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I've been meaning to again visit Wickford Kitchen and Bath at 8194 Post Road Wickford RI 02852 since I met the owner Rob Lovejoy at a Chamber event.  So it was a quick phone call and I was on my way to his local retail kitchen and bath business at its best in hometown North Kingstown, RI (remembe...
In current lending guidelines, lenders will not lend to a buyer for a property that has a cesspool (at least not in RI)... so a septic system installation means a lot to the sellers and realtors involved.  It is a rhetorical question -do you want to sell your house or not?  Dovetailing into Russe...
Perhaps it's all those stories my grandfather told me about the depression of the 1930's that always stayed with me but I can't help but pick up pennies in the parking lot.  It is a strange lingering habit I do have but sometimes there are nickels, dimes and quarters that may take make my line of...
South Kingstown RI homes for sale have been selling all summer and into fall at a steady rate.  South Kingstown has been the bright spot in home selling in the southern RI area.  Deals are to be had, made and negotiated at this time of the year. A year ago many sellers still were not getting the ...
I'm still a kid at heart all the time so how can you pass by a straw pumpkin kid sitting about 15 feet high by the side of the road!  This one was made at Schartner Farms in North Kingstown, RI.  They have a great pumpkin maze  for the kids too...but this is what caught my eye yesterday.  Isn't i...
What's in a name... your name has been an interesting question ?  to me.  And I'll explain... My maiden name was Lacey... Everyone in college called me was my I wanted to keep my maiden name when I got married and probably didn't raise this until about a month prior to ...
Where there is smoke there is fire is a shop worn expression but is so important this fall season because if you don't have smoke/carbon alarms properly operational you are 'playing with fire' in your home.  In RI we have laws that protect the buyer of a home regarding conformance to state fire c...
As the hurricane winds of Igor blow strongly from Narragansett Bay into this Bissel Cove neighborhood in North Kingstown RI 02852 it provided me a chance to capture this section outside Wickford (by a Yard) in pictures.  Early morning real estate rounds brought me out to do the usual... radon wat...
No matter what your career may be you are bound to be touched by certain people's lives and struggles ...for me in real estate it is my senior clients who are alone and who need to find that right path.  So seniors who can be straightforward about their current true lives I will go the distance f...
Every year at this time all of us wait for the Narragansett RI 02882 Beach Summer's End Festival which is happening today, Sunday Sept. 19, 2010, starting at noon and it is bound to be a blow out event for all!  Bring your chairs, blankets, coolers and your rocking bods because Brass Attack will ...

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