ginger harper sells southport: Do you play ""? - 11/29/17 07:39 AM
This is one of the best mind game sites that I have found.  It just sharpens your wits a bit.  World history, famous painting,  math, etc.  For every grain of rice that you gather in points ...will go toward feeding the hungry of the world.
Try it.  You will get hooked. 
About FreeRice
FreeRice is a non-profit website run by the United Nations World Food Program. Our partner is the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University.
FreeRice has two goals:
Provide education to everyone for free. Help end world hunger by providing rice to hungry people for free. This is made possible by … (0 comments)

ginger harper sells southport: Will Labor Day be for Family for for Clients? - 09/01/17 12:48 PM
I always enjoy this time of the year and this year, we are going to have a lot of family around us to enjoy the fishing, swimming and cook outs.
This is also a time that all of the family gets together to pick the grapes for the harvest and making of grape jelly and juices..
Always a fun time and we reap the benefits of the jelly all year long.
Sure does take good on a cool November Morning on Biscuits with our Grape Jelly and Butte.
Have a delightful Labor Day.!
Ginger Of Southport

ginger harper sells southport: I am Begging...Please help us and Vote for Southport.. - 06/29/17 12:54 PM
OUR home town is in the running for Best Town for Celebrating the 4th of July..
We are the sleepy little fishing village along the North Carolina Coast and have a population
of about 3500 people and we need your help in boosting our economy. 
Please click on the picture below and VOTE for SOUTHPORT NC.
The Voting ends tonight at midnight..
Help if you feel so inclined.
What's the Best Town for Celebrating July Fourth? Which of these All-American towns should be #1 this summer? Voting closes Thursday, June 29, at 11:59 p.m. Eastern!   … (0 comments)

ginger harper sells southport: Open Houses this weekend.. - 03/29/17 07:49 AM
    Our Company, Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage~are holding an " Open House Extravaganza" this weekend and many of us are paticipating.    I held 5 Open Houses with the help of my sellers.  They are excited to do anything that they can do in order to get the exposure for their houses too.  Open Houses are a little more successful than they have been in previous years.  Maybe the weather has something to do with that.
Historically, Open Houses have not been that successful but I am seeing more folks coming now that they days are warmer and longer.
Hope your … (2 comments)

ginger harper sells southport: I Love inviting Other Realtors to AR! - 03/02/17 09:36 AM
Good afternoon my ActiveRain family,
I think that this is such a great website for Realtors and just invited about 300 of my friends to join ActiveRain.
YOu have taught me so much and I enjoy reading the ideas of others.
Hopefully some of these good folks that I have invited to join will share good and positive thoughts also.  
With warm regards,
Ginger Harper SeaCoast Advantage
Southport NC

ginger harper sells southport: Fun Day with the GRANDCHILDREN - 01/22/17 04:23 PM
(Sure wish I could turn this picture up right...Just can't seem to do it...)
Good afternoon,
Guess as we grow older, we have more time  to  spend with our grandchildren.   We are finding that to be true in our lives now.  When we were raising our family, we were both working and tied up with the events of our day.
Now that we are retirement  age, some  of us have the time to spend that extra special time with the grandchildren. 
We are Blessed to have these precious time with them...
Ginger of Southport

ginger harper sells southport: SeaNotes Concert today at the Odel! - 12/03/16 07:50 AM
Today we have our Annual Sea Notes concert at the Odel Auditorium in Bolivia NC.
There are about 150 of us that love to perform the Christmas music for our community.
WE will have about 1500 people in Attendance.

ginger harper sells southport: TGIF Day ~ 1st Friday of DECEMBER! - 12/02/16 12:22 PM
     Thank the Good Lord for another Good day.
Today I showed property to folks that I have sold to 20 years ago.  It is good to still have folks that think you did a good job for them then and I hope that I can still do good for work them now.
They are choosing to move back to Oak Island after building their dream home on the banks of a river in  Tennessee.
We found them a great home in a retirement community and they are so happy to be back HOME in Southport NC.
It will  be good … (5 comments)

ginger harper sells southport: Do YOU remember when.. - 12/01/16 07:34 AM
From the Past...........
Do you have memories similar to these that I had of my childhood.
As a young person, our family would watch TV on Saturday and Sunday evenings.  Mama would pop some popcorn and we would sit around and watch the Ed Sullivan Show.  We would see the new performers enter into the entertainment arena. There was such a wide range of entertainment for us to see.  I learned of Opera and Ballet on those occasiona along with seeing Elvis Presley for the first time and them Steve Wonder and the Jackson 5.
What talented these folks had.

ginger harper sells southport: How often to you reach out to your sellers? - 10/25/16 05:53 AM
We have all heard that the sellers say that they never hear from us.  Well...I have made it a point t o reach out to my listings at least once a month.
Our office gives us our statistics for each month and do a comparison with the previous month.  This is a part of our Monthly Sales Meeting.
Once those stats are provided to us.  I convert the charts  and graphs to a jpeg and insert this into the body of my email that I send out to all of my listings. 
The email is a letter giving them general information regarding the market … (2 comments)

ginger harper sells southport: Missing the "Good Ole Days" - 05/16/16 05:17 AM
Growing up as a child was a wonderful experience for me.  I had 3 brothers and dinner time was always a treat with six of us around the Dinner table enjoying Mama's delicious cooking.
As a young person, our family would watch TV on Saturday and Sunday evenings....Mama would pop  popcorn and we would sit around and watch the Ed Sullivan Show.  We would see the new performers enter into the entertainment arena. 
I remember seeing Stevie Wonder doing the finger poppin thing and also the Jackson 5.  Elvis with his gyrating hips..and of course the BEATLES!
Shirley Temple was my favorite.  I would … (4 comments)

ginger harper sells southport: Tire Kickers and Tooth Pickers - 02/09/16 11:07 AM
These are terms that I have heard since Real Estate 101.  Are these the terms that you are familiar with.
The Tire Kickers and Tooth Pickers are those possible FUTURE buyers that want to use YOUR precious time right then.  The are NOT qualified and do not have the means to purchase right now but are thinking about it...
Over the 32 years of experience, I do not put tooth pickers or Tire Kickers in my car.  I have a potential BUYER qualified by one of our local lenders. 
Then, I show them houses in their price range.
AS we all know...TIME IS MONEY

ginger harper sells southport: Quartz Composite or Marble.. - 08/03/15 08:43 AM
I am in the middle of remodeling the kitchen and I am getting rather confused.
I think that I want to get the Quartz composite since it is solid and will not stain or scratch. I have learned right much regarding these counter tops but still need to have some opinions from my trusted ActiveRainers.
If you have either or know of any details that help me in making a decision, please share those thoughts with me.
Thanks you so much in Advance..
Ginger of Southport

ginger harper sells southport: I am going to list it.....Will YOU sell it? - 07/29/15 10:27 AM
 WEDNEDAY!  Hump Day!  Today is another great day. Started out with a clear, sunshiny morning drinking coffee with hubby then off to work.
Yesterday, a potential seller called me to come back  to list her property.  So I put a listing into the computer and emailed it out to all of the agents in the area so that would have the first hand information of the property.
I think it is important to get the newest listings into the hands of the top producers early in the morning. Never know when that buyer will come through the door..and what you sent to them … (1 comments)

ginger harper sells southport: Family Father's Day - 06/21/15 11:34 AM
WE have had a glorious Day today on Father's Day
After church,  all of the family and a few friends came  to share Dinner with us.
I had cooked a roast, had corn, butterbeans, steamed broccoli, homemade mashed potatoes, home grown sweet potatoes, scratch biscuits, and a new cobbler that I  created with Bananas and of course sweet  tea.
We had such a great afternoon.   It is such fun to gather vegtables from the garden and cook them for the family to enjoy.
WE are Blessed
Hope your day was Great too.
Ginger of Southport

ginger harper sells southport: Rainy Day in Southport makes Veggies Grow.. - 06/08/15 10:30 AM
It is rainy today and I know that is good for our area.  WE are in much need of rain.
There are some folks out looking around.  This is a wonderful place and I like
calling Southport my home.
This month is moving right along. Much to do still
With warm regards,
Ginger of Southport

ginger harper sells southport: 110 North Atlantic Ave, Southport NC 28461 - 06/05/15 12:39 AM

ginger harper sells southport: Pay it Forward in June - 06/04/15 03:54 AM

This is such a great idea and everyone can do this.
YOu get this great feeling in your heart when you do something for someone else and it is not expected.
It can be as simple as letting a car get in line that is stuck on a side road; smiling a someone with a frown on their face; letting someone get in line in front of you when they have only one or two items and you have a basketfull;
I sit in the evenings and make afgans for the folks in our local Nursing Center,  I make up to 50 a year.  … (3 comments)

ginger harper sells southport: Cancer, How Does One Get Through this? - 06/02/15 09:42 AM
This is a hard thing.  The process that you go thru and the appointments and re appointments and doctors calls and test and procedures and etc..
My husband and I are dealing with this right now.  It is hard to grab hold of your life when you have this much going on.
Just will say that we are going to make it thru this.
Hope all is well in your lives..

ginger harper sells southport: Southport~Our Paradise - 05/31/15 08:40 AM
This is a wonderful view of the Waterfront in Southport. This is where the filming of "Safe Haven" took place. WE are getting used to all of the Actors and Actressess coming to our quaint fishing village and making Movie that all enjoy.
WE actually have shrimpers and fishermen to use Southport as a home base for their industry.  Late in the afternoons you can go to the docks and pick up fresh seafood for Dinner.
Then you can pop on over to the Ocean for a quick dip in  the water.  Cool and refreshing swim before you lay out and catch some … (5 comments)

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