home buying: What Is a Home Offer Without Being in Sales Agreement? - 08/07/17 04:06 AM
Tell Me You Understand as a Real Estate Agent Your Job in Making A Home Offer
It is a mystery to me in my real estate realm to understand how buyers' agents represent their clients in leading them on when home buying.  There is no reason for this and being forthright and honest with how and with what contingencies one makes a house offer is essential.
Perhaps it is our hot RI real estate market that is making many agents soft in the head, I just do not understand it.  How do you make a bona fide good home buy offer when you … (9 comments)

home buying: Reality Check for North Kingstown Home Buyers in 2017 - 02/23/17 04:52 AM
Where is the Home Inventory in North Kingstown
Homes for Sale 
There was an excellent article from Housing Wire identifying the struggles Millenials are having buying a home now and some of the reasons they can not.
In North Kingstown, we are experiencing a housing shortage under $500,000 of right priced inventory...and just lacking it.  Why is that?  A number of reasons as I reach out to potential sellers that mirrors this dilemma that Millenials are experiencing.
1) Homeowners are just staying in their homes longer so home inventory is not turning over.  Homeowners are 'happy' where they are and don't want to move.
2) … (8 comments)

home buying: Who Turned the Real Estate Faucet On? - 04/16/16 10:16 PM
Who Turned the Real Estate Faucet On?
It is running hot water from the real estate tap of water right now...here in RI real estate and other states.  This is a great rebound for us in Rhode Island where home buyers are struggling to find a house that meets their need due to slim inventory.  Not only that the home buyers are lined up 30 deep to see the same home!  As a real estate agent with a number of buyers it is so difficult to win a home unless you are able to forgo all contingencies...as a listing agent well you … (10 comments)

home buying: Why Do Home Buyers Not Get Pre- Approved to Home Buy? - 06/01/15 10:19 PM
Why Do Home Buyers Not Get Pre- Approved to Home Buy?
There is something about a bit of financial wisdom that many home buyers do not learn early on in home buying. Buyers who think they know what they can afford in a home and do not see a mortgage lender are still plentiful.  Why are you doing this to yourselves home buyers??
 It is a travesty to your heart and soul...and of course your pocketbook to not know what level of mortgage you can afford on a mortgage with real estate taxes, water bills, sewer charges, homeowners insurance and maintenance costs. … (17 comments)

home buying: Knocking on Doors in Real Estate | Works for All - 05/10/15 08:33 PM
                          Knocking on Doors in Real Estate | Works for All   It is not something I do...the knocking on peoples door thing to solicit RI real estate business.  When I worked with an associate years ago we would do that and listed and sold together.  Yet in this case when you know that the house is show & move in ready (because you have seen it once when it was on the market), persistent door knocking works.   I had a buyer who wanted this house.  It … (17 comments)

home buying: Home Buying Repair Requests No Time for Dallying - 04/29/15 09:15 PM
Home Buying Repair Requests No Time for Dallying
It is the thrill of buying your new home that sometimes clouds the minds of the home buyer.  You love it, you want it and you lose track of time.  Yes, your real estate agent is there guiding you but you need to listen to them when time is of the essence on a sales contract.  Timelines for home inspections are different everywhere, what days you count, how many days from signing purchase and sales agreement, etc.
So getting the home inspections done in a timely manner is essential.  At times you are nearly down … (15 comments)

home buying: Home Buyers Need to Understand the Cost of Home Ownership - 04/09/15 09:22 PM
Home Buyers Need to Understand the Cost of
Home Ownership
Nothing new that real estate agents and lenders have not discussed with home buyers before but it needs to be repeated again and again.  Many home buyers are looking at homes they really can not afford to buy when you look at the home maintenance items that need to be done in the next year or two.  Being aware and talking about these items with home buyers is essential.
 Why wait until you get and spent the money on a home inspection before you get unsettled about buying a home?
Start at the … (60 comments)

home buying: Why Do Home Buyers Still Not Know Their Credit Scores? - 01/14/15 08:03 PM
Why Do Home Buyers Still Not Know Their Credit Scores?
It is not the time for a home buyer to find out their credit score when they apply for a mortgage.  In fact, it is upsetting and perplexing that with all the free avenues out there, home owners to be do not utilize the resources at hand to them.  If this is YOU well I need to suggest to you today that you find out how good your 'financial house' is in order or not today.  It makes no sense to wait another month to find out your credit score.  Understand … (12 comments)

home buying: Looking to Purchase Real Estate | Why Do It Now? - 01/08/15 07:34 PM
Looking to Purchase Real Estate | Why Do It Now?
Are you a home buyer that has been looking around by yourself or with a real estate agent for months for a home?  There are a number of reasons to lock down a home offer now and one of them is mortgage rates.  They are low, low, low and will benefit you nicely with your monthly mortgage payments.
The following mortgage information is provided by a RI mortgage associate, Chas Adams :
Mortgage rates are down to the lowest levels since May 2013.  For those consumers with credit scores 680 … (8 comments)

home buying: What Home Sellers Believe Sometimes Amazes You - 12/05/14 08:22 PM
What Home Sellers Believe Sometimes Amazes You
As home sellers you need to separate the fact from the fiction in home selling and lending requirements.  I am surprised many times with the questions and beliefs of potential home sellers in RI real estate.  These sellers have not bought or sold a home in many years but come up with some of the strangest belief systems on real estate.  Case in point:  the other day a conversation with a retiring couple who wanted to move into a one level condo complex in South Kingstown.  There are a number of what the federal … (23 comments)

home buying: That Home for Sale Was Awful Inside! - 07/28/14 09:06 PM
That Home for Sale Was Awful Inside!
I get the calls every week with home buyers saying 'that home for sale was awful inside' that we went to see at the open house.  Not at all as described like it is and needing oodles of interior work.  Well do not blame me.  You are not my client and if you were working with me I could have told you that was the case....but no, you go home buying solo figuring you have the 'business' experience to figure it all out.  Please think again.
After I suggest home buyers sign up on … (57 comments)

home buying: Can a Home Buyer Really Buy a Home without Seeing It? - 06/05/14 09:42 PM
Can a Home Buyer Really Buy a Home without Seeing It?
It is happening more and more in my coastal RI real estate area.  The real estate agent makes the appointment, previews the home, takes another video, goes through a laundry list of questions to get answered and the home buyer puts the offer in.   How good is the home buyer's offer? - it is always cash - it is a lower offer than the market value - must close quickly   Why does a home buyer choose to proceed this way? - no time - lives their life … (16 comments)

home buying: Psychic Mediums in Real Estate- Buyer's Agent Sees Stars - 04/14/13 09:19 PM
Psychic Mediums in Real Estate - Buyer's Agent Sees Stars Real estate brings out all professions including psychic mediums as I experienced the other day.  When you are presented with a person who says they have psychic instinct upon a home viewing, you look around for the cameras.  Since I am the listing agent no one got into my seller's house to put any video cameras in before the showing.  I knew that but still felt I was being hijacked.     This buyer's agent was related to the home buyer in some way.  In RI real estate there is only 2 degrees … (11 comments)

home buying: Too Young to Buy a Home? - 04/05/13 09:25 PM
Too Young to Buy a RI Home This is no anecdote story about very young people wanting to buy a home...it is happening.  As told by Joe Petrowsky, it is inspiring to see young 

people financially think about real estate and home ownership.  Rarely do I find a young person think it is an option.  Why?  They tend not to think for the long term and equity building.  I think this story can be expanded to include RI real estate too.
Parents this is a big part of your responsibility to make your children understand that equity in a home … (8 comments)

home buying: Emotional Toll on Pets in Home Buying Decisions - 03/26/13 08:14 PM
  Emotional Toll on Pets in Home Buying Decisions  
When buying your dream home there are all sorts of family and pet realities that surface during the home buying process.  
It’s not easy on me either!
 One thing about living the dream of a RI real estate agent are the quirky stories that are shared by buyers. Especially through the home bidding and offer process.
Telling the story of experiences in RI real estate helps put things in perspective for future buyers and can relieve some of the stress your pet feels. 
 Yes, believe it or not your trusty dog or cat is going through the … (13 comments)

home buying: Five Factors that Make or Break a Home Sale - 01/29/13 07:49 PM
Five Factors that Make or Break a Home Sale   Five Factors that Make or Break a Home Sale As sellers you need to understand this point when you go to sell your home...be REALISTIC on price...it does not matter what you paid for your Rhode Island real estate home.  It does not matter how much you owe on the mortgage either.
Find your piece of coastal RI Real Estate here call me! What matters is the here, now and what the real estate market says your home is worth.  Yes, it is true that you really do not set the selling price … (37 comments)

home buying: A Restaurant Experience in Buying a Home - 12/18/11 11:33 PM
A Restaurant Experience in Buying a Home.  This is the text message I received the other evening from my out of state buyer having a much deserved dinner out with her husband (sans children).  'We are out at a restaurant, just the 2 of us, discussing what are we waiting for!'  She is a busy woman who is half way down the coast and flies all over the world for her business.  Getting my client pinned down to see a house I believe may be a great summer and vacation home for her family is just difficult to plan.  We all … (21 comments)

home buying: Boomerang Kids - Did You Think It would Never Happen!? - 05/11/11 10:58 PM
Boomerang Kids - Did You Think It would Never Happen!?College grads are moving home at an alarming rate!  What is a parent to do?... expand the house, upsize the villa, downsize the home...well certainly downsizing is not in order right now is it!  Now perhaps you didn't anticipate this homecoming (yes, it is not the prom kind) as parents but be honest with yourselves - it is a hard world out there for the youngsters. Anyway, you did see this coming since it is a topic of conversation at all the get togethers I seem to attend with friends of graduating … (18 comments)

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