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When traveling I often mention to my driver (wife) that we should pull over in the next town and check out a Vietnam Veterans' Memorial. I must have seen a hundred of them by now, but never tire of pausing for a moment and bowing my head in rememberance of what all our veterans have done for us. ...
I have to admit that like many people, I misjudged someone. Here's the story. Last fall my mother-in-law passed away. She had passed 90 and still lived in her own home, alone, but a fall and complications took their toll. She lived on Bainbridge Island, Wa, a few miles from her daughter Ellen. He...
Expired? Cancelled? Off Market? What's a Seller To Do? You are not alone. Many homes in Seattle and elsewhere have languished on the market for months. In other words: Unsold. No action for weeks. You're the seller. The sign post in your yard has been leaning toward the street for so long you can...
Spring arrived in Minneapolis on Friday the 6th of May. We took advantage of sunshine and 60 plus degrees for an 18 mile ride down Wirthe Parkway to the Greenway. Lunch and Midtown Market and then east to the Missisippi River and north past the University, finishing on Plymouth Ave and back to my...
There are reasons why I say don't buy a home now. Let me give them to you. You can read on and Trulia and Zillow and numerous other websites the Five, or Eight, or Ten reasons to buy, hints to sell, techniques to get a great deal and so on. There are reasons you should not buy a home ...
April 2011 Ravenna Roosevelt Market Report The data is in for April is in and the results are pretty much as predicted. Closed sales are up 100%! There were only 8 closed sales in March, but there were 17 in April. Inventory has remained at 31 active single-family units including condos for the R...

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