ginger harper sells houses: Let There Be Peace Across The Lands - 11/04/20 07:52 AM
The Election is OVER.  
It is my prayer, that no matter who wins, the we will have Peace across America.  This great Nation of
ours has been torn apart and it is now time to HEAL.
God Bless America!

ginger harper sells houses: The Market is Different than it was in 2008 & here's WHY - 03/17/20 01:25 PM
This is so true..
A couple of points & differences between the 2008 market crash & what is currently happening in the real estate market.
People have much more equity & are on time with their mortgage payments than ever before. Interest rates are low which always spurs on the overall economy. Remember how many different services are connected to one house sale. People need lots of new stuff from blinds to carpeting & the economy benefits from all that & more.
Our inventory level in the Schaumburg Area is 55% below what it was last … (1 comments)

ginger harper sells houses: I am searching for "Just the right Tag Line".. - 02/12/18 01:44 PM
I am enjoying the program BombBomb for a month...Trial time.
Part of what they want me to do is to come up with a really great TagLine?
Don't know if I understand that so well.  Can someone give me good ideas for Tag Lines?
Ginger Harper

ginger harper sells houses: Vulcan 7! Have you heard of them? - 01/16/18 11:09 AM
Vulcan 7 comes highly recommended to agent that want to get ahead of the market with expires and fsbo's?  
One of my brokers brought this website to my attention.  
Have you ever heard of it or do you know of similar products out on the market at present?  It is not that
expensive and if used properly, I think you can become one of the TopProducers in your area.
Please give me any thoughts that you may have regarding this program.
Ginger Harper
Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage
Southport NC office
910 798-1079

ginger harper sells houses: TGIF ToDay! - 12/08/17 08:46 AM
Today is Friday and it has been a wonderful week.  I have learned much in the way of Blogging and Facebooking.  These avenues are ways for us to learn from the experiences of others in our field.. 
There has been a lot of positive response from friends and associates from all over.  Everyone is kind and will help in any way that they can.
Thanks for all of your help and I truly wish you to have a marvelous weekend...enjoying family
and friends.
Merry Christmas!
Ginger Harper

ginger harper sells houses: Christmas Canady ...Click for the Recipes - 12/04/17 12:02 PM
This is a Handy way to find those long, forgotten recipes of days gone by...
Subject: Christmas Candy

ginger harper sells houses: Oldie but Goldies.. - 11/30/17 05:14 PM

ginger harper sells houses: Do you play ""? - 11/29/17 07:39 AM
This is one of the best mind game sites that I have found.  It just sharpens your wits a bit.  World history, famous painting,  math, etc.  For every grain of rice that you gather in points ...will go toward feeding the hungry of the world.
Try it.  You will get hooked. 
About FreeRice
FreeRice is a non-profit website run by the United Nations World Food Program. Our partner is the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University.
FreeRice has two goals:
Provide education to everyone for free. Help end world hunger by providing rice to hungry people for free. This is made possible by … (0 comments)

ginger harper sells houses: Will is sell...if you price it right? - 09/04/17 07:18 AM
One of the biggest things that we are faced with still in our area, is the dreams of what was going on in 2004 and  2005.  That day is gone.
What we have to do as a Realtor and as a professional is to educate our buyers as to TODAY'S Market.  We
 all sold properties in 2005 that we are having to sell for half of what they sold during the Good Ole Days!
When I have a seller  to call me and say that they bought in 2005 and HAVE to SELL  right a way..I just cringe.
Who knew?  This is a nationwide happening, not a local … (4 comments)

ginger harper sells houses: Have YOU ever taught a class to New Agents? - 09/01/17 12:16 PM
Since I have been in this glorious business for nearly 36 years, I have decided that I would like to become a mentor for the new agents that are coming into the office.
I have been to all of the classes and I have taken the refresher courses over and over again...(Sweathogs, Smart, DeLuca, Buffini etc..) and I love the learning of the ideas and processes that the Professionals think we should all know in order to be successful.
There are great points with all of these programs, but common sense is vital also along with some basic knowledge.
I am looking forward to … (0 comments)

ginger harper sells houses: Needing Financing for Mobile homes...any suggestions? - 08/30/17 07:53 AM
Hi All,
Need your help desperately. 
I have a strong buyer who wants to buy a Manufactured home on 12 Acres of land and I am having a hard time getting a lender to loan him the money.
Do you have any experience in a situation like this.  He is a young, first time buyer who is a very hard worker and can certainly make the payment.
BBandT are a possibility but I have also heard of a USAA.  I do not have any knowledge of it. 
So help if you can,
Ginger Harper of Southport NC~Coldwell Banker Sea Coast realty.

ginger harper sells houses: What do YOU do with Food left in the Cabinets? - 07/25/17 12:24 PM
  I just listed a house that is now a part of an estate.  There was food left in the cabinets that is unopened and bought recently.   Canned veggies and fruits, oil, sugar, spices, spaghetti noodles, jars of Spaghetti Sauce(unopened).. The executrix of the estate wants me to clean it out.
Do you think it is alright to give it to a food pantry, or church or salvation army to distribute to other that may be hungry.
 I hate to just throw it away. 
What would you do?
Ginger of Southport

ginger harper sells houses: I am Begging...Please help us and Vote for Southport.. - 06/29/17 12:54 PM
OUR home town is in the running for Best Town for Celebrating the 4th of July..
We are the sleepy little fishing village along the North Carolina Coast and have a population
of about 3500 people and we need your help in boosting our economy. 
Please click on the picture below and VOTE for SOUTHPORT NC.
The Voting ends tonight at midnight..
Help if you feel so inclined.
What's the Best Town for Celebrating July Fourth? Which of these All-American towns should be #1 this summer? Voting closes Thursday, June 29, at 11:59 p.m. Eastern!   … (0 comments)

ginger harper sells houses: Dosher Memorial Volunteer Luncheon in April 24 - 04/28/17 08:46 AM

ginger harper sells houses: Dosher Memorial Volunteer Luncheon in April - 04/28/17 08:40 AM
                                                          Dosher Hospital Volunteers Luncheon
This past Monday, Dosher Hospital celebrated the Volunteers with a delicious Luncheon, held at the St. James Community Building in St. James.
It was a very rainy day on the outside but all was cheery and warm with lots of good things happening on the inside of the building.
They rewarded us with pins and certificates stating our hours worked and special things that we have done for the Hospital. 
Our Volunteers work in the ER, Reception, Records, Rehab, Gift Shoppe and the FleeMarket.
WE have raised over $1,000,000 over the years, to buy needed items for the hospital … (0 comments)

ginger harper sells houses: Ready, Set.....Go! - 04/16/17 06:46 PM
Christ Arose!
Ready Set Go!  This is what Easter was Like after Church Today.
Lots of fun with the GrandChildren.   Coloring Eggs...Hiding Eggs...Finding Eggs and of course
Eating Eggs.  It was an Eggcellent Day..
For lunch, we had our traditional dinner of Ham, Potato Salad, Deviled eggs, Baked beans, Corn,
Rice, Gravy, Butter beans, Candied Sweet potatoes, Sweet Tea, Coconut Cake, Peach Cobbler and Cheese Cake.
Then topped it all off with Cadberry Eggs, Chocolate Covered Bunnies, jelly beans, malted eggs, and a variety of Russell Stover chocolate things.   Oh........My.............

ginger harper sells houses: Open Houses this weekend.. - 03/29/17 07:49 AM
    Our Company, Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage~are holding an " Open House Extravaganza" this weekend and many of us are paticipating.    I held 5 Open Houses with the help of my sellers.  They are excited to do anything that they can do in order to get the exposure for their houses too.  Open Houses are a little more successful than they have been in previous years.  Maybe the weather has something to do with that.
Historically, Open Houses have not been that successful but I am seeing more folks coming now that they days are warmer and longer.
Hope your … (2 comments)

ginger harper sells houses: I Love inviting Other Realtors to AR! - 03/02/17 09:36 AM
Good afternoon my ActiveRain family,
I think that this is such a great website for Realtors and just invited about 300 of my friends to join ActiveRain.
YOu have taught me so much and I enjoy reading the ideas of others.
Hopefully some of these good folks that I have invited to join will share good and positive thoughts also.  
With warm regards,
Ginger Harper SeaCoast Advantage
Southport NC

ginger harper sells houses: Now the Day is over.. - 02/24/17 05:40 PM
I have been fortunate enough to work face to face with sellers today.  I had listed one of their lots and they were going to take it off the market.  I did some research for them and suggested that they leave that lot on the market...because it can't sell if no one knows it is for sale..
They then asked to see if I would list one of their other lots.  They are excited to sell and we priced it at the lowest price in the community.
There is stuff happening...
Ginger Harper

ginger harper sells houses: Save a Life~Identify a Stroke Victim - 01/24/17 12:40 PM
I have a very Dear Friend that had a stroke last week. She is still in the hospital and has no
feeling in her right side.  We are continuing to pray for a full recovery for her.
You may save a life is you can understand what a stoke victim is like.

Ginger Harper, Your Southport~Oak Island Agent~Brunswick County! (Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage~ Ginger Harper Real Estate Team)

Ginger Harper

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