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Specializing in waterfront, ocean front, luxury and coastal RI homes for sale. The RI Real Estate Agent in the sparkly red shoes because 'there is no place like home' - sharing my knowledge and passion of RI Coastal Real Estate with my clients.



Pricing Waterfront and Water View Wickford RI homes - Lessons Learned - Part II.  If you missed Part I of my blog on pricing waterfront and water view Wickford RI Homes, please click here to read.  Are you investing in the real estate mythology of 'Realty Company' names as if the company's name m...
Pricing Waterfront and Water View Wickford RI homes - Lessons Learned -Part I.  When a seller asks me how I came up with a selling price for their waterfront Wickford RI home, there is no simple answer to give since it depends on the home... but I price a home to sell and not languish on the mark...
It was Sunday and the Blue Angels were going to put on their incredible flying show in our RI skies and I decided to walk the beach and lo and behold there were a gaggle ( is that what herons are when there lots of them?  please let me know?) of large herons and baby herons...certainly a dozen of...
Another Pending Home Sale -169 Mount View Avenue North Kingstown RI- Ginny L. Gorman - North Kingstown RI Realtor.  This great 3 bedroom 2 full bath ranch renovate home with 1300 square feet of living space in the Mount View neighborhood of North Kingstown was just right for the new buyers.  When...
19 Glenwood Drive North Kingstown RI 02852 home for sale - priced to sell -North Kingstown RI Home for Sale . Looking for that right one level ranch in North Kingstown RI for $190,000 ?  With a top rated school system and ease of highway access, this ranch is in the right location to sell.  Well ...
North Kingstown Seller Stories Gone Wild!  Another North Kingstown seller story of listing property the wrong way...  This family bought a home 3 1/2 years ago in North Kingstown RI and had not sold their home in another state.  However, they had hired a local agent there who appeared to know her...
Narragansett Pier - Narragansett RI Hosts 29th Annual Narragansett RI Art Festival - June 25-26 is happening this weekend.  Right in Veterans Memorial Park in Narragansett RI across from the Narragansett Pier seawall (Narragansett beach!)and next to the historic Towers in Narragansett.  Sponsore...
Burden of Proof- Seller's Thankfulness- Short Sale Gone Right.  So all I can say is that some short sales are extraordinarily hard due to the banks, lenders, investors, attorneys, buyers, sellers, realtors but at the end of the day the burden of proof is the seller's thankfulness.  It was another...
How Hammered are You Getting By the Competition- Verbally Hammered I mean?  It has become a relentless stream of agents hounding me for feedback on showings, updates and hammering me about where their property rates on the 1 to 10 scale.  Fortunately, I have business right now. See, I like to wai...
Is It Animal Art Performance on the Wickford RI Coast?  Wickford Village is captivating in all that it offers...the quaint shops similar to Nantucket (without the boat ride and hordes of vacationers), waterfront and water views from the shops as you walk the Wickford Main Street, ease of parking ...

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