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Specializing in waterfront, ocean front, luxury and coastal RI homes for sale. The RI Real Estate Agent in the sparkly red shoes because 'there is no place like home' - sharing my knowledge and passion of RI Coastal Real Estate with my clients.



SOLD- Waterfront North Kingstown RI Condo- Hamilton Harbour.  This North Kingstown condo in the Hamilton Harbour condo complex is finally sold.  A long, bumpy journey my buyer says with lapses by the short sale seller (changing mind 90% through process to pay off the mortgage ). Yes, there were b...
Hurricane Sandy - Waterfront RI Real Estate Scene - Day 1  We are in a state of emergency as are the other coastal states in New England here in RI real estate land.  The storm surge is what we coastal Rhode Islanders fear the most.  With the moon at fullness the high tides will be stronger with ...
Wickford Harbor – Waterfront Wickford RI Real Estate Wickford Harbor – Waterfront Wickford RI Real Estate.  It is so true that a picture can be a thousand words and so this scene deserves to be embedded here.  A wonderful view of the Wickford Harbor on Saturday still filled with boats awaiting Hu...
What are the RI Tree Men Doing Now?  Well humming like a chainsaw is what is happening with RI tree service companies right now.  According to my primary tree service vendor, Silver Leaf Forestry, they are receiving requests for tree trimming and removal before the storm hits.  They plan on worki...
What is Happening in the Charlestown RI Real Estate Market in September 2012?  A beautiful coastal Charlestown RI fall has arrived to this community.  Homeowners and visitors are still enjoying the wonderful oceanfront Charlestown vistas and beaches.  This is a key time to be searching especiall...
Courthouse Center for the Arts - Dracula Production.  Have you heard that Dracula's kisses are forever?  Do tell.  He does have a way with women for sure and so Courthouse Center for the Arts is putting on stage 'Dracula'  His Kisses are Forever and it is playing now.     Located at 3481 Kingstow...
Narragansett RI Waterfront Real Estate for Sale.  Narragansett RI waterfront real estate is what captures buyers when they visit the oceanfront town of Narragansett.   It is almost a visceral feeling - seeing magnificent waterfront homes, miles of beach and beaches, docks, surf and boats.  You un...
HTML, hyper blogging, linking are all terms all who love real estate must become familiar with to showcase their areas of expertise.  Well Craig Daniels does the new 'html' on Activerain to a new dimension by showing us the changes AR has just done for all of us bloggers in real estate. Did you t...
Explore Jamestown RI Real Estate Market.   Explore Jamestown RI Real Estate Market. The Jamestown Rhode Island real estate market for the month of September 2012  is detailed here.  Jamestown continues to struggle with high end luxury home sales moving slowly in the current real estate market.   ...
Meteor Showers | Orion | Watch the Skies.  In the southeast skies last night between midnight and 5 a.m. the Orionid meteor shower was in our skies.  According to astronomy reports this is the best time this year to watch the skies. The meteor showers tend to radiate from the Orion constellation ...

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