ginger harper: Foreclosures in our future? - 07/30/21 06:57 AM
Good Morning Active Rainers,
I was in an UPDATE course for our state of North Carolina yesterday.  One of the speakers was  a "short sale" attorney and he told us to "hang on to our hats"  that there were going to be 100's of 1000/s of foreclosures going to happen very soon.  The eviction process has changed and many folks are underwater with their mortgages  I would like to help those folks as much as I can and help them find a new place to live.  
This is a pitiful situation and we all know folks that are going to be in this … (11 comments)

ginger harper: Just Reached 1,000,000 - 02/16/21 07:27 AM
Well Active Rainers, I just reached that 1,000,000 mark and I am so pleased that this has been accomplished.  It has been a fun trip and I have learned so much along the way.
There is so much knowledge with the ARs that post such valuable information from all over our fair lands.  North, East, South and West.  I know that we do not do business the same way all over the country but the basic skills are ture everywhere.  Keeping in mind that above all, we have a unique fudicary relationship with those we represent.  
Let's keep that spirit of comaradie alive … (15 comments)

ginger harper: The Best Defense Against Anxiety Is Action - 04/01/20 11:05 AM
This is such a great blog post and I hope hat everyone will read it   It certainly shares my feelings of what is happening in our world today..
As most of us find ourselves COVID-19 self quarantined and/or isolated in one way or another, I thought it a good time to discuss anxiety.
With the current state of the world more people are finding themselves experiencing some level of anxiety.
Personally, I've been anxious my entire life. I have quite a bit of experience with it, and as for controlling it....I'm better at giving advice to others than I am at calming … (2 comments)

ginger harper: Matthew is on the way..but! - 10/06/16 10:17 AM
I have been fortunate enough to work face to face with sellers today.  I had listed one of their lots and they were going to take it off the market.  I did some research for them and suggested that they leave that lot on the market...because it can't sell if no one knows it is for sale..
They then asked to see if I would list one of their other lots.  They are excited to sell and we priced it at the lowest price in the community.
There is stuff happening...
Ginger Harper

ginger harper: Do YOU let Others Waste YOU Valuable Time? - 08/14/15 04:07 AM
I just read a post from another Active Rainer regarding folks that just talk too much and waste your time when you are busier than a "one armed Paper Hanger".
WE have a few agents in our workplace that just like to talk and when you see them coming , you want to cringe because you have not compeleted the project that you are working on.
I have yet to find the right words to let them know that I am busy and do not have time to chit chat.
They will begin a story that goes on and on and there seems to … (2 comments)

ginger harper: Canning Fig Preserves tonight..10 pints - 07/28/15 11:26 AM
At this moment, my husband is in the neighbors yard, (at Neighbor's request) picking figs so that we can do some fig preserve canning tonight. I excited!
Worked all day. Two listing appointments and now home to can.  Do you realize the work that goes into the canning process?
Actually, I love it and we do enjoy doing this together.
Wish I could share them with you.
Ginger  of Southport

ginger harper: Yea! TGIF Day - 05/22/15 10:37 AM
Thank the Good Lord for another Good day.
Today I showed property to folks that I have sold to 20 years ago.  It is good to still have folks that think you did a good job for them then and I hope that I can still do good for work them now.
They are choosing to move back to Oak Island after building their dream home on the banks of a river in  Tennessee..
It will  be good to have them back home.
Ginger of Oak Island

ginger harper: How do YOU tell another Agent to HUSH! - 05/20/15 11:57 AM
I just read a post from another Active Rainer regarding folks that just talk too much and waste your time when you are busier than a "one armed Paper Hanger".
WE have a few agents in our workplace that just like to talk and when you see them coming , you want to cringe because you have not compeleted the project that you are working on.
I have yet to find the right words to let them know that I am busy and do not have time to chit chat.
They will begin a story that goes on and on and there seems to … (12 comments)

ginger harper: Can YOU learn from Active Rain? - 05/18/15 02:30 AM
I think that this is such a great website for Realtors and just invited about 300 of my friends to join
You have taught me so much and I enjoy reading the ideas of others.
Hopefully some of these good folks that I have invited to join will share good and positive
thoughts also.
With warm regards,
Ginger Harper
SeaCoast Realty.

ginger harper: Weekends are for Grandchildren! - 05/14/15 12:03 PM
Our Weekends are for the Grandchildren..We can have from One to Six with us on the Weekends..
Do you take time to smell the roses?  I have had the wonderful experience of spending time with my nine month old granddaughter, Marissa. We had such a great time pouring tea and eating snacks.  Then we had to dress the babies dolls and feel them.  WE loose precious time when we do not look around and see the beauty right under our noses.  Time that can never be made up.
Smell the roses this weekend...
Ginger of Southport

ginger harper: We Watch the Weather Channel a Lot - 04/23/15 11:44 AM
This is a normal  thing for us. We love the weather channel and keeping up with what  is going on with the weather that is going to  affect us.
The date says that it is the 23rd of April...Spring Right??  Not so tonight..It is going to be 46 degrees in a couple of hours.
I am really ready for Spring.  Come on Warm Weather.. WE need YOU..

ginger harper: Who Do you know that finances Mobile Homes? - 04/22/15 11:28 AM
Hi All,
Need your help desperately.  I have a strong buyer who wants to buy a Manufactured home on 12 Acres of land and I am having a hard time getting a lender to loan him the money.  Do you have any experience in a situation like this.  He is a young, first time buyer who is a very hard worker and can certainly make the payment.
BBandT are a possibility but I have also heard of a USAA.  I do not have any knowledge of it. 
So help if you can,

ginger harper: Giant Bubbles for Easter 2015 - 04/09/15 11:12 AM
Bubble Time with the Grandchildren!
When we were in Barcelona Spain last year, one thing we learned to do was to make
Giant Bubbles..
We brought the recipe for the Bubble mixture home with us and then figured out how to make the wand. 
WE had endless hours of fun with these Bubbles over the Easter Holidays.  All of the guests that we had for Easter Dinner and the Children and GrandChildren had their time with the Bubbles..
Church to celebrate the Risen Lord....Dinner with family and friends...Easter Egg Hunt and then got it....BUBBLES...

ginger harper: Stockings Hung By the Chimney with CARE~ - 12/27/14 10:21 AM

The tradition in the Harper Household is to have stockings for all in the family.  The children and grandchildren are always so excited to take down their stocking and see what goodies Santa filled it with. 
There is always a penny in the toe of the stocking.  Do you put a penny in your stockings?
These of course, we have fruit, candy and nuts.  Then there are a few items such as fingernail clippers, makeup, razors, trinkets and then a biggy such a a ring, necklace, cell phone, memory stick, etc.
Sometimes I run out of ideas for the adult … (3 comments)

ginger harper: How do you get Linking Points? - 12/27/14 10:07 AM
Good evening Active Rainers..
I am  wondering how to get Linking points in the system.  I have worked on this for an
hour or so with no success.  I am beginning to learn a bout the Q & A's part of Activerain.
I do not understan what a tag is either.  Tags are not key words.
I know that some of you are laughing at this old dog learning new tricks. 
But at least I am willing to learn.
Thanks for any suggestions,,

ginger harper: TGIF DAY IN DECEMBER - 12/12/14 10:30 AM

Finally Friday Again.
Tomorrow we will go to the Coldwell Banker Annual Christmas Party in Wrightsville Beach.  Great Food and Dancing.  Great time to catch up with our agents in the different offices.
This week end for me is a time of renewal.  We will be enjoying the grandchildren and enjoying the coming oF WINTER.   Today the temps were in the 50's.   WINTER is on the way.
May spend some time on the oceanfront or on the dock watching the ibis or herons.  The fishing is good on the dock right now.  Flounder and puppy drum are … (1 comments)

ginger harper: Charles Dickens Festival 2013 - 11/23/13 10:50 AM
Charles Dickens Christmas Festival is taking place here November 30 - December 1.  It is a time in our town when we dress up like the characters in the Dickens books.  So much fun to see the town with folks in period costumes dress up and doing their thing. 
Today, I was a Hostess in the Fellowship Hall for the Wreath Displays, Tree Displays and the Ginger Bread House displays.  Those that visited with us were asked to vote for their favorite Tree, wreath and Ginger Bread house displays.  Cash prices were awarded..
Tomorrow I will be the hostess at … (1 comments)

ginger harper: Beautiful Sunset Tonight over Beaver Dam Creek - 11/18/13 09:17 AM
        WE have the most beautiful sunset over Beaver Dam Creek in Southport NC.
The Grandchildren came over and tried their luck at fishing.  As you can small croaker will be on the menu tomorrow..
We enjoy the Ibis, Herons, Cranes, and gulls on the end of the dock.  We have kayaks in the water to scoot around in the creek.  What a glorious place to live.
When we get tired of that, we go and walk on the ocean.  Our beaches are still undeserted and we can enjoy the shore with all of the living things that live there.

ginger harper: Southport ~ Oak Island - 11/18/13 09:10 AM
Southport~Oak Island, North Carolina, in  Brunswick County
This is one of the loveliest communities along the NC Coastline.  We have so much to offer folks that want to come and visit and folks that want to live here year round.
We are situated along the mouth of the Cape Fear River which leads into the Atlantic Ocean.  Good fishing, seafood restaurants and stunning sunbathing spots. 
Send your referrals here to see "One of NC's best kept Secrets"..
Come and visit us...

ginger harper: Duty for me.. - 11/14/13 09:16 AM
Duty for me.
Well, I find myself having Duty Day today.  (A better way to say Opportunity Time).  Actually I have been enjoying it.  It is the first exposure that your company makes when some one calls on the phone or walks through the door. We need to ponder that a minute.  What you say or do...the minute someone walks in or calls in is the first impression that those folks have of your company.
I treasure each time I can be the 1st contact for our company.
We need to remember that.
Hope you have a good Opportunity today,  Smile!

Ginger Harper, Your Southport~Oak Island Agent~Brunswick County! (Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage~ Ginger Harper Real Estate Team)

Ginger Harper

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Southport, NC

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