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What an interesting time we are living in. With news headlines hammering us everyday it's tough keep upbeat and positive. I don't need a crystal ball to predict that next year will continue to be a time of uncertainty and fear, at least until the economy finds its feet and investors gain confiden...
You can get a mortgage free, fully renovated home in Edmonton if you have $11 and a good enough reason why you deserve to own it.A Edmonton lawyer/investor hopes to cover the cost of renovating a 4 bedroom house by receiving 25,000 hopefull entries  to win the previously foreclosed property. It m...
....another opens.I read an article today on how Hard Times Generate Entrepreneurs. Basically during an economic crunch we have to be more innovative and aggressive. Focus on a niche market within your customer base and serve them well."Small business have to adapt or die.So you have to look at y...
Expert, Specialist, Veteran: Partner with a JV Commando Ready to get out there and invest in cash flowing properties? It's a bit of a jungle out there with stock markets going up, down and all around. I prefer to negotiate the less treacherous jungle of real estate on a daily basis; living in th...
"Apparently KFC has come with a new bucket to support the new coalition: it will consist only of left wings and bums."
Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, is useful for checking facts on everything from historical figures to rock stars to recipes. It's also a useful tool to research neighbourhoods where you are planning to invest. Pages like Neighbourhoods in Edmonton or Neighbourhoods in Calgary are excelle...
No it's not an extra two zero mistake. The pooch palace will shelter a pair of Great Danes belonging to a surgeon in London, whose own luxurious house is to be constructed nearby."The three-room dog house (two bedrooms and a lounge) will be outfitted with temperature-controlled sheepskin beds, a ...
It's always a good idea to invest.  Sure there appear to be many reasons not to and some of them huge, however,  well placed investments especially in changing timesproduce profits.  Warren Buffet's philosophy is to buy stocks of companies he understands that have seen a decrease in  their "real"...
Housing market hit by economic uncertainty - " A report out from RE/MAX today says the global economic crunch has made an impact on housing sales in major Canadian cities towards the end of 2008. About 440 000 homes are expected to change hands in Canada this year, that's a 15 percent drop from r...
With everyone talking about the market and what it is doing, I thought I would look at how to most profit from the properties that you currently own. If your team isn't a smooth running machine then adding new properties to your portfolio may not be a good idea.An investment team consists of Rea...

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