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So you've got your web site(s) all optimized for certain keyword searches and you do a Google search on a regular basis to make sure your web site is at the top of the list for those keywords.  Did it ever occur to you that Google might just be showing you what it thinks you want to see?  (It's v...
Yesterday was a cold, icy, wet day ... but I felt the need to get outside and shoot.  Where better to shoot on a dreary day than a cemetery?  Guess I was feeling a little ghoulish. :-) This one had me scratching my head ... guess no one could remember Grandma's name? Think this guy was a fan? The...
Every year, the camera manufacturers bring out their latest models touting an ever increasing number of pixels.  In theory, the greater the number of pixels, the higher resolution the image.  But there's a lot more to it than that.   The size and price of a camera is, in great part, determined by...
What's the first thing prospective buyers want to see when searching online for a home?  That's easy ... they want to see photos, good ones and lots of them.  But what else do they look for?  Floor plans!  I can't tell you how many times I've seen comments on Zillow and Trulia bemoaning the fact ...
So you've hired a professional photographer to take photos of your newest listing (yay, you!).  Do you now own those photos?  In most cases, no ... what you've paid for is a license to use those images.  The extent of the usage depends on how the licensing agreement is worded.  Here's what mine s...
The Harvest Moon is used to describe the full moon that comes closest to the autumnal equinox - the Super Harvest Moon is when the full moon coincides with the night of the equinox (which was in the early hours of September 23 this year).  Unfortunately, I missed out on that one.  I got this phot...
So many people wait for the traditional "spring market" to sell their homes ... but the spring market starts around March when your home probably looks like this:   Or, even worse, like this! If you're thinking of putting your home on the market any time in the next six months, get your exterior ...
That's right.  Microsoft decided that not enough people were purchasing upgrades (huh?) so they've eliminated upgrade pricing for the newest version of Office.  Even if you already own Office 2007, you have to pay full price for an "upgrade"!  Here's how the pricing works - each version (Home & S...
Did I get your attention?  It's driving me crazy to see so many photos of toilets in the listings.  It seems that some listing agents feel like they have to take a picture of every toilet in the house!  I understand that it's difficult to get a shot of a bathroom without including the toilet, but...
One of my clients is selling his home and he's decided to rent for the next year.  I've been sending him rental listings (and perusing many of them myself) and I was shocked to see how many rental listings have NO PHOTOS AT ALL!  At least 80% of the rental listings have no interior photos.  I can...

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