realty: On becoming a Short Sale & Foreclosure Specialist...Education is a must and learning is never enough! - 08/01/10 08:40 AM
OK, I have taken 2 SFR cetification classes already, but trying to get listed in this big website requires me to get another certification.  I thought I already know a lot about short sale negotiations...yeah!  Especially since I have succesfully negotiated some very difficult deals. For example: Bank of America 1st and second mortgage, high BPO with Difficiency judgment full waived.  The purchase offer was for $158K, lender countered $195K due to high BPO result.  After the back and forth negotiations, I succeeded in getting the lender to accept $158K, pay for all the cost and get the difficiency judgment waive on both … (0 comments)

realty: You are not that important! Period!! - 07/16/10 12:36 PM
I do not know how many people believe that they are more important than their clients.  When you are in the industry where customer service is involved...and I do not care about what type of service you provide, you have to understand that the most import thing is your client.  If you do not have the patience and the common sense to understand that you are serving them and that they are not serving you, then my golly!  YOU ARE IN THE WRONG FIELD!  Go and find another job!!
I will explain to you why I am frustrated.  Aside from being … (5 comments)

realty: I hit my 10,000 points today, Yeeeeeeeey! - 07/15/10 07:40 AM
I have been with AR for a long time now, but never really did anything to maximize my benefit.  It was until I attended the last Las Vegas Rain Camp that I have learned about the possibilities.  It is taking me a little longer than most, but I am getting there. 
Imagine where I would be already had I started blogging and doing what I am supposed to be doing?  I can only imagine, but I see so many people who are way there already because they did what they are supposed to do.  I can only wish! 
I should have learned … (5 comments)

realty: Google Switch is on - I now have the traffic blueprint to bring home buyers and home sellers in Las Vegas. Anyone can use the same blueprint! - 07/08/10 12:52 PM
I was browsing the internet and came across this link where I can download the "Google Switch" that will reveal how I can increase the traffic to my website.  Although skeptical, I have signed up just to satisfy my curiosity.  I thought it does not cost me anything and I was also determined to not spend a single cent, so I gave it a try.  I thought that if I have to pay, I just won't continue.  I have completed the signing up process and I still did not have to pay.  At the end of the process, lo and behold! … (8 comments)

realty: REALTOR® Action Center Announces NFIP and Homebuyer Tax Credit Closing Deadline Both Extended - 07/01/10 01:27 PM
It is great to hear that Homebuyer Tax Credit closing deadline has been extended but for some homebuyers, it is already too late as many have cancelled their cntracts in anticipation that this will not happen.  More homes were placed back into the market creating more listings that were not there towards the end of April.  It is a good thing, however, most of agents have lost deals (just like me) as a result of this.
Thanks to the REALTOR® ACTION CENTER for helping to make this happen.  You can read their message below or you can go to www.REALTORRACTIONCENTER.COM.
NFIP and Homebuyer Tax … (0 comments)

realty: Water Heater got stolen from a 2nd story unit...What is this world coming to??? - 06/28/10 06:59 AM
I have listed a condo having a heater unit located in a room off of the back porch on the 2nd floor of the building.  The room was locked, but it is obvious that some Realtor who was showing the property had left that room unlocked, so thieves had gotten into the room.  For someone to take the heater, it would take some effort because they have to take it down through the back porch. 
We are already on escrow with the buyer on this condo and I just got a call from the selling agent asking me if the seller … (4 comments)

realty: North Las Vegas, NV has widely improved and continues to improve! Who would oppose that? - 06/21/10 11:04 AM
North Las Vegas, NV has improved!  This is great news for home buyers and homes sellers in the area as the potential for growth in the community is obvious.  If you are planning to buy a house, good!  If you are planning to sell, you can certainly do that, but I am sure that by the time Trail Phase II is done, this newly improved Las Vegas will no doubt bring buyers in as more and more people will be aware of the benefit of being here.
I feel very fortunate to live within the Traditions Neighborhood Community in North Las Vegas, NV because … (2 comments)

realty: A Stench without a Name - 06/20/10 09:08 AM
Normally, when I show homes to my clients, I would preview them first, but this one particular instance, my client had sent me a list of homes to view...of course, most of them were already on "C" status, but one property is still available and it is listed as Bank Owned so we can see it immediately.  I told her, maybe I should go and look at the property first, but she insisted that there is no need to, they want to see the property now, and therefore, I printed the full view report and went off to meet them.  We … (2 comments)

realty: NOOOOOOOO!!! What did I do? Did I do that?!!! - 06/20/10 05:01 AM
200 points got deducted for editing my profile?!! I just basically overhauled my profile...not really deducting the number of words...I might have added more, in fact.  Why did my points go away? I think that I better learn how AR works or I may never get the hang of this.  LOL!  Two days ago, I lost 200 - 400 points when I erased a couple of my blogs.  I thought I was helping by removing some old posts. Yikes!
I have been with AR far longer than some of us here, but never really bother to check this out until I attended … (5 comments)

realty: OK, am I having a bad dream? - 06/19/10 03:37 AM
I thought that I should already have 6,000 points in AR today, but some of my points got deducted.  Does deleting some of my posts count against me?  LOL! 

realty: Is Bank of America getting better with their Short Sale processing? - 06/18/10 03:42 AM
I do not know how many of us here are having the same experience as I have, but I notice that Bank of America has speed up the process of their short sale approval and they are much, much easier to deal with now. My colleague at work is also experiencing the same thing. 
I have two deals...both have 1st and 2nd mortgages that I have submitted to Bank of was last month and the other one was only submitted two weeks ago.  Both have already been countered. I am waiting for the response from the buyer's side and hope that I will … (2 comments)

realty: Here is something that I have learned as a home buyer that I now practice in my daily life as a Realtor... - 06/17/10 06:52 PM
In October of 2003, my husband and I have decided to move to Las Vegas.  We used to live in a small, quaint, lovely town called Santa Paula.  It is a very small town just South East of Santa Barbara, within Ventura County.  I would have been content living there, but my husband had retired from 32 years of service with the phone company and with his retirement, we would not have been able to live financially comfortable there, so we have moved to Las Vegas.
Here is where this story unfolds...My husband and I have been shopping for a home … (8 comments)

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