buyers: I Want Everything Fixed in the Home Inspection Report - 12/06/15 01:13 AM
                          I Want Everything Fixed in the Home Inspection Report  The Home Inspector 'Said So' is a misstatement on this home inspection recently.  Now depending upon your hearing and how you interpret the written word, the buyers did not interpret the prose as the sellers' agent did.  And truth be told, the buyers' agent was no help since she did not seem to read the inspector's report at all.  When you have an agent who does not sort out the maintenance items from the deficient items, it is very hard … (11 comments)

buyers: Insurance Companies Are Tougher on Homeowners Insurance - 11/17/15 08:25 PM
Insurance Companies Are Tougher on
Homeowners Insurance
What a difference 10 years makes in real estate and in home insurance.  In RI real estate we have so much waterfront or near waterfront that insurance companies can have stringent restrictions on whether they insure in an area or not for home buyers.  I am wondering whether other parts of the country are feeling the same pinch.  In a continuing education real estate class the other day a number of items that came up about insurance companies and homeowners insurance.  There seem to be a resounding concern among real estate agents that certain homeowner insurance … (44 comments)

buyers: Being a Buyer's Agent Means Acting Responsibly - 06/17/14 02:49 AM
Being a Buyer's Agent Means Acting Responsibly
Buyer's agents in the field of real estate have a duty to their clients above all.  They have a fiduciary responsibility, honesty in the transaction and representing their client in the best way they can.  If you can not do this well you should not represent home buyers.  Remember you are there to give your best guidance but you are not the client.  It is and should be the client, not the buyer's agent, who makes the decision after weighing the facts at hand.
I had a transaction recently where the buyer's … (9 comments)

buyers: When Home Offers Do Not Make the Cut for the Bank - 03/31/14 09:02 PM
When Home Offers Do Not Make the Cut for the Bank
Paramount to a real estate agent that represents a seller is getting that right real estate offer or offers in for the seller.  Whether it is low, high or just right in price we all know that smart real estate agents want to make sure that the the home buyer's offer appraises for purchase price.  REALLY?!  I am finding that with my buyers lately that agents are just screaming that the 'clause stipulating appraise at purchase price or higher' be removed from the purchase and sales contract.  No, I do … (12 comments)

buyers: Another Day in RI Real Estate - 1-800-Got Junk? - 09/10/13 12:25 AM
Another Day in RI Real Estate - 1- 800-Got Junk? Every day is a new day in RI real estate and all it has to offer in challenges, tasks and to do items.  I just wrote an article about buying a  house 'As Is' on my web site and today am dealing with this seller/buyer challenge.  Thank goodness there are companies and trash haulers that will take the remaining furniture and items out of the house for quite a low cost.
Since the buyer is going to totally renovate this RI coastal home shortly, he wanted to make sure the … (10 comments)

buyers: Broom Clean Means What at Home Closings? - 08/29/13 09:40 PM
Broom Clean Means What at Home Closings?  
 Sellers expectations the day of closing is usually just focused on just to get the home closed.  
Home Sellers Must Know
Sellers may be thinking of heading to their island to retire or downsize to a condo in RI real estate.  The sellers are somewhat oblivious to what the buyer wants at this time.  
See we have two camps of people here: the buyer and theseller.  The meeting of these two to make it through a successful closing rests truly on the shoulders of the listing and buyers’ agents and of course the attorneys. … (83 comments)

buyers: Psychic Mediums in Real Estate- Buyer's Agent Sees Stars - 04/14/13 09:19 PM
Psychic Mediums in Real Estate - Buyer's Agent Sees Stars Real estate brings out all professions including psychic mediums as I experienced the other day.  When you are presented with a person who says they have psychic instinct upon a home viewing, you look around for the cameras.  Since I am the listing agent no one got into my seller's house to put any video cameras in before the showing.  I knew that but still felt I was being hijacked.     This buyer's agent was related to the home buyer in some way.  In RI real estate there is only 2 degrees … (11 comments)

buyers: But I Want A Fence Included in my Home Offer Price - 03/25/13 08:52 PM
But I Want A Fence Included in my Home Offer Price Out of a buyer's mouth come the words one fears in a competitive home bid offer situation.  True it may be a buyers market in most of
 RI real estate area but that does depend on the home's price point and condition.  My last 3 homes sold have all ended up being bid up over asking price due to condition, price point and location.   But I want a fence included in my offer price on this house, said the buyer!  Well honestly it may kill your offer from even being … (43 comments)

buyers: My Home Sellers Motives are Their Own and Not Your Business - 01/04/13 08:17 PM
My Home Sellers Motives are Their Own and Not Your Business My Home Sellers Motives are Their Own and Not Your Business.  I do need to wonder what gives people the right to be so intrusive into other peoples lives?  Actually it really is nothing to wonder about in this voyeurism age we live in and is not really the fault of buyers in RI real estate and elsewhere.
No, it is the failings of the society we live in to know where boundaries are in people's lives.  With reality TV we are allowed in every which way into one another's lives. … (35 comments)

buyers: Seller Preparedness - Like the Armed Forces - 12/01/12 08:38 PM
Seller Preparedness - Like the Armed Forces.  
Seller Preparedness - Like the Armed Forces.  I never was in the military, I have to admit it but I have had past armed forces people work for me in corporate life.  They are methodical, follow the process
Seller Preparedness – It is Like the Military
and tend not to waive too far left or right on decision making but use good tactical thinking.   Armed Forces being ready should equal seller preparedness.
When dealing with waterfront Rhode Island real estate and the necessary qualifications for seller preparedness, the military has some similarities especially with the lenders. … (13 comments)

buyers: What Does Frozen Tundra Have to do with Real Estate? - 11/28/12 07:11 PM
What Does Frozen Tundra Have to do with Real Estate?  That long expanse of frozen white ice that goes on for miles and miles which seem to have no end.  You know from all those National Geographic specials and History channel shows that give you that sense of forboding.   Sometimes in RI real estate there is just no mutual love between buyers and sellers.  It seems as though the frozen tundra is on the table and all around you.
  There is more than the cold chill in the air, it is the lack of courtesy and poor sense of manners that amazes me.  It is like … (9 comments)

buyers: Having a GRR moment about Referral Homes for Sale Web Sites - 11/24/12 07:40 PM
 Having a GRR moment about Referral Homes for Sale Web Sites.  Neither do i subscribe to them or put myself out there paying their fees for leads from the Z's and T's of home searches.  Many Realtors love them, willingly submit to them and make money from them - that is what home sales are about with these sites.  In waterfront RI real estate it is my web site that is my capture point for buyers searching for homes for sale.
Again recently I have received emails wanting information on a home that is in agreement from prospective buyers. In fact, I have received a number of … (14 comments)

buyers: Window to Your Life...I'll take the Door - 10/14/12 08:52 PM
Window to Your Life...I'll take the Door.  In real estate we look at windows everyday and many doors too. Windows seem to be remembered by their window dressing, energy efficiency or if they are just installed correctly.
  Our job as Realtors is to help sellers and buyers 'see' the house through clutter or sparseness whether looking through the windows or through the open doors.  See the outside through the inside and perhaps the home for sale may just be the one house to capture the buyers.   So if you like windows, most times I like the doors.  I like … (24 comments)

buyers: Ms. Realtor Who Do You Think You Are? - 09/23/12 09:20 PM
 Ms. Realtor Who Do You Think You Are?  Honestly, this is deja vu for a client I had that was so similar to an associate's issue yesterday I needed to share it. When Mr. Realtor thinks he knows all - Who do you think you are?  Warning all Realtors who give advice to other Realtor's clients, it just is not an appreciated practice in Rhode Island real estate and you have no idea of the facts of these clients.
  Yesterday an associate called me up right after an open house in a slight rage and needed to vent obviously.  His clients had come back from open houses … (45 comments)

buyers: Those Cheating Hearts - Cheating Buyers - 09/05/12 08:24 PM
 Those Cheating Hearts - Cheating Buyers.  
Those Cheating Hearts - Cheating Buyers
Oh the old tell tale signs may be there that cheating heart motel!  Okay, you missed the stormy red flags
Is that Buyer Cheating on You?
because you wanted to please the new buyer clients.  Well shame on you too.  Yes, real estate agents and buyers agents get cheated by their RI home buyers.
And yes a home buyer was cheating on me last month.  I admit it.  I ask for respect, courtesy and the same honesty I give a buyer.  I am very up front about commitment to … (55 comments)

buyers: Proof of Funds - Tell Me You Have them for my Home Sellers?! - 08/12/12 09:20 PM
Proof of Funds - Tell Me You Have them for my Home Sellers?!  There is a lot of irony in life but when you as a home buyer are pre-qualified for a mortgage that is not one of them.  It is a straight analysis by the mortgage broker of your credit, financial stability and assets in hand to purchase a home.  When a buyers agent does not do their due diligence and has a hands off attitude...well I get upset!
Time is of the essence in many Rhode Island real estate transactions and I want, as the listing agent, for everything … (15 comments)

buyers: Mortgage Commitment Letter- Not a Stairway to Heaven - 06/30/12 10:57 PM
Mortgage Commitment Letter- Not a Stairway to Heaven.  It is no longer a stairway to heaven (oh, we all loved that Led Zeppelin song of a certain generation!) route to get a buyer's commitment letter.  Even just waiting, hopefully, the 10-14 days after that mortgage commitment letter is received and to close on a piece of Rhode Island real estate may be longer than anticipated.  Now why is that?
As lenders requirements tightened with Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, so goes the quick steps to a loan closing.
Even if you are so called  ’cut and dry’ buyers with W-2s and steady weekly paychecks the underwriters in the loan process will … (11 comments)

buyers: Credit Bumps that Delay Closings - 02/22/12 07:29 PM
Credit Bumps that Delay Closings.  It was a topic of conversation at a 50th birthday party of one of my clients the other night that got me going on this credit bump subject again.  It is those bumps that can alter your credit worthiness for awhile but especially if you are in the process of buying a Rhode Island home.
A couple of the dinner party guests were talking about someone they 'Knew' (not them they said) who had an unpleasant experience with a home closing due to a credit issue. As I have said before in past blog posts if you are … (55 comments)

buyers: Words I Love to Hear: Clear to Close - 02/07/12 11:10 PM
Words I Love to Hear:  Clear to Close.  There is nothing better than the ring a linging of those three words.  When the buyers lender called me up today to let me know that we were good for a Monday morning closing. It is time for this Charlestown RI home for sale that is just right for these buyers.
This home has special meaning to me since these young buyers are buying a Freddie Mac foreclosed home that has taken 4 months to get to the closing table.  THey are just waiting to move into their Rhode Island living home.
Nothing was … (46 comments)

buyers: People who Rather Rent then Buy Real Estate - 02/06/12 10:14 PM
People who Rather Rent then Buy Real Estate.  Not everyone is meant to own a home to live in and that is an acceptable fact.  Some home buyers will never be able to get a mortgage, some people will stay living with mom and dad, some have gone through foreclosure and others rather throw their money away in rent!  
I field calls, as most real estate agents do, from consumers regarding rental properties constantly.  That is not my business, my business is selling Rhode Island real estate and rentals happen rarely for me.  As a North Kingstown real estate agent it is more important to … (38 comments)

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