seattle residential real estate: Expired? Cancelled? Off Market? What's a Seller To Do? - 05/22/11 04:07 AM
Expired? Cancelled? Off Market? What's a Seller To Do? You are not alone. Many homes in Seattle and elsewhere have languished on the market for months. In other words: Unsold. No action for weeks. You're the seller. The sign post in your yard has been leaning toward the street for so long you can tell it's trying to run away. What do you do? Blame your agent? Blame the market? Blame the banks and their lousy short sales and foreclosures? Let me help you here. There are only three reasons your home didn't sell. And you the seller are directly responsible … (31 comments)

seattle residential real estate: Don't Buy A Home Now - 05/03/11 11:49 AM
There are reasons why I say don't buy a home now. Let me give them to you.
You can read on and Trulia and Zillow and numerous other websites the Five, or Eight, or Ten reasons to buy, hints to sell, techniques to get a great deal and so on. There are reasons you should not buy a home now, and I'm not just talking about the Seattle residential real estate market. 
The first question you have to ask yourself, and it is one I ask every new buyer at our first interview, Do you really want to be a … (54 comments)

seattle residential real estate: Coffee and a Concept - 04/15/11 02:36 PM
Today I met with Mike Carpenter for coffee and I think we each had a concept in mind. A few years ago Mike showed up on my radar and very successfully preformed his role as loan officer in a transaction that was causing me some small logistical issues. I've learned since that Mike is the kind oflaon officer that is not working some kind of a numbers game, but is totally willing to give each client hours and hours of his time, and reams (kilobytes these days) of information to help them make the proper decision when moving forward with purchasing … (21 comments)

seattle residential real estate: My I Have A Dream Moment - 03/31/11 03:55 PM
My I have a dream momentA post by David Ames made me think about how much we all rely on the Internet as we move through the day. Recently my wife and I bought bikes and so we needed a bike rack to haul the bikes around with the car (Riding in city traffic is not her thing...nor mine). First of all we needed a trailer hitch for the car, and I found a video with step by step instructions on how to install it. But we passed and let the hitch guys do it. Then she studied the three different … (53 comments)

seattle residential real estate: Quoted in Investors Business Daily - 03/31/11 02:36 PM
A few weeks ago I reblogged some interesting information Mack blogged about, concerning multiunit sales in Seattle recently. A few days later Kathleen Doler sent me an email asking for a phone interview. Kathleen writes for Investors Business Daily and her article Are Small Apartment Buildings A Smart Investment? was published today.

Although I'm mainly focused on single family residential in Seattle, I do pay attention to the small multiunit market. Many happy home owners have bought duplexes, triplexes and quads for investment and are happy with the outcome. Buy smart, take care of your investment like you take care … (11 comments)

seattle residential real estate: Ride Bicycles in Roosevelt - Seattle - 03/21/11 12:01 PM
We have just launced a video only blog on a WordPress site. I'd like to share my efforts here.
Marjie and I will be promoting businesses in the Roosevelt and Ravenna neighborhoods of Seattle. These are businesses we frequent and we hope to encourage local residents as well as visitors to do the same.
This is our first video. Hopefully we'll improve with the number of businesses we visit.
Ride Bicycles
6029 Roosevelt Way Northeast
Seattle, WA 98115-6610
(206) 985-7433
RIDE BICYCLES COUPON … (24 comments)

seattle residential real estate: Ravenna-Roosevelt February 2011 Market Report - 03/03/11 04:12 AM
Ravenna- Roosevelt February 2011 Market Report There were 5 closings of residential property in the Ravenna and Roosevelt neighborhoods of Seattle during February. And, I am not surprised. Last month end I reported that there were only 6 pending sales. I am much encouraged by the 19 pending sales on the books for the short month. The numbers are slightly skewed since I’ve combined Roosevelt and Ravenna for this report as well as keeping condos in with the single family units. Because of the light rail station now under construction in this neighborhood I expect to see growth beyond expectations.  

seattle residential real estate: I Can Hear You Now - 02/19/11 04:25 AM
Glenn Roberts | Ravenna Park | My Seattle | Lake & Co Real Estate
On a recent vacation in the Southwest, Marjie and I spent a day at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. We’ve been there a few times before and especially enjoy visiting an attraction in December that is essentially an outdoor experience. We enjoyed a raptor demonstration where several species flew and perched in close proximity to the small crowd of observers. Various characteristics of how these birds hunt were demonstrated. You probably already knew that many species of owl have feathers tha allow them to fly silently so as … (22 comments)

seattle residential real estate: Book Review: Influencer - 02/14/11 02:08 AM
Glenn Roberts | Ravenna Park | My Seattle | Lake & Co Real Estate
Book Review: Influencer
Influencer is a book by a team of writers: Patterson, Grenny, Maxfield, McMillanan and Switsler. It doesn’t matter who you are, there are people you interact with who rely on you to lead them, there are people in your sphere who are looking for direction, there are people you want to led in a new direction. Are you a born leader, or a studied influencer? If you want people to respond to you, your ideals and ideas, to directions you want to take … (8 comments)

seattle residential real estate: Ravanna Market Report for January 2011 - 02/01/11 12:01 PM
 Glenn Roberts   |  Ravenna Park  |  My Seattle   | Lake & Co Real Estate
Ravenna January 2011 Market Report  
Closings in any January are usually down because December is often a slow month. And this year is no exception. And, usually, many listings that haven’t sold go off the market at the end of the year. Sellers assess what their future holds and some decide to wait until “Spring” to re-list. Some rent their properties out hoping for better times. The smart ones are often the ones who stay on the market during a time of reduced … (13 comments)

seattle residential real estate: Seattle Senior Housing Program - 01/31/11 12:02 PM
Glenn Roberts | Ravenna Park | My Seattle | Lake & Co Real Estate
Seattle Senior Housing in Ravenna The Seattle Housing Authority (SHA) manages a program called the Seattle Senior Housing Program. The old Ravenna school has been remodeled into one of the twenty three apartment buildings managed by the SHA. The units in the buildingss are either one or two bedrooms. Buildings have elevators and also all have community rooms to encourage activity among the residents. All are smoke free. To qualify, residents must earn 80% of area median income or less, and be 62 years or older, or … (4 comments)

seattle residential real estate: LaVassar Florists in Ravenna - 01/29/11 10:39 AM
Glenn Roberts | Ravenna Park | My Seattle | Lake & Co Real Estate
LaVassar Florists in Ravenna LaVassar Florists in Ravenna has been a family owned and operated full service floral business since 1968. You'll find them just of NE 75th Street at 20th NE in one of the smallest strip malls in Seattle. LaVassar Florists is now owned and managed by two of the founders' daughters, Judy and Joanne. I've bought flowers there for over twenty years and have never been disappointed. My company's office, Lake and Company Real Estate has been having flowers delivered weekly for at least … (7 comments)

seattle residential real estate: Richmond Beach Condo $319,000 - 01/28/11 03:43 PM
Glenn Roberts | Ravenna Park | My Seattle | Lake & Co Real Estate
Richmond Beach Condo This Richmond Beach Condo offers a whole lot of living for only $319,000. Built in 2005, this complex of 9 townhomes is well managed. There is a large green area at the end of the private lane for barbecues, pea patching or just enjoying the many birds that frequent the area. If you're tired of renting, this might just be the place you can call home. NWMLS Listing #171195 … (0 comments)

seattle residential real estate: Ravenna Park: A Seattle Neighborhood With Charm - 01/18/11 03:26 AM
There was a time when Vashon Glacial Ice Sheet retreated to the north and Green Lake overflow found it's way to Lake Washington by way of Ravenna Creek, a process that has left this part of north Seattle with a ravine bearing the creek's name. A Realtor named Beck bought the land in 1887 and named it after the Italian city. In 1911 the City of Seattle acquired the land as a park which now amounts to 49.9 acres including the creek bed ravine, a softball field at the southeast end, a picnic area, and a wading pool/playground area on the … (5 comments)

seattle residential real estate: The Seattle Buyer Mentality/Ability - 01/14/11 03:24 AM
Glenn Roberts | Ravenna Park | My Seattle | Lake & Co Real Estate
The Seattle Buyer Mentality/Ability I've been thinking about the mentality of the current Seattle buyer and the buyer from 2007. I tend to agree with everyone when it is said that a buyer wants a good deal. Of course they do, but then I look at the figures I wonder if they know one when they see one.
Granted, there may be differences between the actual home that represented the median price in 2007 verses the median priced home sold today, but I think they would have … (10 comments)

seattle residential real estate: Speechless Sunday - 01/09/11 12:43 PM
Glenn Roberts | Ravenna Park | My Seattle | Lake & Co Real Estate
Seattle Sundays Aren't Just For Open Houses
Today it was raining in Seattle and most likely that meant snow in the mountains. With two buddies I headed for the hills and we went on a snowshoe shoe adventure. Part hiking in the snow and part geocaching. From parking the hike was two hours up hill. A search of the area and we came up with the prize. Then back to the car. If you think Seattle is nothing bu rain all winter, have another think. Plenty … (14 comments)

seattle residential real estate: Seattle: Green Lake Market Report - 01/06/11 01:57 AM
Glenn Roberts | Ravenna Park | My Seattle | Lake & Co Real Estate
Green Lake Market Report 2010 What does the Green Lake Market Report look like for 2010? One caveat first. This time of year we always have the lowest number of Active listings. Many listings expire at the end of the year and some sellers are reluctant to put them back on until the weather takes a turn for the better. That said, here's how things look today:
It's easy to see that the single family market fared much better than the condo market in 2010. Single family … (4 comments)

seattle residential real estate: Puget Sound Real Estate Professionals - 01/05/11 10:10 AM
Glenn Roberts | Ravenna Park | My Seattle | Lake & Co Real Estate
Puget Sound Real Estate Professional Group A few months ago I read a post by Bob Haywood about a networking group he was involved with. After thinking about it for several days I began discussing the possibility of a local group with Charlie Buell. Soon we were talking with René Fabre and then with Paul McFadden. We've added Kathy Dunn to our group. She's not an Active Rainer yet, but we hope to see her here soon.
Today, we met to finalize how our networking group hopes … (19 comments)

seattle residential real estate: Washington Short Sale Law: Normal or Not - 01/04/11 12:38 PM
Glenn Roberts | Ravenna Park | My Seattle | Lake & Co Real Estate
Washington Short Sale Law: Unusual or Normal I'm asking, what are you finding in your state regarding this situation? In Washington, anyone who negotiates on behalf of someone doing a short sale has to be a licensed real estate agent, AND, " compensation paid to the listing broker has to be "usual and customary" compensation for real estate brokerage services." That from the Washington Association of Realtor's attorney. Unfortunately the state law seems to want us to have a standard fee rather than a negotiated fee. Annie … (6 comments)

seattle residential real estate: North Seattle Market Report October 2010 - 11/01/10 08:05 AM
 Glenn Roberts   |  Ravenna Park  |  My Seattle   | Lake & Co Real Estate
North Seattle : Market Survey for October 2010 In This Post
Statistics on the sales figures for October 2010.
In September I gave a 30 day snap shot of the North Seattle market: North Seattle currently has 959 single family homes listed. There are 283 pending sales and over the past 31 days 148 have sold. That's an absorption rate of 6.5. Usually after Labor day there is a flurry of sales and then the inventory as well as the activity declines until the first of … (2 comments)

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