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Elden Freeman is a Toronto real-estate broker who is setting up a national green real-estate association with James Rodgers executive director of B.C.'s Greener Realty Association.Their dream is to have a mandatory energy evaluation for every Canadian home before they are sold on the market."With...
How many of you have stocks? Right now you are probably checking E*Trade every 5 minutes to see HOW MUCH WORSE IT CAN GET. If you have all your saving or retirement nest egg in the market, then I am really sorry and am not making light of this situation.Today on MSN "A record high for crude oil ...
Alberta Oil Sands are getting a dirty name. Darryl Hannah, Al Gore and Schwarzenegger are all champions of low-carbon fuel standards aimed at cutting imports from places like Alberta. They also see ethanol as the oil of the future but whether this wonder gas is really that wonderful is unclear.D...
Classic Canadian Tours is offering one day trips to the see the Alberta Oil Sands. For almost $500 Canadian you can spend the day seeing exactly what is "fueling" the Alberta economic engine.The itinerary includes a non stop flight from Calgary to Ft. McMurray, a visit to the Oil Sands Discovery...
Hot demand and dwindling supply have parking rates increasing in Canada. Experts say that higher rates are an indicator of a healthy economy. If more people are out shopping and working the need for parking increases. "This suggests that the slowdown in consumer spending coupled with modest job ...
I read a great article by Suzanne Holman on how "Struggle Is Not Required" to be successful. If Napoleon Hill and The Secret are to be believed then Suzanne has something right. She lists seven struggles that we all face when trying to succeed and dispels them as unnecessary hold backs, offers u...
Alberta has the youngest population in Canada. Its incredible economic growth promises high paying jobs and is attracting young workers from across the country. The younger work force reflects both the economy's current strength and future growth potential."In a relative sense, we do have a some...
Strike Almost 25,000 Alberta tradespeople are in favour of going on strike. Of the 5 unions involved, a startling 95% of the members voted to go on strike. Alberta is already in a labour deficit this strike will bring construction to a grinding stop by as early as next week.  Tradespeople involve...
The Scotia Bank released it's provincial report  yesterday. David Hamilton one of Scotia's Economists says that Alberta will continue to be the top performer.""Alberta will remain a top provincial performer for the foreseeable future, driven by broad-based strength,"  "Overall oil production will...
   Have you seen the denim pine furniture? That color is due to damage by the mountain pine beetle. In hopes of salvaging pine products the blue colored wood is trying to make a hit with furniture buyers.The mountain pine beetle that has ravished 9 MILLION hectares of B.C's pine forest have "blo...

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