by all.
Marissa...had a ball...and so did we..


ginger: A Blog a Day..Keeps the Points coming your Way.. - 04/03/13 05:46 AM
I love to Blog and I am learning so much from others.
Thanks to a dear friend and agent, by the name of Mary, for teaching me a few tricks to I know that we have so much to learn from each other and to share. Just little simple trick of our business that can help to make the phone ring.   I want not sure how to insert a picture and Mary helped me.   I learned about linking in the body of my blogging that will take you straight to my website. What a thrill to do this for the first … (2 comments)

ginger: Sunsets over BeaverDam Creek~Southport NC - 04/02/13 11:41 AM

WE have the most beautiful sunset over Beaver Dam Creek in Southport NC.  It is always beautiful at this time of the year.  Getting warm enough to go out and sit and watch this all take place. 
We enjoy the Ibis, Herons, Cranes, and gulls on the end of the dock.  Sometimes we have the  otters to come up in the creek and frolick around as though we never existed.    We have kayaks in the water to scoot around in the creek. What a glorious place to live.
We never get tired of our view but if we … (6 comments)

ginger: Take time to smell the roses - 03/28/13 12:27 PM

Do you take time to smell the roses? I have had the wonderful experience of spending time with my almost 5 year  old granddaughter, Marissa.  In this picture she is stressing a bit.  We then picked some flowers and all was well.
We had such a great time pouring tea and eating snacks. Then we had to dress the babies dolls and feel them. WE loose precious time when we do not look around and see the beauty right under our noses.
Time that can never be made up.
Smell the roses this weekend...
I will have 5 of … (1 comments)

ginger: The Bass Pro Shop in Ft. Lauderdale Florida - 03/17/13 11:14 AM
This is the Lunch that we had with our Uncle Jack and Aunt Jay at the Bass Pro Shop in Ft. Lauderdale..  We had such a great time.  This is just one of the outings that we did with them.  We got there on Thursday, March 14 and did all that we could to do to make sure that they are well taken care of.  WE will be in touch with Social Services to find out what is available to them at age 96 and 90. 
Isn't it wonderful to have a great life at that age.  Uncle Jack is … (3 comments)

ginger: Precious time with the GrandChildren - 03/12/13 11:41 AM

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This picture was taken on the set of Safe Haven...(Book by Nicholas Sparks..)  The movie is GREAT...Go and See it.. Guess as we grow older, we have more time to spend with our grandchcildren. We are finding that to be true in our lives now. When we were raising our family, we were both working and tied up with the events of our day.
Now that we are retirement age, some of us have the time to spend that extra special time with the grandchildren.
We are Blessed to have these precious time with them...

ginger: Sunday with Family - 03/10/13 10:34 AM
You know how it is ..
After Church..comes Grandma day. We had a delightful meal with all of the family and the, it was clean up time.
Then when all settles down, we get to do the things that really mean something.
First the Lincoln Logs come out and a city is built.. (with the help of parents)...then we go to the front yart to have a little batting practice...(5 year old is doing baseball this year). We are helping with Spring training.
For Sunday Dinner we had:
Fried chicken
Rice and Gravy
Rolls and Butter
Then … (2 comments)

ginger: My Fitness Pal, FREE - 02/13/13 10:02 PM
A nurse at the hospital where I volunteer, gave me the website of  .
I signed up the other is FREE  !!!   and I have been tracking my calories for each meal and also my activity.
It is an easy way to track your success with this "Get Healthy Contest" that I am doing.
It is fun and you will benefit greatly from this.
Try it...again. it is FREE.....
Get Healthy in 2013...
Ginger of Southport

ginger: If I list it, will you sell it? - 02/08/13 09:49 AM
I have always know that LISTINGS IS THE NAME OF THE GAME!
How true that is.. I learned that over 30 years ago.  If you have the listings you will succeed..that is if you price your listing right.
Today, I listed 2 lots on Oak Island, 1 condo at Oak Island Beach Villas and 1 Ocean Front house. 
That  is s great start for the weekend..
Now...If I have done my job right..we will have buyers for these properties int he next 3 weeks..
Have a great weekend..
Ginger of Southport

ginger: Watching Active Rain Points Grow - 02/07/13 09:12 AM
I do enjoy watching the ActiveRain points grow.  AS you continue to Blog, you see the points growing.  I have not learned all of the different ways to achieve the points but I am still learning.
It is so much fun to see our points grow...from the beginning to what we have now.
You can learn so much from your active rain associates. Many have really neat information that can give you a link or idea that you can then explore. I feel that I am not alone and that there are other Active rain folks just like me, needing … (2 comments)

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