property for sale: Home Improvements-Wise Choices - 09/04/08 08:12 AM
Home improvement projects can be a great investment, but they can also be very costly. Homeowners need to make sure the home improvements will be worth the cost. I found some useful tips from House Hunt Inc. concerning non-profitable home improvements.
 High Maintenance Home Improvements- if the cost to purchase, install and maintain an upgrade is more than the benefits, it may not be a wise investment.  Home Improvements that need continued maintenance may not be a wise investment and a negative resell factor.
 Overdone Home Improvements-Home Improvements that make your home "too nice" in comparison to other homes in your … (0 comments)

property for sale: Staging: Seeing is Believing - 09/03/08 06:57 AM
My husband has heard me talk about staging a home and he has watched several television shows about staging. He understood the importance of removing the clutter and adding decorative touches to existing homes, but it always baffled him about staging a new construction home. Well, he finally was able to see it with his own eyes.
 A new construction home that he and I both had seen several different times was staged for an upcoming open house event. He said, "I finally understand it now". "I can feel the flow of the house and the rooms". "I really like this … (0 comments)

property for sale: Thursday Night Lights in the Upstate this Week - 09/03/08 06:30 AM
Tropical Storm Hanna is moving toward South Carolina with the threat of hitting the east coast as a level 1 (at least) hurricane. Everyone is busy preparing for the threat of the looming storm including high school football . Most of the High School Games(upstate of South Carolina) that were scheduled for this Friday night have been moved up to this Thursday night in order to beat the looming storm. Please keep in mind that I am speaking only for the upstate of South Carolina where we will probably only see heavy rain and winds from the storm.  So it is Thursday night lights for the upstate of … (2 comments)

property for sale: Where did my motivation go? - 09/02/08 03:59 AM
I took a couple days off for Labor Day and now I have zero motivation. My husband, my son and my dog seem to being moving slow today too. I seem to be sitting in neutral. I have plenty to do, but I can't seem to get in gear. Does anybody else have this problem when they take a vacation? Vacations are great, but it sure is hard to get back to the real world. I guess, my motivation is still on vacation.
Have a Great Day
Ginger Ryals
Keller Williams Realty Spartanburg

property for sale: The Drought in the South - 08/31/08 09:51 AM
My family was reminded of the seriousness of the drought in the South as we were driving down I-85 south from Spartanburg, South Carolina to Georgia. As we crossed over the bridges over Lake Hartwell, we saw barren land that was previously covered with water and docks that were surrounded by "beaches" instead of water. There was a thin strip of water in the middle of the lake, but for the most part Lake Hartwell looked very dry and lonely. It was a very sad sight to see.
Have a Great Sunday!
Ginger Ryals
Keller Williams Realty

property for sale: HOA: Self Managed or Management Company - 08/28/08 08:43 AM
We are having a major dilemma in our subdivision. Our subdivision has just been completed and the developer/builder has turned the HOA over to the community. We have elected our Board Members, who have agreed to handle this very time consuming and sometimes grueling task.  After much research, the Board Members decided it was in the best interest of the subdivision to have the HOA managed by an outside source. Our by-laws allow the Board Members to make these decisions and that is why we elected them.  The Board Members will remain active and the management company will handle the business … (5 comments)


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