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Specializing in waterfront, ocean front, luxury and coastal RI homes for sale. The RI Real Estate Agent in the sparkly red shoes because 'there is no place like home' - sharing my knowledge and passion of RI Coastal Real Estate with my clients.



House Rentals - Scams Abound - Be Cautious Believe it or not house rental scams continue to be out there.  When you are in that house search for a rental home in RI or in another state the same precautions must be followed especially on Craigslist.  As Joan Cox, in Denver, says so well below....j...
Plum Beach RI Real Estate | Saunderstown RI Waterfront  One of the more exclusive waterfront Saunderstown RI neighborhoods is the Plum beach RI coastal location.  Just 10 minutes from Wickford Village within North Kingstown, this RI coastal real estate neighborhood is almost a village unto itsel...
Condo Living is Great in RI   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ginny Lacey Gorman is a Rhode Island waterfront Real Estate Agent who works and knows the North Kingstown RI geographic area of homes for sale, schools, happenings and important tidbits of information well.   Coastal, water vi...
May Breakfasts in Rhode Island | The Origin.  Heritage and traditions run deep in RI.  Many out of state visitors always ask me about all the breakfasts hosted throughout the state the first weekend in May.   Yes, it is unique to Rhode Island from what I can see.     The Rhode Island May Breakfas...
 Charlestown RI Real Estate Update | March 2013  Charlestown, RI real estate update for March 2013 provided by Ginny Lacey Gorman of waterfront RI real estate: Properties active and on the market: 74 Single-family properties closed in March 2013: 8 Average sales price: $ 369,187 Sales price to l...
Whatever and Wherever Home Sale Plan Now I certainly did not coin these words but I had to smile the other day because many potential home sellers in the RI real estate market said similar comments.   When the real estate market improves...   When the job outlook is better I'll sell...   I am goi...
Tile Flooring Trends in the U.S. Tile flooring trends are changing as life styles in home living change.  As a real estate agent I like to showcase to my clients the newer trends to be aware of in flooring.  My good friend and associate Debbie Gartner is a premier specialist in the flooring field...
Jamestown RI Real Estate | March 2013 Before you make that leap into buying or selling in Jamestown, read about the current Jamestown RI Real Estate Market for  March 2013 and know this market.     Real estate market information for Jamestown, RI provided by Ginny Lacey Gorman of RI waterfront r...
He's Got Milk - Winston the Skateboarding Bulldog     Winston likes his drink whether empty or full but Winston is truly known for his skateboarding if you are interested, catch his Video right here.  Have a Great Day! He's Got Milk - Winston the Skateboarding Bulldog ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ...
Raining Pennies from AR Heaven | Salute to Praful Thakkar Well actually it may be more like gold coins but I like raining pennies from AR heaven for a title here.  And who might they rain upon this day is Praful Thakkar, an Andover MA Realtor who I could not connect with at the MA meet up recentl...

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