messages: My Earthquake is better than your Mortgage Crisis - 08/24/11 07:48 AM
Thus reads headlines, radio report, twitter feeds and FaceBook. For a while. This replaces the prior headlines of debt crisis disagreements, mortage disasters, floods, heat waves, and tornadoes. In a few days, there will be a new headline about something else.
Is one of these a better story than the rest? That totally depends on how it affects you. For most of us that are not directly affected, it is not a matter of “better” but simply “latest.”
When something does not directly impact us then, for all practical purposes, it is more of a reality television show than … (0 comments)

messages: Are your Clients an UNwelcome Interruption? - 06/28/11 03:41 AM
Whether requesting documentation, calling for a showing, visiting a business, dining out, or even reading the comments people make on public blogs, I often wonder, "Are customers just an unwelcome interruption to many businesses (including Realtors and lenders) and their staff?"
Why do I think this? Easy, there are businesses that make it appear this way. For example:
* I see real estate agents that don't return phone calls or emails for their active listings.
* I see title insurance agencies that would rather refuse an order than help resolve a title issue.
* I see cashiers texting and talking on … (2 comments)

messages: Beware of the Message Assassins - 05/25/11 04:41 PM
Beware of the assassins. No, I don't mean a military, spy, or James Bond type of assassin. I mean, those people that seek to kill your idea or messages.
More specifically, when I say "message assassin" I don't even mean the people who confront your ideas and messages with obvious force or even candid, direct discussion. No, the message assassins are the people who will watch, wait and then fire a single shot or two from a distance to kill your messages, ideas, career, deal, listing, or business.
They may poison the discussion with rumors and suggestions to other. Perhaps they will … (1 comments)

messages: When a Tornado Comes.. a lesson about perspective - 05/08/11 07:38 AM
I grew up and live in the South. Alabama to be specific. Deadly tornadoes are a fact of life here, just as earthquakes are California and blizzards in New England. Over the years of our lives, we all know someone killed by a tornado. Or at least we know someone that knows someone.
Unlike a hurricane, circumstances can lead many people to have nowhere safe to hide when a particularly strong twister comes. Maybe it will hit you, maybe it won't. If you are not underground, you cannot be sure you'll survive. It is the world we live in. We accept … (2 comments)

messages: Why is Value? - 04/22/10 08:05 AM
Real Estate continues to be a market filled with people that have wildly different views of value.  Just watch home buyers, sellers and their respective agents.
I believe that one of the important aspects of effective communication is understanding yourself, including separating "how you feel" from "what you know."
Here is a good example of this that is not real estate (sometimes a distant view is clearer). Last Fall I attended a college ballgame.  I had tickets but it was far from a sell-out game.  Since there were so many tickets for sale by individuals outside the stadium I thought it might be … (0 comments)

messages: Honk, Honk! - 12/06/09 09:33 PM

Do you know why you "honk?" 
That is, do you understand the targets of your messages? Do you even consider this?
Traffic in big cities is usually very aggressive and often congested.  On a recent trip to New York, I noticed taxi drivers often honk when there is congestion but where the honk has no apparent target.  That is, no clear obstacle that could move and solve the congestion.
It made me wonder if  the drivers are not necessarily honking to get traffic moving but, instead, to make sure the passengers still feel there is a sense of urgency, especially since that meter is … (5 comments)

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