bike commuting: Rain Camp Seattle Today: The Commute Starts Now - 06/20/11 03:07 AM
Rain Camp and the Active Rain 5th Anniversary Party starts today and ends Wednesday with a barbeque at headquarters.
I'm commuting today on my trusty Felt bike from Ride Bicycles in Roosevelt. This is not really a commuter bike, but I use it a whole lot more lately, especially when my destination can be reached on old rail beds converted to bike and walking trails.
Commute time - 50 minutes
Cost - $0,00
Parking cost $0.00
Rain Camp - Priceless.
Off I go


bike commuting: The Roosevelt Neighborhood: Live Work and Bike - 11/20/10 07:03 AM
Glenn Roberts | Ravenna Park | My Seattle | Lake & Co Real Estate
The Roosevelt Neighborhood: Live Work and Bike In This Post
The bike commute vs. the no commute.
┬áThere have been some live/work projects built in the Roosevelt neighborhood and there are more on the drawing board for this Seattle neighborhood. In 2010 Roosevelt will have a light rail station that will eventually connect the Northgate urban center with the University of Washington, Capitol Hill, Downtown Seattle, the Rainier Valley and SeaTac Airport. The line is complete and operational at this time from the airport to the downtown … (0 comments)

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