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“When small men attempt great enterprises, they always end by reducing them to the level of their mediocrity.” Napoleon BonaparteAfter getting back from my holiday, I had a meeting set up with an acquaintance of mine that had been introduced to me from a mutual friend. Let's call my acquaintance...
"Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears." Les BrownAs I write this article the headlines in the paper are screaming bad news. Oil is up to $147, then down to $115, war in Afghanistan, Russia, your backyard wherever threatens us. Hurricanes, earthquakes and tidal ...
REIN (Real Estate Investment Network) has released it's Alberta Top Ten Towns and once again Edmonton is the best place to invest in Alberta. A market  full of fear and  banks tightening up on lending due to the sub prime mess in the states doesn't negate the fact that some markets in Alberta wil...
As a whole the recent cooling has balanced out the market of course as an investor your investment area should not focus on the national market but on one specific area. "The property market in Canada is well balanced and prices should rise in line with general inflation, according to economists....
Thank goodness I realized my money skills weren't up to par when I was young enough to make the significant changes necessary to ensure I wouldn't be worried about money at retirement. For the 35% percent of Canadians that are losing sleep at night it's time to take a course, read a book and make...
The most important thing that I have had to improve is my time management. Since I've gotten pregnant and my belly is expanding I am becoming less and less comfortable sitting at a desk for large blocks of time.My new strategy, which I got from Brian Tracy, is to block my time into 4 hour segment...
    *I drive a fuel efficient mini-car.*I don't buy brand name clothing nor do I want to.*Our monthly living expenses are ridiculously low by choice.*All our expendable income goes into investments.*I tithe a percent of my income to help children in Africa.Looks like we are on the road to being ...
    We are back from our relaxing and incredibly cool week in Kirifuri, Nikko Japan. The hardest part is not getting back to work but re-adjusting to the incredible temperature difference between the highlands and Utsunomiya. I know it's selfish but I pray for rain everyday.We stayed in a really...
" The petty economies of the rich are just as amazing as the silly extravagances of the poor. "   William Feather
Your mom is a ......?We put  an ad on Facebook to show how people can use offshore mortgages to invest in Real Estate. In response this email came through my site. Someone clearly doesn't like negatively geared advertising - " Don't Read This.." etc. I blanked out the "bad" words.The funny part i...

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