ginger of oak island: Our First Annual Polar Plunge on Oak Island NC - 01/02/11 01:29 PM
What a hoot...
After we had our traditional New Years Day Dinner at 1:00...we decided to go to the Ocean and Do a Polar Dip in the frigid waters of the Atlantic Ocean on Oak Island.
WE put on our bathing suits and armed with Blankets and Towels...we headed to the Sea.  After deciding how we were going to do this...we grabbed each others hands..( backing out) and ran into the water.  The air temperature was about 65 degrees....The water temperature was about 39 degrees.. After the initial shock...we could not feel our legs.. I was really a weird sensation.
But.....the feeling … (6 comments)

ginger of oak island: Prevent Heart Attacks - 11/23/10 07:25 AM
Thanksgiving can be a stressful time and the beginning of the Holidays...
Please keep this in mind..
Something that we can do to help ourselves. Nice to know. Bayer is making crystal aspirin to dissolve under the tongue. They work much faster than the tablets. Why keep aspirin by your bedside? About Heart Attacks There are other symptoms of an heart attack besides the pain on the left arm.
One must also be aware of an intense pain on the chin, as well as nausea and lots of sweating, however these symptoms may also occur less frequently. Note: There … (1 comments)

ginger of oak island: Prevent Heart Attacks - 10/15/09 07:10 AM

ginger of oak island: Insurance Changes as of August 26, 2009 - 09/01/09 08:21 AM
Insurance Changes as of August 26, 2009
Here is the latest from the changes that went into effect through the NCJUA (wind pool) on 8/26/2009
1.       Maximum coverage available now is $750k whether a full homeowners or a wind/hail policy.
2.       You have to have an excess policy, if the replacement cost on your home is over $750k, to even be eligible for the 1st $750k through the pool.
3.       40% maximum on contents, this means you will have actual cash value settlement (replacement cost less depreciation) because state regulations require that you have 70% of value of home, … (0 comments)

ginger of oak island: 4 kittens need homes.. - 08/26/09 01:28 PM
I need  help in finding  homes for 4 beautiful gray kittens that were born Aug 14, 2009..  Homes needed   in 4 more weeks..
This small black and white kitty showed up here about a month ago.  She looked very health...almost fat...
Well  3 weeks later, she was skinny...
She had 6 kittens and lost 4 darlins' need to have homes and folks that love them.
Let me  know.
Ginger of Southport

ginger of oak island: Great day in Durham.. - 08/15/09 03:18 PM
We had a great day in Durham today with Jimmy's 92 year old mother.  She is still a vibrant person with lots of get up and go.
The first thing that we did was to take her  to the grocery store so that shw could buy the things that she needs for the next week.
Then on to the Radio Shack so that we could get her Internet to work for her.
Back home  and out to Dinner.
Just got home about 20 minutes ago,
We are about ready to call it a day.
Hope you had a great one.
Ginger … (1 comments)

ginger of oak island: Previewing homes after sales meetings. - 08/12/09 08:06 AM
Our company has started previewing houses that the agents in our company have listed over the past week.  WE see anywhere from 5 to 10 houses after the sales meeting and usually end up having lunch at the last house.
This has been an great way to get agents into the houses so that they will have the knowledge to talk intelligently about it when the phone call comes.
Do you still do this in your office?
Ginger of Southport

ginger of oak island: 110 NE 21st Street~Oak Island - 08/06/09 09:17 AM
Ginger of Oak Island


ginger of oak island: Family from Florida - 08/02/09 02:06 PM
On Friday, we had family from Florida to come and visit us.  What a treat.   On the first day, we put the crab pots into the creek.  Then we put the minnow trap in to see if we could catch some minnows.  With these minnows we would see what we could do to catch some bigger fish.
Then that night,  we had a seafood dinner, with crabs, shrimp and fish.
What a great day.
Ginger of Southport NC

ginger of oak island: Another TGIF Day! - 07/31/09 03:34 AM
And I am loving it...
WE have family coming in from Florida to visit for a long weekend.  We are looking forward to seeing them.  We will go to the beaches, eat some seafood, pick some veggies, maybe do some crabbing and netting and of course eating some great foods...
Hope that you have a wonderful weekend also.  Enjoy each day..each is precious.
Ginger of Southport

ginger of oak island: Fig night tonight.. - 07/28/09 11:54 AM
WE are making the preserves right now.  They smell so yummy.  Jimmy went to the neighbors house last night and picked them.
Today, we put the stems out and washed real well.  Now they are cooking slowly at a medium temperature for about 2 hours.  We put in about 14 cups of sugar and chopped up a lemon to give the preserves a bit of twang..
WE will put in steralized jars and label...
Good smelling kitchen right now.
Ginger of Southport

ginger of oak island: Avoiding Foreclosures - 07/26/09 10:37 AM

ginger of oak island: Mortgage Forecast News~July 2009 - 07/24/09 03:33 AM

ginger of oak island: Rainy day in Southport (to the tune of Rainy day in Georgia) - 07/09/09 03:56 AM
The Grandchilden are visiting from out of town...
Rain is coming down and we can't get out to go to the beach or to the pool.
Guess today is a Monoply Day or a Taboo Day.
Tonight, we get to put up the pickles that we picked from the garden yesterday.. They will be good in salads this winter.
Hope you are enjoying your grandchildren too.
Ginger of Southport

ginger of oak island: Business as Usual - 07/07/09 03:36 AM
Well, the 4th has come and gone...the grandchildren will be with us for 2 weeks..and we are loving every minute of it.
I have had 2 listing appointments and had 1 contract to come in this I gues it is business as usual.
This is normally a slow time of the year...but I see some glimmer of hope.
Hope you have a great day today.
Ginger of Southport

ginger of oak island: Slow Hummingbird season...thus far - 06/28/09 10:27 AM
This summer has been a very slow season for our hummingbirds.  Usually we have them buzzing all around our back deck area. 
Is anyone else having the same problem with their hummingbirds? 
WE have the  same mixture that is normal for I do not know what the problem is.
If you have any hints or ideas, please let me know.
Ginger  of Beaver Dam Creek.

ginger of oak island: A relaxing Saturday.... - 06/27/09 03:18 AM
Wow...It seems like to long since I have had a Saturday off.  I am going to take it today.
In g etting ready for the 4th, which will be not stop-- for the next week..I really needed a break.
Today, there is a fireman's competition.  This is where the neighboring fire departments come together and do a competition.  There will bea winning department at the  end of the day.  All the little ones love seeing the firemen dressed out in their fire fighting uniforms.
Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July too.
Ginger Harper

ginger of oak island: Another TGIF Day! - 06/26/09 04:10 AM
And Summer is here.
Around our town of Southport, we are preparing for the 4th of July festivites that will start on Saturday (tomorrow).
WE will have the 5K race and then the fireman's competition.  What a fun time for us that are watching.  The firemen are suited up and get very hot from the competition.  But water .....does cool...them down.
Come and join us.
Ginger of Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Realty~Southport NC

ginger of oak island: Annual Percentage Rate - 06/26/09 01:54 AM

ginger of oak island: I remember when..... - 06/25/09 02:12 PM
As a young person, our family would watch TV on Saturday and Sunday evenings....Mama would pop ..popcorn and we would sit around and watch the Ed Sullivan Show.  We would see the new performers enter into the entertainment arena. 
I remember seeing Stevie Wonder doing the finger poppin thing and also the Jackson 5.
What talented these folks had.
WE will miss the talent of Michael Jackson.

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