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Two questions for you... #1 - How often do you hear business professionals blast the media for the gloom-and-doom newsand criticize how the media is killing markets, such as real estate, auto, and stocks? #2 - How often did you hear these same professionals give media praise and all the credit fo...
So yesterday I'm having lunch at a local chain restaurant, one of the fast-casuals as they call them (order at the counter, they bring the food to your table, they bus the tables). And Remarkable Service Broke Out! And by remarkable, I mean I literally "remarked" about it while still there. A gir...
Time is very valuable.  The government cannot issue you "bailout" time when we run short.   One way to have more time is to get to "No!" faster. Huh?  You don't want to hear "No!"   I admit, most of us grew up with the word "no" as a negative.  "No, don't touch that," "No entry," "No I don't want...
The FBI has uncovered a massive loan fraud scheme reaching 40 states and possibly 800,000 homeowners that may cause readers of this story to not consider that today is April 1. This situation can happen each year at this time, despite the fact this is indeed an annual event on everyone's calendar...

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