giselle lampe: Buying a Car is NOT like Buying a House here are 5 Reasons Why - 05/15/15 03:26 AM
I'm on the hunt for a new vehicle and I thought hmmm what are the differences and similarities between the process in buying a house and buying a car...
1.  When car shopping or house shopping you can start both of your searches online. The great thing about shopping online is you quickly find out what you can't afford (Okay maybe that's not so great). You start clicking those options:
                   CAR                                               … (21 comments)

giselle lampe: 5 Key Things To Do Before You Sell - 05/08/15 03:41 AM
Seriously you may laugh and think this is ridiculous, but wait until the shoe is on the other foot and you'd be surprised at how many people won't do these simple things.
1.     CLEAN!...Yes seriously nobody wants to see the little curlies on the bathroom floor, tub or toilet seat. (see, that face your making now is what a potential Buyer will make).  Seriously wipe down; fixtures, baseboards, doors, doorways, counters, floors, windows, pretend your favorite Movie Star Crush is coming over just please people CLEAN.
2.     MOW!...Yes mow your lawn, trim the hedges, clip the trees back put some fresh … (2 comments)

giselle lampe: Are you a Reader? - 12/01/14 04:06 AM
Right now, I'm working on a promo video that will give clients a small glimpse of who I am and what I do as a Realtor.  I went to a seminar once were the speaker asked the audience, if they like to read more or watch something. The interesting thing is we associate reading with intelligence so we tend to say we read or we like to read, but if fact the majority are more visual.  Don't believe me than think of it this way... Jurassic Park...did you read the book or watch the movie??? 
Now I admit that's not … (20 comments)

giselle lampe: Sell your home with Cozy - 11/19/14 01:21 AM
How can you make your property more appealing in the rainy or snowy weather? Think Cozy… CLEAN (that goes without saying) and cozy!!!! I always think what would I really want to be doing on a chilly miserable day…(If I was a home buyer, looking at houses would probably not be it, but if I had limited time or appointments set  then I’d have too).  So pause for a minute and picture this scenario.
It’s snowy (rainy) and chilly and open the front door and it smells wonderful.  Perhaps smells of cinnamon and spice or hot coco come to mind. Soft music … (2 comments)

giselle lampe: Budgeting...if you can afford it should you buy it? - 11/06/14 08:14 AM
I grew up with strong willed European parents who had to work hard for everything they had.  They were young when they moved to North America and basically only had the clothing on their back. *(My father came first, then my mother came over when they got married...amazing story but that's another blog). 
I learned that;
One anything was possible. 
Two only if you're willing to put the effort out to do it.
Today's world seems to be sending out a different message.  One of "Why wait get it now!", and "Show the world your successful by the things you have".   … (1 comments)

giselle lampe: What's the hottest Months to SELL in NAPA CA - 11/04/14 09:07 AM
Ask anyone ... just simply put it out there what are the 4 hottest months to sell a home in your area? Ask your Realtor to do a 3 year consecutive search to see when the average price per square foot was the highest in value. You may be surprised.  I had a sneaking suspesion for awhile now but I wanted to confirm it with facts. You maybe surprised but from 2011 to 2014 the highest dollar per square foot sale price in my area (Napa, Napa Valley California) is .... waiting for the drum roll. :) 

giselle lampe: Starting the year without a plan? Is like going dancing without shoes - 01/29/13 05:00 AM
Business Plans, Business Plans, Business Plans...Yes we hear it drummed into us day after day for the last month of the year and the first month of the next year...but we don't hear much more about it other than that.
I found the most beneficial way to plan is to do it every 6 months, and review where you are every 3. I write my down my year end goal at the end of each one and see how close I am getting to achieve them.  I really feel l the best thing to do is keep on top of it, and do regular … (2 comments)

giselle lampe: The Best Staging Tip Ever!...At least I think so - 01/17/11 03:41 AM
The Best Staging Tip Ever!....At least I think so Do you want your home to show well? Everyone does...even if your not selling your home you still want it to look good. My number one tip is take pictures! Lots of them!
Detailed photos of each room, span around the room and take a photo of it in all directions as if you just walked in and looked around. Then review your photos and see what stands out. Do your counters look spacious and clean, do you see missed matched towels in the bathrooms and are they hung disorderly. In the … (6 comments)

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