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I see many posts about listing prices and overpriced houses with pricing driven by sellers.  It makes me think of the discussions we have in our office about our potential clients.  That discussion centers on Price vs Cost.  In some industries, this is a common discussion for sales folks. Price -...
Okay, this one ran through our office recently and I'm curious on what thoughts any of you may have on this.... BACKGROUND: We are not real estate agents.  We provide transaction management services and other real estate support services. Outside of our work arena, we are acquaintances with the o...
When I was a teenager in rural Bear Creek, Alabama, my brother, father and I had a small fishing bait store near an area lake one Summer.  I learned several things about business that year that really applies to the world of real estate agents.   1. I found that 10% of the fishermen seemed to cat...
When I am meeting with a potential customer, vendor, or partner, one of our primary goals is to mutually qualify the arrangement.  It saves us all time and leads to a very high success rate! What do I mean by "mutually qualify?"  Well, so many folks are working so hard to sell themselves or their...
Need some feedback here please.... BACKGROUND: RealSource (our firm), in addition to many other services, has a new real estate closing center and is in the process of planning additional locations.  Our goal is to help make the closing process less sterile and a warmer experience than other plac...
"Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah" Okay, this is not quite the level of a pet peeve for me but it can be something that leads to a struggling conversation at best and a lost deal and/or lost referrals at worst. I am amazed at how many people start talking with an answer before they know the question...
If you work full-time, you spend more time working than at home.   And if your work is "WORK" then what's the point.  Work can and should have a fun side too.  (Of course, it helps if you are with a great company, with a great team that works hard and has a sense of humor.) Anyway, is your office...
Introspective Time!  We discuss in our sales, operations and strategy meetings the power of fear that limits people (us, our clients, potential clients, vendors, etc.)    Particularly fear of failure.  Even if it is not a gripping fear, it limits us in our daily activities, including work.  Fear ...
MONEY So many people don't like to talk about it.  They dance around it, they don't want to suggest a price first, they don't want to bring it up until the end of a discussion. Depending on where you grew up (I grew up in a very conservative culture but in a house that was not as conservative), t...
Are you a salespreson or a project manager?  Or both?  More importantly, are you a great salesperson or a great project manager?   Or great at both? I believe that by nature, right brain vs left brain, we tend to be better at one or the other.  Naturally, training and practice can improve the oth...

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