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Specializing in waterfront, ocean front, luxury and coastal RI homes for sale. The RI Real Estate Agent in the sparkly red shoes because 'there is no place like home' - sharing my knowledge and passion of RI Coastal Real Estate with my clients.



This is a Realtor's alert as well as an excellent post for the homeowner to read written by Bill Gasset in Massachusetts who handles short sales proficiently and with knowledge of the right process.  Many realtors are ill equipped to handle short sales and just want to list a home thinking they w...
The Cardinal Ridge condominiums in North Kingstown RI 02852 are unique and exceptional in their living style.  Located in the southern most part of North Kingstown off of West Allenton Road, the Cardinal Ridge condominium complex is located behind the hills and up the road on 26 acres of private...
Saturdays and where do I the Winter Coastal Growers' Market -Lafayette Mill-640 Ten Rod Road North Kingstown RI 02852 from 10 am to 1 pm to enjoy the heavenly produce, wares, good food and exceptional entertainment.  There is nothing like a great Farmers Market and this one is no exceptio...
Buyers I need to talk with you candidly and explicitly…don’t throw the baby out with the bath water when you are making offers on houses.  You’ve just made a poor offer even worse by making an offer that is so low because that is all you can afford to pay.  And by the way, your realtor is largely...
We all have just had a wonderful celebratory holiday of Thanksgiving but helping real people is a year round mission for many organizations like the Salvation Army-so I encourage each one of you to be an Angel in this season, make a worthwhile donation and fill their virtual kettle on line.  Yes,...
  Denial of a Homeowners Insurance claim by an insurance company is not that unusual and Russel Ray, who has helped clients before with these issues, gives instructive and must 'keep' advice for addressing this issue in this post.  Please take the time to read it, share it with others and print i...
What is in front of us are our windows to the world which I believe we create through our business and living our lives don't you think?  So I want to say "many thanks" on this Thanksgiving day for the time shared in writings, encouragements and conversations of all who have connected so well wi...
The pending waterfront luxury home for sale in North Kingstown RI 02852 is the the highest price home ever to sell in town at 61 Pojac Point is about to close.  I could not be more thrilled for our team at Phillips Post Road Realty in North Kingstown RI that put it together.  After much negotiati...
   It may be that as oil and gas becomes more expensive that outside wood burning furnaces become not so dirty words in the suburbs.  I have nothing against burning wood. In fact, I love the smell of burning wood but it is not pleasurable to inhale a barrage of smoke when an outside wood furnace ...
Red, red, red and oh, is it the Sparkly red shoes (well perhaps) although those of you who have had a glimpse of me know that I really like those sparkly red shoes...hey, it is my signature no less.  No, it is what red means in so many ways in life. To some seeing red is the anger within which fl...

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