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Specializing in waterfront, ocean front, luxury and coastal RI homes for sale. The RI Real Estate Agent in the sparkly red shoes because 'there is no place like home' - sharing my knowledge and passion of RI Coastal Real Estate with my clients.



Trinity Repertory Company- Rhode Island's Bright Stage Theater. What a venue to have in any state but RI is so fortunate to have Trinity Repertory Company for all the stage delights it brings its viewers.  This Tony award winning troupe of actors always outperforms themselves. It is time to celeb...
North Kingstown RI Events - Coastal Growers Farmers Market- Support Local Business.  Every Saturday this is the main event inside at the Lafayette Mill on Ten Rod Road (Rte. 102) just a mile outside of Wickford Village in North Kingstown.  The winter hours are from 10 am to 1 pm (closed 12.24.11)...
Bonnet Shores neighborhood - Narragansett RI - All the Way to Bonnet Point.Bonnet Shores has two neighborhoods within one so to speak.  The Bonnet Shores Road neighborhood I have written about before and it is a distinct waterfront Narragansett neighborhood too.  But we are heading right at the f...
Sunlight, sun bright first star I see tonight.  Over my fence and through the trees there was no grandma's house to go to this evening but look what captured my camera.  In all its fall beauty, the setting sun with this mild RI weather just shoots up this incredible sky full color palette for all...
Wickford Village RI- Festival of Lights. Step back in time and see what an old fashion Christmas is like with the white lights twinkling and decorating this waterfront Wickford Village Festival of Lights- Waterfront Wickford RI- December 1-4 in North Kingstown RI December 1-4.   Sponsored every y...
South Kingstown RI Home for Sale- URI Kingston RI Home- Rent to Own.  With home inventory in Kingston RI tightening up, here is a walk to the University of Rhode Island home at 368 Old North Road that is offered as a South Kingstown home for sale with a rent to own option.  How cool is this possi...
Thanksgiving Aftermath.  Probably prefer not to say too much since I ate so much. The company of my kids was wonderful, enjoyable & I did not need to do all the cooking!  Thank goodness for the great girlfriends they have. From the stuffed tofurkey, turkey breasts, caramelized sweet potatoes and ...
  What is Your World Like on Thanksgiving Day?  As I look out a clients window to our world and happenings, I am grateful for my family and friends that support me in my life and real estate work.  It is said that we can be our own worst enemy in life....let us all try to be great friends with o...
My Buyer has Move-a-Phobia.  Yes, you heard it right...the symptoms are manifesting themselves lately in parts of RI...has it hit your locale yet?  It has occurred in South Kingstown, North Kingstown and Narragansett and I am trying to keep it contained!  One has to chuckle.  I even asked my doct...
Coming to a struggling homeowner near you in Rhode Island real estate.  This has been going on for some time but now is starting to be rolled out nationwide to these two franchises.  What is Bank of America thinking when they share financial and personal information of customers with agents the c...

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