perspective: Painful Perspective From a 3:23am Chipmunk - 08/12/14 02:25 AM
Not long ago, I was awakened at 3:23am by what I thought was one of our small rescue dogs uncharacteristically playing with his squeaky toy.
Turns out the “toy” was instead a live chipmunk, a gift from Daisy the Half-Tailed Cat (she brings them through the doggie-door on the back deck).
To make a short story of 3 minutes even shorter, I caught the chipmunk and released it out the front door (setting off the burglar alarm in the process).
It was the 30 seconds before I opened that door where I learned a lesson in perspective.
The Chase, The Pain, The Lesson
I had grabbed the chipmunk … (30 comments)

perspective: Stop Trying to Win - 06/01/13 01:04 AM
I often tell our agents and support team, as well as agents we are recruiting, "Don’t win.  Succeed.  There is a difference." 
I had (yes, past tense) a client “Bob" who HAD to win everything. To do business with him, he HAD to have a better price, he HAD to have more service, and he HAD to be right. I bet you've dealt with homeowners, buyers, and other agents like Bob.
Now, you may think that sounds like a secret to success, a motivated and driven business person. In some very unique personalities, that can be accurate. For most people, they are … (0 comments)

perspective: Fear Is Not Respect - 05/11/13 10:04 PM
Well, it happened again. Someone I know just through business networking events, we'll call her "Jane Doe," was going on and on about how much her agents and employees needed to respect her more.
"I've earned it!" she exclaimed. Jane was quite insistent on how she "demanded respect" with the many ways she forced her staff to do her bidding. This included a long list of personal tasks and pointless chores.
I thought much of her bragging should have been embarrassing to her. You may be the broker and employer, but demeaning staff who fear for their jobs is not … (25 comments)

perspective: Listen And People Will Tell On Themselves - 12/14/12 03:25 AM
Tell me if you've had this story before....
A couple of years ago I was visiting a client and they were showing me a fabulous new multi-million dollar facility they had built.  It had the latest high-tech equipment and to use it required them to change many of their processes.
One of the changes was new scheduling and routing software, custom developed by the in-house software developer and his manager.  It was something they clearly had a passion for and had enjoyed doing. As they told the tale, they explained how they wrote the initial software but once deployed it … (5 comments)

perspective: Stop Solving The Wrong Problem - 11/12/12 11:27 PM
Anyone that spends much time working in real estate quickly learns that as a general rule of thumb, people are crappy listeners.
Sellers often don't want to hear about realistic pricing, buyers don't want to hear the real truth about their local market, and even other agents can struggle to absorb the value in an offer.
Even if we hear the words and even if we work to understand them, we can still misunderstand. And if we are not hearing or thinking, we really can screw-up the intended message.
Just as a majority of drivers think they have above average … (13 comments)

perspective: What To Do With a "No" - 10/27/12 01:24 AM

What can you do with a “no”?
Move on to the next project. Move on to the next deal. Move on to the next research effort. Find out if you made an error (so you don’t repeat it). Find out if you were not communicating clearly (again, so you don’t repeat it). Move on to the next day. Move on to the next email. Move on to the next phone call. Move on to the next technology. Move on to learn more about a market. Be glad you’ve not wasted more time on a dead-end. Find out why it was … (6 comments)

perspective: They Just Don't Care (and 4 things you can do about that) - 09/28/12 08:15 AM
I'll say it: People don't care. Well, more accurately, they don't care about all the things you care about. You may find people where you have common interests. However, even then, the level of care you each have for different things will probably vary wildly.
I was working with a client recently to refine their marketing message and the use of social media and advertising to share their message. Like most homeowners, agents, brokers, and entrepreneurs, the client LOVED their product. And it is a genuinely great product. I buy it and even give it as a gift to others. … (3 comments)

perspective: Stop Reading the #&@% Slides - 09/27/12 12:24 AM
It happened again. I went to a presentation and the speaker read his slides to us. ALL OF THEM! IN DETAIL. Argghhh! I can understand why many in the corporate and military worlds have gone as far as to ban PowerPoint presentations.
So what's the deal about presentations where the speaker reads all their PowerPoint bullets to everyone?
Real estate has lots of opportunities for this type of disaster. Required training classes, orientation to boards, luncheons, chamber of commerce events and association meetings.
I'll tell you the real issue, and it is not the slides. It is a basic communication … (4 comments)

perspective: You Just Don't Understand - 04/22/12 07:52 AM
Anyone with teenagers has heard, “You just don’t understand!” Usually this is delivered with a whining, complaining, or depressing voice.
I hear this from adults too, including buyers, sellers, lenders, brokers and agents.
Like teenagers, in most cases this is uttered when someone is not getting their way. Since they believe they are right, they want to make it clear it “must” be the other person’s fault for not only failing to understand but also for failing to agree.
Sometimes the other person really does not understand. However, it is usually the person who says, “You don’t understand!” who is … (20 comments)

perspective: They Wanted to Preach to the Choir - 04/16/12 01:17 AM
Something happened outside of real estate recently that struck me as applicable to not only our efforts to help sell real estate but also real estate industry discussions, such as those at association meetings and ActiveRain.
I serve on a leadership council for a state-wide business organization. In a recent meeting, one of the members suggested that to spread the word on an issue of concern, one of us should spend time with a specific talk show host that is known to have views common with this organization.
I may have been overly direct but I commented that while it … (13 comments)

perspective: There Is No Truth - 03/28/12 11:38 PM
There is no truth, at least no universal truth.
Truth is not a fact. Truth is not an absolute. It is not even clearly defined with a single meaning. has eleven definitions of the word “truth.” These include “the true or actual state of a matter,” “an obvious or accepted fact” and “ideal or fundamental reality apart from and transcending perceived experience.”
These are similar but not identical meanings. So, apparently there is not even a single “true” definition of truth.
Despite this, I often hear people argue about the truth. Just think of your most recent couple of … (3 comments)

perspective: 5 Dangers of Secret Agendas - 02/12/12 01:49 AM
Who in real estate has not suffered at the hands of someone else's secret agenda? That realization that not just that someone lied, but the deception had a specific, hidden goal.
Now, we all have a personal agenda, even in our work. That's normal. Interestingly, for most of us a majority of that agenda is hidden. It is hidden in fear and kept secret, believing that if we share it then others will use it against us. “If I tell them my plan, they might stop me.”
What many fail to realize is that the secret agendas are not … (3 comments)

perspective: Do you give "The Big Ig?" - 01/01/12 07:26 AM
Whether you are seeking a listing appointment, trying to schedule a showing, or even trying to get a job interview or a date, our life is filled with requests that are not just denied, they are ignored.
As I hear my friend Dara Hosey call it, “The Big Ig.” And it gets even bigger if multiple requests are ignored.
I have a number of friends who refer to this silence of unanswered requests as “crickets,” referring, of course, to the suggestion that when they listen for a response it is so quiet all they can hear are the crickets in … (0 comments)

perspective: Distinguished Panels Stink! And Maybe You Too! - 12/23/11 03:51 AM
Ever go to a real estate convention or association luncheon where they have a session or luncheon with a "panel of experts?"
Along with the "distinguished" panelists will be a moderator that asks timely questions. The panelists are clearly important and knowledgeable people. You may have been one of these panelist. The questions are usually about a specific topic, often related to a specific industry, market or region of the country.
What a waste. The problem is not really the main topic or theme. These are usually timely and important. I’ve seen recent panels about the local economy, new laws, the … (3 comments)

perspective: 10 Ways to Screw-Up Your Message - 11/06/11 01:46 AM
I find many people love to be ignored. This includes many Realtors, lenders, and home sellers. Oh, they don’t admit they loved to be ignored. They may not even consciously realize it.
Why do I think this? Because I constantly see people, including many people in important positions, take the same steps over and over to kill their message and push away their audience, their potential clients and home buyers.
If you too would love to be regularly ignored and your messages lost, here are Ten Ways to Screw-Up Your Message:
 1. Use big words. Big, technical, or obscure words can … (12 comments)

perspective: My Earthquake is better than your Mortgage Crisis - 08/24/11 07:48 AM
Thus reads headlines, radio report, twitter feeds and FaceBook. For a while. This replaces the prior headlines of debt crisis disagreements, mortage disasters, floods, heat waves, and tornadoes. In a few days, there will be a new headline about something else.
Is one of these a better story than the rest? That totally depends on how it affects you. For most of us that are not directly affected, it is not a matter of “better” but simply “latest.”
When something does not directly impact us then, for all practical purposes, it is more of a reality television show than … (0 comments)

perspective: Buyer's Market? Maybe Not - 03/27/11 05:07 AM
I often hear the mention that in the last several months, real estate is a "buyer's market." Following the classic definition, that would be correct. That is, the supply or inventory of listed property for sale far exceeds the number of interested and qualified buyers.
So, if this is true, why is more property not being sold? You may say it is because there are not enough buyers. I submit that this market cycle has something different: Much of the supply is not real supply. It is artificial with property that is listed as "For Sale" but not listed at … (10 comments)

perspective: Thankfully, Clients can be Difficult - 02/16/11 06:18 AM
"Thankfully, clients can be difficult." 
What? Did you immediately think, "Why should I be thankful for that ! ? ! ?"
Well, let's look at this from a distance for a moment. If all clients were as smart, resourceful, educated, logical, connected, and cooperative as you and your company, then why would they need you? And if they did need you, will you still be valuable and, in turn, still compensated the same?
Okay, let's consider that even if the clients are all of the wonderful qualities I mentioned above, they may still need your help with something. Maybe it is a product, technology trends, market trends, processes, … (6 comments)

perspective: Perception is Unique - 12/01/09 12:40 AM

"We don't perceive things as they are, we perceive them as we are!"                           ~~  Anaïs Nin
Effective communication is very dependent on our perception.  By nature, that makes our own perception unique from all others.  
Our perception can also create big (often hidden) problems as we strive to connect with clients, colleagues, and even family and friends.  This can result in lost deals, failed proposals, and sometimes accidental hurt feelings.
You see, we respond to others based on what we see, hear and feel.  Or, more accurately, we respond based on what we think we see, what we think we hear and … (3 comments)

perspective: Perspectives. We all have ONE. Successful People have MANY! - 05/03/09 01:08 AM
We all have one.  Most successful people have many. 
You hear people describe this in other ways, such as vision, understanding, success, and leader. But watch these successful people interact with others, listen to what they say and who they say it to, find how they can see problems from more than one direction.
If you want to find the best professionals to help you, find the ones that understand perspectives.  
They operate differently because they work with the understanding that everyone else has a different perspective.  They also tend to operate with the understanding that everyone else believes their individual perspective is "right."
If … (4 comments)

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