alberta 2016 forecast: There's more to Alberta than oil - 02/22/16 02:32 AM
Owning a company called Alberta Oilsands Real Estate you'd think the fall of oil would be nerve wracking. Well it is. It's not the first time we've been through a recession - in fact it's my third. No matter how many you go through you don't enjoy them, but you see the possibilities. 
I remember in 2007 watching a young Realtor on TV saying "we've never seen this in Alberta". (I thought maybe not the 20 year olds) We ARE used to this in Alberta. It's kind of part and parcel with living in a commodity driven province.
Most Albertans will tell you … (1 comments)

alberta 2016 forecast: The Alberta Dream - 02/22/16 02:17 AM
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January 15th., 2016
Volume 20, Issue 1
Dear Friends and Partners,
I hope that you enjoyed your break over the holidays. I’ve heard many conversations at home, events and socials where the talk varies from the Chinese economy to death of oil. Most of the conversations are gloomy, and why wouldn’t they be - it’s a gloomy time in Canada.
My American friends seem more optimistic, while being cautious. Friends in the EU are concerned about terrorism and whether the UK will … (1 comments)

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