2040 edmonton city vision: Edmonton Growth Reports - 08/25/15 02:32 AM
If you have some free time this weekend you could read the 160 pages of the 2015 Growth monitoring report and Edmonton Growth study released this week. 
In short Edmonton is an economic leader and is growing city with a young demographic. Over the next 50 years the city is expected to double in population. 
"Alberta continues to lead the country in economic growth. Its economy has grown on average by over 4% per year over the last three years and is forecast to grow by 3% per year over the next three years. The Edmonton-Calgary corridor demonstrates this economic activity having generated … (0 comments)

2040 edmonton city vision: Developments abound - 10/15/14 02:44 AM
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October 15th., 2014
Volume 17, Issue 6
Dear Friends and Partners,
Lot’s of big announcements these past few weeks. The city centre is growing fast with more and more new buildings coming on. Even if half come to fruition, the city scene will be positively changed forever.
On the energy front there have been some significant developments in transportation and the European energy bill, both of which you can read … (0 comments)

2040 edmonton city vision: Quick Facts About Edmonton Alberta Canada - 11/20/09 05:07 PM
Some things you probably never knew about Edmonton, Alberta:
The name "Edmonton" is a Latinized version of a Saxon word meaning "Happy Hamlet,” and was used to honour the home of HBC governor James Winter Lake who was from Edmonton, England. The city's population stands at 782,439 people as of April 2009; while Edmonton’s metropolitan population is more than a million people.
Edmonton is the gateway to a land of majestic mountains, pristine lakes, historic rivers and northern adventures and northern industries of oil, gas, lumber and mining. Edmonton is located on the TransCanada Yellowhead Highway, a route that offers the … (2 comments)

2040 edmonton city vision: Edmonton's 30 Year Vision - 05/22/08 11:07 PM
The vision of Edmonton as a thriving arts community, a clean environment, with big beautiful parks, a powerful economy and a unique look was compiled by over 2,200 citizens with a common goal in mind- Edmonton by 2040.“We hope this vision will allow the flexibility, in those interim steps, to get to that point, but we should always want to get to that point,” “My assumption is that most (future) councils will want to make environment sustainable, most will want to have a good, multi-cultural community, they might have different steps in getting there, but they would still want to get … (3 comments)

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