edmonton investment real estate: How to keep investment real estate profitable in any economy. - 11/08/09 07:15 PM
Wherever your real estate investment is located—provided you bought it at the right price and terms—there are many ways to keep your property profitable. If you analyze your real estate, update and improve your investment team, review your long- and short-term investment plans and stay focused on the end result; your real estate portfolio will be a rock solid fortress that can weather any storm. Analyze
The first and most important thing is to carefully analyze your portfolio. 
What properties are doing well? Are there properties that are slowly leaking dollars like a dripping tap? If so how can you fix … (0 comments)

edmonton investment real estate: So It's Not Just An Edmonton Thing - 04/17/08 05:25 PM
Sales are falling across Canada while listings are surging in western Canada.  Could it be the record cold winter where people just weren't interested in checking what was on the market? I think in Edmonton it's a lot of investors testing the water to see what the property they bought last year is actually worth or what they pull out with.  “Canada's six-year housing market boom is officially over. Aside from a few choice prairie locales, sales are melting faster than this year's snowpack,” Douglas Porter, deputy chief economist at BMO Nesbitt BurnsI'm not sure I agree with that blanket statement … (0 comments)

edmonton investment real estate: Alberta Closed For Renovations - 03/31/08 11:40 AM
As you’ve probably already heard, the Alberta provincial government announced last Wednesday that the province would be shutting down its borders for the next 18 months beginning April 2nd 2008.
 The announcement was made after repeated complaints by citizens that the economy was growing too fast, salaries increasing too rapidly (along with housing values) and that the higher demand for oil was contributing to a sense of ‘overwhelm’ in the province of 3.48 million people.
The government reacted after receiving requests such as these from its Eastern neighbors, from Newfoundland Irene Casey said “ It’s been nearly 12 days since I’ve seen by … (4 comments)

edmonton investment real estate: Hot New Deal - 03/24/08 12:59 PM
Your estimated return is 23%+ annuallyTurbo charge your portfolio. Stylish 1/2 Duplex: 3 bdrm, 1.5 baths, plus garage in Millwoods SE Edmonton. Wonderful area, with nearby access to Ring Road and oil projects.
Poised for massive growth. This 2003 built 1270 sq ft home rents for top dollar and has everything arranged, including incredible tenants. Your investment includes: financial analysis, inspection, insurance, financing-set up, legal fees, basic accounting, reserve fund, CMA, low down-payment annual statements, market timing and much more!Purchase price $311K Total investment $66K“Get into action and realize secure, long-term profits”Already producing a great RETURN.View the full FEATURE sheet.

edmonton investment real estate: Last of the Wild and Free Alberta Assumables ? - 03/07/08 12:44 PM
In Alberta we've been blessed for a longtime time with being able to assume properties without qualifying for the mortgage.For the past two years I've seen banks gradually tighten up their lending policies and require buyers to qualify for some assumable mortgages. In essence where we take over the existing mortgage, but still need to prove our repayment ability and that our credit is in good shape.Last June TD announced that they would cease allowing their mortgages to be assumed, and they have. A few other lenders followed suit; Rezmor and Scotia bank for example.February 26th 2008, RBC joined up stating … (4 comments)

edmonton investment real estate: Alberta's Economy - The Envy Of Canada - 01/18/08 06:57 PM
RBC's latest provincial forecasts: "Alberta leads all provinces with above-average economic growth, followed by Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia. On the opposite end of the scale, and showing a complete turnabout with its mega-projects now in maturation, Newfoundland and Labrador is posting the slowest economic growth rate of 0.5 per cent, and on its heels is P.E.I., as well as Quebec and Ontario with its manufacturing woes. However, a more bullish outlook is in store by the end of this decade for Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and, in particular, Saskatchewan, where there is a possibility for a triple play … (7 comments)

edmonton investment real estate: Mini Market Report - 12/11/07 09:50 AM
"Taking the Alberta side as an example, there was a 3.8 per cent decrease in unit sales in Oct. 2007 from Oct. 2006. However, new listings were up 39 per cent, indicating an increase in supply.“We’ve had an under-supply for quite a long time so it’s not altogether a bad thing to have people having a choice,” “That’s what the buyers would say, it’s not so hot for sellers.” Kathy Harvey, president of the Lloydminster Real Estate Board Association Buyers may have more choice, but it is unlikely they will be paying any less for their home as average listing price … (0 comments)

edmonton investment real estate: Alberta Housing Affordability - 11/22/07 10:14 AM
It's not B.C but it's almost Toronto. Alberta's affordability has suffered in the last year due to incredible housing price increases. Although we haven't become one of Canada's worst areas we moved up the ranks. The thing is affordability declined across most of the country. Alberta isn`t doing terribly but we need caution. This RBC report went on to say that the economics in Alberta are supportive."Albertans now pay a higher share of their country-leading incomes on average than Ontarians across every type of housing, although Torontonians still pay more than Calgarians and Edmontonians for a two-storey home.Albertans now pay a … (0 comments)

edmonton investment real estate: Edmonton Market Report - 11/15/07 12:36 PM
Edmonton's market is still is a plateau which means if you are a buyer you can get some incredible deals.  Financing , down payment and terms are all open for  negotiation.  Especially if you are adept at trawling older listings many people want to sell now. "Price increases in both Calgary and Edmonton will be more in line with a balanced market. We've had a huge increase in listings in both of those markets. The big run-up in prices has affected affordability and, with it, the number of people who can qualify to purchase."Gregory Klump, CREA's chief economist Currently  9,753 active … (0 comments)

edmonton investment real estate: This And That - 11/09/07 06:42 PM
Alberta premier wants provincial trade barriers dropped -"Premier Ed Stelmach says Alberta is feeling the economic pinch from the soaring dollar, so it's time for the premiers to start talking about eliminating trade barriers between provinces..."  " Stelmach says that eliminating this barriers would Stelmach says eliminating such barriers would increase productivity and competitiveness, build a bigger economy and help Canada compete with other trading nations."
Hotel tax boosts tourism budget -"With that 23 per cent increase, there will be an increase in attention to Western Canada, with a really a strong focus on Alberta. There will also be a very … (0 comments)

edmonton investment real estate: New To Edmonton And Not Sure Where To Eat - 11/09/07 06:08 PM

If you are just moving into Edmonton or to a new neighborhood in the city it can be hard finding  the good restaurants.
When we moved into this house the first night we ate out at a dingy looking place down the street. When the proprietor finally came out with our food, he must have been drinking in the back because he seemed oddly drunker than when he took the order, we weren't prepared for the show we were about to get. He slopped our food down and then plopped himself into one of the chairs and started yakking away.  He … (0 comments)

edmonton investment real estate: Here Comes The 1% Vacancy Rate - 11/06/07 03:18 PM

According to the CMHC Edmonton's apartment vacancy rate is at 1% with a forecast 0.8% next year. We hold a lot of mid to upper end units and we  see a higher vacancy rate. Our units priced from $1600 (half duplexes or townhouses) to $2000 (3 to 5 bedroom houses) are renting but not as quickly as about 5 months ago. The vacancy range amongst those units is closer to 4%.
A lot of houses on the rental market are those that investors couldn't sell in the current plateau. Some new landlords are not aware of the market conditions are are … (6 comments)

edmonton investment real estate: Edmonton And Calgary Great Investments - 11/06/07 02:55 PM
Wondering how your area of the country is doing as far as real estate value and investment goes?  The leading real estate analysts at PricewaterhouseCooper have released their annual Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2008 report.
Here is how Calgary and Edmonton fare:
Canadian Markets to Watch"The report comments on how Canadians like to live and work in central cities, as long as they can afford it. If housing is too pricey in 24-hourneighbourhoods, people move to inner-ring suburbs or beyond and commute back into the cores. Investors, especially the institutions, are concentrated indowntown areas too. Planners and developers focus on … (0 comments)

edmonton investment real estate: This And That - 11/02/07 08:22 PM
Alberta premier urges oil sands firms to negotiate - "I'm sure, at the end of the day, those companies will realize it is in the best interests of their shareholders ... to sit down with the government and look at the two agreements and discuss how we can reach a solution," Ed Stelmach
Alberta launches initiative to attract skilled labour - “We’ll work on the apprenticeship strategy and make sure that people that want to retrain, earn new skills and get opportunities to get engaged in construction get that chance.”
Slim majority favours nuclear power in Alberta - "What we see are a … (0 comments)

edmonton investment real estate: Skeletons In My Closet - 10/30/07 02:14 PM
What ‘skeletons’ do you have hidden away that may come out to haunt you? Sounds scary doesn’t it? And it could very well be….I was recently negotiating on a fairly large character conversion/reno project for an associate of mine. He had considerable experience with rezoning and land utilization but not so much with actual conversation and restructure of the buildings. He was so ‘pumped up’ about the potential project that I wondered how much in depth research he had conducted, as there seemed to be some sizable obstacles to overcome before getting the project to the final stage.I felt an icy … (2 comments)

edmonton investment real estate: Haunted Alberta - Spooky Real Estate - 10/30/07 12:31 PM
Alberta Haunted Real Estate Who could resist? I should write about ROI's or the two great new properties we have picked up recently but all work and no play makes people axe murders! With help from two great sites, The Shadowlands and Zuko - Weird And Spooky Places, I was able to compile a few Albertan haunted houses.From Zuko1.Banff Springs Hotel - "One very sad and tragic tale involves a young bride and her elegant wedding party in the hotel's grand ballroom. It seems that on the day of the young woman's wedding, she was descending the ornate marble staircase in … (2 comments)

edmonton investment real estate: Call Of The West - 10/28/07 01:23 PM
"The booming Alberta economy has maxed out the labour pool here," "It means employers here have to go somewhere else and with the manufacturing industry in Ontario facing massive layoffs there is an opportunity there." Ray Edwardson Organizer of the Workwest Career CaravanAlberta's labour shortage has over 30 companies including Greyhound, Lafarge and Century 21 setting up a job fair in Toronto November 3rd and 4th. Police, fire and transit services are also trawling for career minded people to pick up and move west. Royalties or no increased labour needs mean more people moving out west that will require quality, affordable … (4 comments)

edmonton investment real estate: Slow and Steady - 10/19/07 10:14 AM
For many Canadian cities 2007 was incredible year of real estate price gains. Real Estate markets cooled with the weather and the four biggest Canadian markets have slowed since August. Saskatoon, Calgary and Edmonton all saw big increases over the last year and thanks to the slight cooling in these cities, buyers have a lot more choices to pick and choose from. "Buyers in [Alberta] will likely take more time to shop and remove some of the steam from price increases," CREA chief economist Gregory Klump.This shift to a buyers market is a "long time no see" event in the Edmonton … (2 comments)

edmonton investment real estate: Do You Know The Alberta Advantage? - 10/11/07 12:47 AM
A marketing term, "branding" if you will, of a province by the genius that is Ralph Klein. The Alberta Advantage was used to promote, well, Alberta's advantages to the world. From giving Alberta shaped cheques (can't find proof of this but I heard it on a podcast -urban legend?? folklore??) to charities to opening Alberta offices in countries around the world; Klein started a highly successful marketing campaign for a province like it was the hottest new product around. And do you know what? It is."Entrepreneurial-ism" and business are what Klein promoted; one look at Alberta's blockbuster economy shows that he … (2 comments)

edmonton investment real estate: It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's LRT - maybe - 10/08/07 01:58 PM
Albertan are interested in Light Rail Transit and most, nearly 75%, say they would use it - in a recent poll done by The Calgary Herald."A new poll done exclusively for the Herald shows 70 per cent of Albertans would ride high-speed rail if it were to become a reasonably priced reality in the supercharged corridor from Calgary to Edmonton.While the province awaits a feasibility study on high-speed rail, this Leger Marketing survey also reveals two-thirds of Albertans support investing taxpayers' dollars in a bullet train."The Edmonton Calgary corrider is an economic power unto itself any transportation between the two cities … (4 comments)

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