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   Have you heard of the Business Ethics Pledge?  I took it last year.  Shel Horowitz, " a self employed guy working from a farmhouse"(his words not mine),  is trying to make a difference. He has started the Business Ethics Pledge in hopes of getting 25,000 business leaders and influencers to tak...
CENTURY 21 Canada: International Executive House Price Survey"Canada's hot real estate markets, such as Vancouver and Calgary, experience house prices and daily commute times that are on par with those in the world's major financial centres of London, England, New York, Paris, and Seoul" says sur...
What reminds you of home? Is it the smell of chocolate chip cookies just out of the oven? A well kept garden? Well these factors help you make a buying or rental decision when you view homes. How your property looks (decor, clutter, cleanliness) makes tens of thousands of dollars of difference to...
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